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  • ive booked a decent hotel and theres no mention of a deposit and £0 if i need to cancel upto 4pm the day before!!
  • What hotel you booked?
  • sorry yeah forgot to mention, one of the Radisson chain, the kenilworth if i remember right.
  • Hi

    After all the advice I've now booked (completely not where I intended!)

    The holiday inn deals have now been published on the VLM website so I started to have a look into them.

    I've now booked crowne plaza in docklands but NOT through the VLM deal. Rang up the hotel separately and got it £80 per room per night cheaper and didn't have to book two nights. The price still includes free cancellation up to 4 pm on day of check in and I have to say the guy on the reservation phone was fantastically helpful.

    What I don't get is pasta the night before and a bus transfer on the morning but for an £80 saving I'm happy. Unless of course it's stunning pasta.

    If anyone else does a similar route and ends up in the same hotel then dm me and we can share a taxi image
  • If this helps then great, Travelodge are opening an Hotel in Penge, SE London, that may be worth a look, will be cheap as outside London Central but 10 mins walk to station ( Clock House) 10 mins to Lewisham and walk to start. At finish 15 mins to Victoria, then 15 mins back to Kent House and 10 mins walk to Hotel. This is the route I use each year and trains are quiet for you and supporters, so hope to see you on platform on 22nd. Good Luck all  
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  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭
    Jack ponting wrote (see)

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    Sound like just what I'm after; is it far from the start?

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