Help! Marathon on Sunday and Knee playing up!


 Just after a little advice really.

 Ive trained hard for the Liverpool marathon on Sunday and got up to averaging 200+ miles per month.

Did a 10 miler on Thursday last week and got painful twinges in my knee. Ran a 4 mile on Saturday, took it easy but right at the end - more twinges.

Have rested it since with ibruprofen gel and plenty  of ice.

Realistically is there any chance of it healing by Sunday?


  • take it easy and turn up for the start anyway.

    You wont know if its just tension / pre race jitters / passing twinge or a real problem based on a 4 miler .

    Keep icing and turn up at the start anyway. you woul dbe surprised how mant niggles vanish once the race starts!

  • Go and see a physio.  If there's something wrong they can help to sort it.  If not, your mind will be put at rest.  Best not to ignore pain - your body's telling you something.
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