How do you stop shoulder cramp/stitch?

I've actually been running for 18 months now but still get a recurring pain between my shoulder blades which makes it hard to breathe.

Anyone know how to get rid of it?



  • I get these when I have started out too fast or am too tense to begin with or am too fatigued. Its more to do woth my posture and how I am holding myself. Try to roll your shoulders backwards, watch your breathing and slooow down. If your getting them I'd say stop, chill, do some dynamic stretching (so maybe flinging your arms back and forth over your chest/back or similar) then restart slow and build up slow.

    Try to not let it get bad before you stop. It only gets more painful then you end ip feeling a sort of bruise for the rest of your run which is just as annoying. Some heat-type gels can sometimes help or ibuprofen gels but only if its kicked in and wont go away, they just help to ease it rather then make it go.

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