Knee pain - but not when running

I see this forum is knee-tastic, but I can't see my particular problem so...

 I have a pain in my left knee, I think just behind the knee cap. I only get it when I do a particular stretch - the one where a foot goes forward on a straight leg a the other leg is bent (like this). If I then stand up putting weight on the bent leg i get a sharp pain in the knee. If the weight is on the other leg I can stand up pain-free.

 I can stand on the problem leg and bend the knee ok, so I wonder if it happens when I bend past a certain point. I don't seem to get the pain in any other situation and I can run and ski without any pain. I'm a bit worried though that something  may be amiss and I'm heading for a bigger problem later.

 I've had this for a while, certainly before I started running. It may be coincedence but 10+ years ago I fell off a motorbike and cut that knee, don't recall any problems at the time though.

 Any thoughts?

If I get professional help, is this a doctor, practice nurse or physio job?

 Thanks  in advance.


  • At the risk of asking the bleeding obvious - why don't you just stop doing that stretch?
  • It's a fair point, and indeed the obvious answer. My only worry is that I'm compensating for something that's going to come back and bite me later. I thought I'd ask here on the off-chance anyone else had the same thing.
  • Did you ever get an answer?

    I have the exact same problem that you describe. When the pain suddenly surprises me it's agony!
  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    Nope. Piecing togther bits I've gathered online, the two best things would seem to be to not bend the joint past 90 degrees in the stretches and to follow the general good practice of strengthening the leg muscles.

    I found if I didn't over bend the knee in the stretch I was fine. Every now and again I still get a pain from the over bend though, but never when running.

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