Asics 2160s giving me blisters!!

I bought some Asics DS Racer shoes 5 months ago and I absolutely love them, the best pair of shoes I've ever had. When I bought them the guy at the London Asics store advised against running more than 6 miles as there's not enough cushioning etc.

Well just started to increase the distance a bit and following the Asic chap's advice (and some running club members) I thought I'd get some new shoes more meaty than the DS Racer. This new Asics chap steered me towards the 2160, said it was a pronator shoe that best matched the DS Racer.

Anyway, tried 'em in the shop, felt ok so bought them, tried a run and omg.....BLISTERS BLISTERS BLISTERS....the size of a golfball on each arch, after just 3 miles. Thing is I never get blisters. Thought it was just a new shoe thing so tried running a few days later with Compeed's on. Not only do the shoes still feel crap but something really bad has happened to my legs, they feel like planks of wood, never ever felt so uncomfortable trying to run, not tired but like I've got someone else's legs on image  I've still got knee pain and legs feel awful.

Feel really cheesed off I've wasted £92 on a pair of shoes I can never use. There's no way I'm gonna put these bloody things back on my feet.   Do you think there's anyway the Asics store will give me a refund or swap them for another pair, they look pretty clean still but done about 9 miles in em?


  • Any decent shop will refund you if the shoes arent right - but any decent shop would have advised you to get gait tested rather than just chucking some 21 series at you because they are a bit like the DS

    Take them back and ask to be properly fitted with a treadmill analysis. Sounds to me like you dont actually over pronate that much, and therefore dont need the support.

    My wife had exactly the same problem with a pair of 2150 we bought for her in a sale - our fault though as we just assumed they'd fit - which is just waht the sales guy did to you.

    If they wont exchange then name and shame on here....

    And £96 for a pair of 2160??????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I bought a pair of Asics DS trainer 16 to cover more mileage after about 6 months of running in the Asics DS racer 8, and was very disappointed with them. I have stopped wearing them now and have gone back to the Racers, which I am now covering 16miles+ in without any problems. They are much more comfortable than the DS trainer, encourage a forefoot strike, and while they are not all that supportive, if you're trying to improve your running style anyway, then I think that they are more suitable for longer runs than the man in the shop will have you believe.

  • You could try arguing fit for purpose.
  • You could try, in my experience the "fit for purpose" argument works a lot better in angry complaint letters that are likely to be passed on to the legal department or at least to someone with a basic understanding of Sale of Goods Act, than it does with whichever jobsworth happens to be on duty in the shop.

    Did you wear them outside or on a treadmill? Quite a few of the running shops I've bought from in the past offer a "treadmill test" guarantee and will allow you to exchange if you decide the trainers are are no good for you after the first run.

  • Hi Simon,

    I think your contract (of sale) is with the shop not the manufacturer ... but a similar thing happened to me with my 2140s and I contacted Asics directly with the problem. It took them a while to get back to me (2 to 3 weeks to reply to my email) but the chap I spoke to (Ben) was really, really helpful.

    Might be worth giving Asics a shout directly if you get no luck returning them to the shop.

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