Anyone done an Ironman at the gym?



  • If you're ginger and you can't cal this effort an IM, maybe you could tell people you're a ginger nut? image
  • This thread is bizarre.

     That is all. 

  • I met image him at V Festival a couple of years ago. image

  • Cam.z wrote (see)

    This thread is bizarre.

     That is all. 

    If you think *THIS* is bizarre, you'd better make a run for it now! image
  • Ahhhhhhhh

    Situation normal afterall   image
  • They did an indoor sprint try at Leatherhead Leisure Centre last year.

    Swim was last and a pre-set time was given to get down to pool to avoid people chagring down the stairs. Wasn't very expensive and was probably a good laugh.

    It was only a sprint rather than an IM.

  • Hey, I did that one.  It was treddie first, then gym bike & swim to finish.  Good fun, I made a longer session of it by running there & back too.  Problem was, I won the thing so I ended up running 8 miles home carrying a big box of SIS stuff, a water bottle and a trophy.  A couple of cyclists gave me a look that said "I think he's overgoing the nutrition on his run."
  • My first tri was a rowing triathlon. So they just swapped the ergo rowing in for the swim. The rest of the race was done outside though - not in the gym.
  • Not the Marlow one?  That was my first tri too.
  • Oh no this was in Salford ? Agecroft I think ? Havent seen it advertised since - it was years ago. And good fun - except it was winter so bit of  change from a sweaty rowing room outside into the inevitably wet Manchester weather.
  • The Marlow one's still going, it was on a couple of weeks ago apparently.  They put the rowing ergs in marquees with transition just outside so none of the temperature changes you had.  I was a rower in those days (around '98 or so) and I think it was placing higher on the run leg than the rowing that woke me up to perhaps taking up running instead.
  • What a weird thread...

    I've not done an IM but do not see how on earth you can compare time in a gym to the real world.

    Has Basher done a triathlon at all?  Sorry if I missed that in the witfest... image

  • Swims - this is no place for serious conversation. Wit only from here on in.

  • Had a thought over the weekend, as Arch to Arc is everso slightly reliant on decent weather in the channel, I wonder if it's possible to do that indoors?

    Might take a while, if the gym has, let's say a 12m pool, we're looking at about 2834 lengths, might need a lap counter or two for that, wonder if they'd mind me being on the treadmill for however long it takes to travel 87 miles or would it be better to do the bike and run outdoors and just use the pool to cover the weather issues?
  • Has anyone ate their lunch while on a roller coaster?
  • wrote (see)
    Had a thought over the weekend, as Arch to Arc is everso slightly reliant on decent weather in the channel, I wonder if it's possible to do that indoors?

    Likewise you could train for MDS from the comfort of your own home...

    People make this all too complicated.  image

  • "Has anyone ate their lunch while on a roller coaster?"

    yep - twice - once on the way in and once on the way out

    I'll get me coat

  • the rules are you don't have to do all three disciplines in order or even the full distance of one discipline at a time image just mix it up over a couple of weeks. It's all the same as long as you do the distances in the end imageimage
  • Nice one FB image
  • Symes- I think that it would perhaps be better to do it in the hot tub rather than the pool, more of an interesting challenge that way.

    i've been thinking of doing RAAM on a gym bike. Thought I might split it up into half an hour chunks done 3 times per week. That way it would only take me just over two years.

    It would certainly be an interesting challenge.

    Or maybe jog the MdS on the spot in the gym sauna?

  • Cheers Oxy for adding that interesting element to it all also if you want added realism I'll call in on you at the sauna and throw handfuls of sand in your face...

  • good idea!

    Right, i'm off to have dinner at Petrus this evening, well, I say Petrus, I'm making cheese on toast at home, but I'm sure it will be similar. And certainly an interesting experiment if nothing else.

  • I'm staying at Warwick Castle tonight, well, it's actually my own home with some turrets I built over the weekend from cardboard boxes with the neighbour dressed in silver foil acting as a guard, I believe it will be a fairly interesting experiment but not necessarily a challenge
  • symes - you BIG liar. you don't live in Warwick.
  • Busted, but it does look just like it, honest
  • Have you ever been rohypnolled by a swan?
  • Are you speaking from experience SE?

    These folks have been to Mars, all in the comfort of their own lab.  And yes, it was a fairly interesting experiment.

  • "Have you ever been rohypnolled by a swan?"

    nope - but I had a bird shit on my car once. I dumped her soon after
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