Where to stay for London Marathon 2012

First marathon London 2012 !  Can anyone give me any advice about accomadation for the weekend want to be close to start, have good food and be able to get a good nights sleep the night before, although nerves are not going to help on that one. Any suggestions ?  Paula 


  • Paula I always stayed at the travel lodge in becton near to the excel centre easy to get to start on docklands railway prices hiked for marathon weekend though. I have done 6 and always stayed there.
  • Thanks for that, but my impatience got the better of me I've booked hotel in center. Just a bit worried about getting to the start now, not only have I never ran a marathon before but have only been into centre of London once.
    Thanks nurse gladys.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Paula - if you message me I can give you detials of a school that parents offer their houses up for B& B the night before and do a pasta party all for £50 and 10 mins walk from the start... grreat way to support the local community, I did this last year and was Fab.
  • am looking for a 3 bedroom property to rent for the weekend if anyone has any ideas as we are going to split it between 3 couples. Thanks
  • Stayed at Stratford Holiday Inn first time. Had a cooked breakfast then got on the DLR to the start and changed at East India I think. East peasy and you go past the new Olympic site. I have stayed at the Travelodge in Canary Wharf and this is ok. This year London Airport on the DLR AT £ 108.
  • RFJ - I stayed in one of the "school houses" this year and am doing the same again next year.  Wasn't the meal the night before fantastic?  What a brilliant way to get "in gear" for the marathon.  I mailed Phillippa and asked if we could stay with the same family if they were still opening their home (it was the local vicar!).


  • Hi Liz,

    I am a first time marathoner (and old timer too!). Would you mind sending me details of the scool houses contact. I have a booking at Holiday Inn Mayfair at present, but the cost is frightening at over £700!

    many thanks,


  • Mayfair! Bloody Nora.

    I stay next to the DLR so its stress free.Anything over £150 is a rip off but Mayfair is going to be over the odds anyway.
  • Hi

    Can anyone tell me what time we need to get to the start - and what time the start is?  Can't find this on the VLM website or in the info. sent so far.  I am checking train times as hoping to travel from home as not too far away and know this is what people who live near me have done before.


  • it's probably thre only time in my life I ever do anything like theis, Peter, so we were making a weekend of it, but the cost is running away a bit. Where do you stay by the DLR? Does that take you straight to the start?
  • I am staying at London Airport. It was less than £100. Straight on the DLR. I have stayed at Canary Wharf Travelodge and The Holiday Inn at Stratford before all for the London Marathon. I think anywhere within easy walking distance of the DLR is ideal. You may have to change at Poplar or East India but its easy and its where everyone else is going.Also its free on Sunday. I always get off the DLR at Grenwich and walk up the hill to the start.Always a good move after all those carbs. trust me.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I've heard that the school is a very popular venue (I wish I had thought about it before booking my hotel).
  • Just booked Jersey Marathon. Tore a muscle doing it last year so now I want to run it properly. 2 nights in a nice hotel with breakfast, entry and return flights from Birmingham for 2 (wife)£200 + £130 + £28.

    Don`t go bonkers and spend a fortune just to run London. Have a sensible budget and book early.
  • hi i am a first timer & would love to know about a school b&b i have a friend coming too image
  • Hello,

    I like the idea of the school set up - could somebody please send me some further details?

    Thanks in advance,

  • hi if someone could send me the school details too that'd be great. kathgill@hotmail.com. thanks image)
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    RFJ/Liz - could you PM me with the details? I tried to do it but you don't have the messaging enabled...


  • I know I'm a bit late in the day to sort out my accommodation but could anyone tell me the details of the school - sounds ideal for me. Thank you, Jane.
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