RIP Graham Dilley


  • that was sudden.... RIP

    it will however bring back the famous quote

    "Lillee, caught Willey, bowled Dilley" Perth test 1985
  • Only 52 as well image 

    RIP Mr G Dilley.

  • Very sad indeedfor he was a good bowler but wasn't Willis the hero of Headingly 81???
  • Fair point, FF, Willis did bowl 'em out

    but on this sad day I'm thinking of Dilley's supporting role to Botham's slog

    A hero rather than THE hero

  • Equally fair point............image
  • When they talk about Headingley 81 I always think Dilley isn't given enough credit.

    Ok Willis was outstanding and Beefy scored 100 but without Dilley it wouldn't have happened. It isn't like he just held up an emd and let Beefy score, he actually scored 56 out of a 117 partnership. Given how Beefy played I doubt main people shared a 100 partnership and managed to get such high percentage of the runs.

    RIP Graham Dilley

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