The trekking holiday

Hello fellow runners,

I just could not help posting this about a little holiday i just had in the Scottish Highlands, walking/hiking.

I suppose this can make you laugh as i think is quite funny,

Before i went i though i was fit, because i run.

I was under the impression that my legs would be used to exercise and would not get tired of trekking all day............................well, i was wrong!

As i discovered, being a runner does not mean you get an easy time if you go hikking in the mountains. It was very hard!!!


After this I have the most respect for country walkers and I won't underestimate the effort it takes to walk uphill to mountains.

On the whole it was a good experience and i intend to do it again, but i just though it was funny the way i was there, my legs hurting, out of breath.....................when normally i run long runs in my town.

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