Short route in/near Islington?

I'm away with work next week and will be staying overnight in Islington. I quite fancy a 2-3 mile run in the morning. By the looks of it, there's not much greenery about so it will be along pavements, although Regents Park is a couple of miles away so I could get bus/tube there and round around I suppose.

Does anyone know the area? Any ideas?


  • Think I've worked it out: short walk from hotel to St Pancras, hop on tube to Great Portland Street, across the road to Regents Park and then 5k ish circuit of said park before heading back to hotel for full English!
  • For a two mile run I think you only want a croissant and a cup of juice
  • you can run along the Regent's Canal towpath.  At Angel - you can either run towards LImehouse basin or west towards King's cross and Camden.

  • Sussex Runner: No, I may only need a croissant and juice, but I want the Full English!

    not a real runner: Ah, a towpath, never thought of that. Thanks for the tip.

  • Yeah I was going to say Regent's Canal also- it's lovely. Also there's Highbury Fields, depending on whereabouts you're staying. The canal's very easy to get to from Angel, and nice. Enjoy x
  • Cheers guys, I've just had a look at Regent's Canal on Google etc and it looks superb. The west end of the Islington Tunnel is quite close to my hotel  so I can run the whole way.

    I'm now looking forward to my work trip a great deal more than I was 24 hours ago.

  • Just watch out for the bit where you have to come off the tow path. it is about a mile from where you jump on the tow path heading towards limehouse basin. Go up the steps and then across the canal and down the first left. If you stay on the same side as the tow path then it is a longer detour. also watch out for bikes when going through the tunnels.
  • Done it! Ran from my hotel to the west side of the Islington Tunnel, then went as far as Regents Park, did a very short cicruit in Regents Park then ran back.

    All went well except my gps ran out of juice so I'll go on mapometer later to work out how far it was. Really nice place to run, but I have to say that none of the runners I met seemed inclinedto acknowledge my presence in the slightest - that's London I suppose.

    Re the croissant/full English decision: I had a banana from Tesco Express on the way back, then porrige and bacon on toast.

    First time I've run on a work trip and will definitely be doing it again, It set me up brilliantly for the day.

  • No one says hello in London. I got some odd looks at first, now I just keep to myself and overtake as many people as possible.

    Nice one getting out there on a work trip, I'd be too busy ordering room service and spending time in the bar.
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