Blisters - surgical spirit?

I've recently started to get blisters on the tips of my toes. I have treated them since with compeed, but when I went to the pharmacy today to ask their opinion it was suggested that I use surgical spirit on my feet, which apparently helps prevent blisters.

Has anyone ever done this before, and if so did it help?



  • i find vasaline the best thing I put it on any problem areas before long runs, it does help.  Are you sure your shoes are the right size this can sometimes be the problem, but I know lots of people who get blisters on the tips of their toes who do have the right shoes.  I get them on the sides of the ball of my foot. It seems some people are just prone to getting blisters and others are not.

     Hope this helps.

  • I think the "surgical spirit" thing is a myth.  It hardens your skin which is supposed to stop blisters but it doesn't.  What stops blisters is the right shoes and socks... socks being more important than most people think.  I also believe that keeping your feet in good condition is important.  Remove patches of hard skin, keep your toenails short and use a moisturiser... not some poncey £20 stuff but something like E45 or aqueous cream.
  • What M.ister W said +1

    Get the right shoes and socks and blisters should stop being a problem (** there are exceptions to this rule like any rule)
  • Had feet done by professional, all hard skin removed - next long event ended up with macerated feet!  It really does depend on skin type - I'm very thin skinned image - so a bit of hardness works for meimage.
  • So how thin is your skin compared to normal people? Soft skin moves and gives whereas hard skin breaks. Surgical spirit is treating the problem whereas what M.ister W said is prevention. I prefer prevention
  • Whatever you do, DON'T use surgical spirit to treat the problem! It is a preventative (if it works at all). Surgical spirit can toughen your skin but you need to apply it daily for a few weeks before it has any noticeable effect and avoid getting blisters in the meantime. Never, ever apply it to existing blisters - it hurts like hell! I'd try some of the other suggestions first.
    Don't know if it works for running. Wishing I'd tried it cos I've got blisters like you wouldn't believe at the moment (I think I'm one of those exceptions that good shoes and socks don't work for). I used to use it on my hands for windsurfing holidays and it did seem to work. I would start applying it about 6 weeks before, and of course I wasn't windsurfing daily during those 6 weeks so no chance of blisters while waiting for it to work. On holiday my hands would be slightly sore when other people's would be absolutely raw. So it does work on hands, don't know about feet.
  • "dont know about feet"
  • in other words "blah"
  • I only meant that I haven't tried it on my feet. Might work, might not. But it definitely worked on my hands so I don't see any reason why it wouldn't if used in the same way i.e. every day for weeks before you expect to get blisters. Not a very practical solution for running as I think I made clear.
    It actually makes your skin quite leathery rather than hard like callouses so your skin stays supple, just stronger. And I've seen a grown man almost pass out from the pain when he tried to treat his blisters with surgical spirit so if you are looking for 'blah' statements I'd try your own post first.

  • I'm prone to blisters too, but i use Vaseline librally on my feet and it definately helps
  • my wife got real bad blisters on her arch so I blitzed it with Friars Balsam. The was a brief pause as she thought  "kinda tingles....." then intense screaming as I retreated to a safe distance. Sorted out the blister prob mind
  • Maybe that's the answer - teach those blisters a painful lesson so they don't dare come back! 

    I'm also seeing a way that my husband could enjoy being involved in my running... image

  • don't come crying to me image
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