Adding more than one workout to Garmin 405

Can anyone help with this ...seems like it should be a straightforward process but obviously not...

 I have a Garmin 405 and want to add a second workout from the garmin connect software, but each time I send another workout to my watch it overwrites the one that was already there  image

These are not complex workouts like a whole half marathon training schedule, just simple workouts I created myself on the Garmin Connect software ... I don't want to have to keep downloading a workout each time I want to use a different workout.

 How do I add multiple workouts to my watch?

Anyone come across this before? 


  • not sure about GC as I use Garmin Training Centre software.

    But, I have a half marathon schedule loaded and I occasionally load my own workouts to add to it.

    After I've created the workout I then schedule it on the GTC calendar and then push it to the 405
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