Crewe Deja Vu Track Marathon

Utter madness but I've entered this and in a strange way I'm really looking forward to it. I've done a couple of track 5k's but 105 laps 'IS' something else. I won't be counting thats for sure.
Still with Snod the week before I couldn't really go more full tilt in the opposite direction could I! I'll try for a SB


  • loving the diiference between going from snowdon to a track oneimage

     good luck haven't done either yet

  • Is this gonna be on next year?

    not up to mara yet but will be in 6 months. Mixed feelings about the repetitive nature of it but being a Crewie, quite surprised in that it looks innovative (crewies not known for innovation these days-lol)image

    Good luck this year anyhowimage

  • 105 laps?? Thats got to be mentally draining!!!
  • Just think, half of this (13.1 miles) will be running round a bend!
    Is there only 35 able to do this?

    Agree that it will be menantly tough.

    I'm from Crewe too Stu (3 words that rhyme!) and used to be a memeber of Crewe & Nanteich AC doing Long Jump in the late 80's.

  • lol -I guess you plod a lot around Crewe now Knight Rider. I do but could not visualise the relatively unscenic marathon around  track though. As for long jump I was always in for the "high jump at skool".

    May try it next year if it is on but certainly would have to prepare mentally for it. Real excuse is Iamnot at mara level .I am about 1/2 mara level and got a defo place for VLM in Aprilimage

    good luck all who are doing it. I may pop and watch some of it.

  • the track marathon will have 105 drink stations.
  • Elloooooo, Bro!    *waves*   image

    I personally couldn't imagine doing a track marathon although the idea does appeal just because its something different.  I think because I'm so used to running in really scenic places though I'd struggle too much with the repetitive nature of something like this.  TBH though, I think thats more of a 'weak mind' barrier for me, and Dunc definitely has the mental strength to get over that hurdle.

    Dead excited for you D, I have no doubts that you'll trounce it!

  • i've got a strange feeling i have run that one before....
  • I've signed up for this. To be honest, I never thought my hometown would stage a marathon so I had to enter! I ran five, 4 mile loops at the weekend and it was boring as hell. I fear mentally, I may not be quite ready for this!
  • I'm in and looking forward to it
  • Howdo chaps,

     I'm part of the team behind the Crewe Déjà vu. Sorry to disappoint you Crewe-ites but it's actually a bunch of us from Sandbach who are behind it - but being a small town in the sticks we don't have an athletics track of our own!

    105 laps of a track will be tough, but we'll have some music playing over the PA to keep us going, and as cap66 said there are 105 drinks stations to look forward to image

    We can't say at this stage whether it'll be a regular event, much will depend on how it goes this year. I suspect by the end of race day we may all have seen enough of the Cumberland athletics track to last us a lifetime.



  • were in , and are so looking forward to this event

    music will be a nice added bonus, but it'll be tough whatever as the laps go on,

    chip timing will also be a great advantage as it only takes one mistaken count by a counter for it all to become hard work and completely throw ones rythem

    of course, whether we actually succedd with 105 laps will remain to be seen, but we'll have fun ad do what we can

    after recovering form months of sickness - i 'm gonna just see whats on on the day

  • Looking forward to this one, had never run on a track til last week and bashed out 81 laps @ Litherland Sports Park without going too crazy;-) After a summer off-road I'm just looking forward to not needing a map and having no stiles to climb overimage
  • wenzit? I may pop 'round and give some support to you nutters ...whoops, sorry runnersimage
  • i appear to have entered this one too....
  • Should I?! Seems kinda crazy but I like the fact that it's apparently harder on the brain than the body. Never run on track before, and my longest distance is a half marathon (albeit a trail one)...


    I really think I should...

  • lol -can see date at top.May watch a bit after I done my "saner" runimage Don't mind Sanbachers reallyimage
  • I'm in . Just a tad nervous now about the lap counting , useful email of info , thanks but the chance of the chip software stuff not working is making me nervous.
    Maybe just have to rely on my pals to help me count laps
    Any ideas?
  • Reading back the race info it does sound a bit like we don't have faith in the timing guys. Nothing could be further from the truth - they are a highly professional outfit who have timed some very reputable national and international competitions, read about them here to put your mind at rest

     We were just trying to cover all bases, that's all. If you have a Garmin or GPS enabled device it'd be wise to use it, for your own peace of mind as much as anything else.

     Don't be nervous about the race, that's our job. Just relax and enjoy the view. image

  • Wrexhamrob - the chances of chip counting going pear-shaped are very slim.  Much more likely that someone mis-counts you going round if it is done manually.  Probably the biggest risk associated with counting is tripping over the mat at some point - and that's not very likely either.

    Stu - perhaps see you Sunday lunchtime then?

    Haven't see any race info as yet.  How do I get hold of a copy please?

  • Everybody on the start list should have received a copy via email, but in case it went awry or was spam-filtered there is a copy here:

  • Just read it Michael, sounds an absolute laugh but ask me that after 105.5 laps, done it once before on a track and wrecked one of my knees, fun.
  • Michael many thanks that does put my mind at ease . I will be using my garmin as well. & will rely on both. It was just when I di a lap marathon in Telford - not on a track , my garmin was short when I thought I'd finished , by their unique measuring system ( not chips) .

    No worries
    Or as we say in Wales
    Dim broblem ! image

    I get nervous before every race, but yes I intend to come & enjoy, the views, - my pal Ultra Dunc disappearing around the next bend,
    Mick n Phil easy easy easy
    And conversation with anybody nearby.
    I hear there may be an Alex fan or 2 - I can tell him about a real big club nearby image

    That should be some banter for a lap or 20

    In a strange way looking forward to it.

    I must go n buy the post race Guiness - you up for some black stuff Clairster
  • Michael - many thanks for the link to the joining instructions.  Found they were very useful, clear and simple.  I can tell you that there is no restriction on MP3 on track - only applies on roads.

    Noted that you didn't bother filling in the "Course Profile" section.  I've drafted out something here as I realise that constructing this section of the notes is time consuming.   "Flat."

    I'm most impressed with the "Indoor Viewing Area".  Whilst we have a "viewing area" at our track, it is outdoors and on the side of a grass bank which becomes muddy in adverse weather.

    I'm looking forward to the weekend - thanks to the team for having the courage and conviction to deliver the event.      Maurice

    PS - Now seen the "Word" version of the instructions and noted the very detailed course profile diagram.  Shame though that you have only drawn the first 300m of the 26.2miles!image

  • hello image yes thanks for the instructions, loved the profile image.

    one question - is there a plan to change direction every so often, or is that up to the runner or is it not allowed. I would be very worried about potential injury doing 105.5laps one way!

    thank you image
  • Hi allimage

    Will pop in to watch.Look forward to seeing you Offord image btw you will see 2 1/2 stone less of me -lol

    when training is further up and I have a moment of insanity I may do it next yearimage

  • yes please WR image
  • Hi everyone,

    I've looked at some of the race details now but see what direction we are to run in, presumably anti-clockwise.

    I have a nigglsome toe blister on my right foot so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Looking forward to a rest from hilly running, plus there will be no navigation issuesimage
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