acceptance form

Hi Folks can anyone enlighten me why my acceptance form says " provissional acceptance" yet my friends just says "acceptance". Dont really want to wake them up at Marathon Towers but just curious, thanks


  • The provisional acceptance means you have to pay your entry fee for full acceptance.  If your friend offered to donate the fee to charity if unsuccessful in the ballot he would already have paid at time of registering.
  • yes provisonal means if you forget to do the payment bit you ain't in it...........would be a very silly thing to do after actually getting a ballot place but it has been done before
  • Thanks folks but my mate deferred last year and was expecting to pay again this year, is that not the norm? or has virgin decided to just let it run (sorry about the pun) over?
  • you had to pay when you sent in the defferral form this he has paid twice...he must have forgotten that...........we had the same in this acceptance and one provisional acceptanceimage
  • Thanks for that seren nos thats obviously what has happened but as it was a long time ago the poor old boy has forgotten!!
  • We had same here one provisional and one acceptance.
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