Plantar Fasciitis insoles


 I'm aware that there are already several massive threads on this so apologies for starting another one,

 I've had plantar fasciitis for about 8 weeks now and have been to a physio who sorted my achilles tendons and improved the PF but has basically said just to continue with the stretching till it goes away.

 The PF now comes and goes but when I'm out and about I find I have to wear my running shoes as they provide the best arch support and my work shoes make the PF alot worse.

 Are there any insoles I can buy that I could put in other shoes to provide more support?




  • look at getting a strassburg sock to sleep in
  • I bought some off the shelf in-soles 'orthaheel sport' that gave more arch support used them briefly for some running then just in work and cycle shoes. Then used some heel pads with some arch support for running on the comeback trail. Not sure if they helped sort the PF but i think you have to just hit it with everything youcan until it goes away (stretching, ice, heat, ultrasound.....)
  • I use scholl off the shelf insoles with extra arch support - they go in most shoes but if not I  just use gel heel padsand full gel insoles - all off the shelf - they have really helped.

    Around the house i wear Scholl orthopaedic flip flops which are amazing - they are unisex so have a look. I put them on as soon as I get out of bed in the morning to avoid tip toing / hobbling through the PF wake up pain .

    Totally agree with Moolash - hit it with everything !

  • What's helped with my PF is, after four months making little improvement, starting to wear flt flop sandals, Rockport shoes and Ecco running shoes plus a night splint. During the last few days I've started running again without pain - 5 mins with a days break, then upping by 5 min s alternate days (days rest in between).

    I tried whole host of other treatments that didn't help - not time to list them now.
  • i use these: plantar faciitis insoles work really well.. does anyone know wether wearing insoles will actually also stregthen the plantar fascis or not?

  • Having had a nightmare year due to PF a couple of years ago , I will go against some of the previous advice above . Personally I wouldn't buy of the shelf insoles ? If you look at my insoles they are totally different to each other ( right and left ) purposely made for MY feet by a podiatrist . It was through the NHS and I was seeing him for about 2 months after suffering for 10 months !! He made 2 pairs for me , one for my running shoes and one for my work boots , both were free of charge and when they flatten or get damaged I just have to pay ??17 for a new set to be made ( which I haven't yet after a year and half !)

    When I say suffering I mean barely able to walk some days but constant pain 24/7 . I now don't have a problem atall ! At the time I was also sent ( by him still on NHS ) to a sports specific physio who gave me a session showing me how to stretch properly , turns out I'd been doing it wrong for years and my hamstrings were terrible which apparently helped towards the PF problems . I'd been busy stretching my calves and feet areas and most of the problems were actually higher up my legs ( just below my bum cheeks to be precise !! )

    I would definately push your GP into making a podiatrist appointment for you ?? Also I found the spikey feet massage balls to be brilliant for me personally ( ??2 on eBay ) and also coiling a towel up when I woke up , holding ends in both hands and hooking the middle over my toes and then pulling my straight leg up into the air ( if that makes sense ?) I found this aided the stretching routines brilliantly
  • Don't know why the double question marks , supposed to be a pound sign . New custom insoles 17 pound and the eBay massage spikey balls are 2 pound
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