Pain on left thigh/quadriceps

Hi guys,

At the end of my workout (starting with 40mins byke) I normally run for 15mins on the treadmill at speed of 7.8-8.0, I think I overdid it last monday , I was feeling fit so I pushed speed to 8.2-8.3.

Somehow I started to feel an odd pain on my hip, it felt like I pulled a tendon, I thought nothing of it, and trained again 2 days afterwards. This time the pain had moved down to the quadriceps, and if I could be technical, looking at a picture on the internet, the muscles in pain are:

Iliacus (where pain seems to have started)

Rectus Femoris,

Vastus Lateralis,

Vastus Medialis,


Bottom line: pain is located in the top left and centre of leg and for four days now I have been walking with a limp, I feel pain everytime I walk and everytime I stand up after sitting for a while.

Did any of you experience something similar? What have I done? I will apply RICE,  as well as consider Physio at some point.

Also, what cardio could I do when I'm not running? Swimming OK? Cycling at low intensity OK?

I look forward to receiving some response


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