The Thurlow 10

I ran the route for the new Thurlow 10 today, and its looking great for the race in 2 weeks.


  • Has anyone got any good tips for promoting a new race?
  • Hi Trevor Youve run the course how much is off road and do you need road shoes?Are you not getting many entries then?

  • I'd like a tip on the correct shoes needed too, I have road shoes and trail shoes, but wondering if the road shoes will be ok if the off road is hard (rain stays off I hope!)

    Hope there are plenty of entries, both me and friend are entered, it will be her first 10 mile run, prosthetic leg included!
  • Thanks Liz.Im in need of a new hip so off road suits me best and soft(wet)!

    What would you say there is more of on or off road?

  • Hi Ian

    I wouldn't know to be honest, never been there...hope Trevor gets back to us.
    Here is a link of the route we will be following I believe, not sure if it helps any with how much road/off road there is:

  • Hi folks. Sorry fo the delayed response, I've been away running the Istanbul Marathon and just got back. About 5 miles is on road, the remainder is farm track. The majority of the track is fairly hard dirt track, with about half amile of grass track which can be quite soft when wet. I would recommend road shoes for this event. Trail shoes would be okay but wouldn't be an advantage. I hope that helps.

  • A good help Thanks Trevor
  • Thanks Trevor, looking forward to 4 of us now running from the same club image
  • Hi AdminLiz. Below is the a link for the Thurlow 10 race route.  I'ld forgotten all about that other route that you mentioned, which I inadvertently called by the same name (I'll see if I can rename it).

    Pre-entries are going OK, almost 70 entered now and hoping for a similar number of entries on the day. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. I wish I was running it too

  • Thanks again Trevor, hoping the weather holds out like the weekend just gone!
  • The weatherman has been kind to us and has forecast great weather for the weekend. Yay!

  • Thank You. Great Run, very well marshalled course. Yes was tough, but as many ups as there were downs. Will be back next year with more Tiptree's im sure!!
  • Have to agree tough but fair with great marshalling throughout.. would recommend as a good challenge.
  • Was a great day, challenging but doable...I will be back next year!
  • Great race. Thanks to all the Haverhill RC for their marshalling and pre and post race support. Good challenging course which has boosted my hopes for a PB at Stebbing. I will be recommending this one for Saffron Striders championship races next year

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