Car insurance for young drivers



  • I think you want the rant thread Brooks image 

    I tend to agree however. My offspring will go to uni next year and exit with a  minimum £27000 debt (assuming she doesn't eat/live anywhere..). Her car insurance costs might mean I don't insure her  which I  think is a bit sad because you can't get experience without experiencing something.

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  • I think car insurance is a lot worse for younger drivers now but I remember always getting crazy quotes which were thousands more than the reasonable ones.

    I've come across a website which has given me some decent quotes, hopefully it will for anyone who is after insurance.

    Here's the link:

  • I had the misfortune to drive our youngests car the other week...

    She has 4 years no claims, and has always had her own insurance.... 

    But a 1.4 Pug 207 is a scream.. You have to drive it on it's door handles to get anywhere in it.. I know I'm spoilt but it's actually a dangerous car for someone with little experience, and yes it's over £1500 to insure it

  • "Big" cars with 1.4 petrol engines are a joke - if you want to get somewhere on roads that aren't motorway, the genuinely small 1.1s are far better! My 106 will easily leave 306s, 207s, Ford Focuses and so on behind up until about 60mph.
    And yes - £1,500 for a year's insurance, 19 y/old with a year's no-claim, driving a 9 y/old car that's probably worth £500 at most.   

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