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I am 40-year old male and have recently started a running program (  I am now in week 3 and am on course (haven't started taking shortcuts yet.

 The problem I am having is that despite this routine (yesterday 6 kmiles in just under 50 minutes) I still find myself wheezing when I get to the top flights of stairs.  I thought by now these should be the least of my worries but I get aches (on quads just above the knees) and am out of breath.  Perhaps it's normal and am fretting over nothing.......


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    Beethoven, I'd expect aches and pains as your body gets used to running but sure you shouldn't be wheezing?  Were you wheezing before you started the program?  Sounds like you need to have it checked out.
  • Maybe wheezing is a strong term.  But I feel outta breath.  Thought this should not be happening at this stage and certainly doesn't happen when I am running.  Found it odd.
  • Beethoven please get yourself checked out asap before you do anymore and get the green light before you continue. Started from a similar position to you but only started at 2 miles jogging and walking and increasing it slowly. although i am 51.
    If i had started at 6k doing 50 mins i would not have hacked it. Took me 2 months to jog my first 5k. Take your time mate but get yourself checked out first.
  • Thanks Motown Mark.  I think I will do that, though I started on 3 not 6 miles and am making slow and guided progress.
  • When you say you are out of breath, are you walking up the stairs or running/sprinting up the stairs?

    When you are doing a short burst up the stairs it's similar to doing a quick sprint so you will be doing it anaerobically. When you jog/run for 50 mins you are working aerobically.

    However if you are only walking, might be worth going to see your gp
  • More of a quick sprint actually.  Thanks but will keep a close eye and see how it goes and consider the GP option as well.
  • Beethoven look at my profile.

    If i run for a bus or climb the stairs quickly im out of breath.

    I will get up the stairs before you him or the bloke next to him and unless the bus has warp drive im catching it...but i will be out of breath. This is for all the reasons Deadbox said and because your not  training to run up stairs or catch buses.

    In fact i rarely run around if im not training. I might pull something.

    No im not kidding.

  • Thanks Stephen.

     I guess being new to this and all, I thought running was running but never thought of the different types.

    Big relief I tell you.

    Happy running.

  • DB and SEF are spot on.

    As well as running 4 days a week now (including 1 long slow run) I also play football one night after work. on a largish pitch, meaning lots of short sprints chasing etc.
    This gives me 2 rest days (Mon & Fri).

    I really found the football tough to start with (breathless very quickly), harder than I thought it would be as I could run steadily for 5k no problem at the time.

    However after about 6 weeks this improved dramatically, and now I can really chase around the pitch (for an old-un), and it has really improved my running overall.
    I class it as my sprint/speed night (lots of Fartleks).

    The Guys are spot on, mix it up then I think.....but after you get checked out.

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