Running Has Changed Me!

Dear All,

i would like to say how i enjoy running so much and it really has changed my Life,im not an attention seeker but i just want to share my proudness with others than just family and friends so here goes.

After reading some topics on here about people saying they cant do it well i would like to tell them that they can if they are determind and put there mind to it,i know what they must be feeling like but just stick at it and the rewards will come in the end,i have been through just about all the injuries there is that you can get from pounding the streets and incorrect foot wear.i will always remember the first time i shot out the door and only made it to the end of the street without being out of breath.i was a 15stone drinking,smoking pie,pizza and kebab eating monster,i went to the docs with stomach pains,after test my colestrol was sky high 10.5 infact,i was told carry on and tens years time heart material,well it hit home big time,this was after packing in smoking a year before,i was drinking heavy aswell,so i started to run at first i could only just make it to my mums which was half a mile away when i got there i was knackered and out of breath,so i carried on night after night,going slightly further and further until i hit the 4mile mark,but at the same time i was still drinking lager  alot,so i thought hold on a min im drinking cans of beer and the calories im burning im putting back on with ale,so i started to stop the drink in the week and only have a beer at weekends then i got better and thought stop it at weekends as well so i did i just got stronger and my distance increased and speed got faster,i am now running 30+ miles a week,so 2yrs on and 2 half marathons and 5 10k races later im 3+half stone lighter,slimmer,fitter,leaner than since my teens i can now smile about myself,and ive even been asked by a few friends if i would start to train them,im so proud of myself and this is why im sharing it with this forum,id just like to say thanks to things like runners world forums and magazines that have kept me going,oh and to end it all i dont drink anymore alcohol that is just plenty of water.


  • Yeah, it changed my life too! image

    Nothing wrong with feeling good about that

  • Changed me for the better as well,youve every right to be proud of your progress,if i think back to what i was 5 or even ten years ago its not very pleasant.

    worked hard all week and then come a friday night i was a beer scooping,coke snorting madman dropping pills and all sorts to get high.i was doing this since my teens so it was 15 years of purely abusing my brain and body.did i enjoy it?at the start i did and then i realised it was time to grow up,

    nowadays i get my highs from running and just basically doing the simple things in life that i missed during my hazy years

  • it is always nice to hear these kind of stories! Finney you have a lot to be proud of.
  • Finney71, well done. You should be proud of the journey you have started. Keep at it!
  • finney , thats a fab story. well done and enjoy it now you've worked hard to get there.image
  • Thanks for the replys folks and yes loulabell i intend to stick at it and keep up the hard work,it will be a hard tough winter,as i have no challenge ahead of me now like the last two winters i was still losing alot of weight.

  • nice job Finney, great story.  Keep going and look for something that will really motivate you whatever that may be!

    I too quit smoking, though I have always been a part time runner.  Used running this time as my motivaator to quit and really started to challenge myself for the better.  Running is massive relief from life's stresses and it has changed me as well.  I am sure my son appreciates the extra energy I have for him when we spend time together now!

  • Well done Finney
  • Well done aswell Nick and keep it going yourself,just keep thinking of your son for motivation.
  • Great story Finney - keep goingimage
  • finney , how about finding a race now that you like the look of and booking it..that way you will stay motivated all over winter...image
  • Loulabell i have entered a  race next weekend 16th oct  tamwoth10k,im just getting over a stinking head

    cold thta i have had since last thursday,and havent run since then until today,so im hoping its cleared

    up by next sunday has i have had a look at the route and its a flat road race so im going for a PB,trying to beat 43.35 image

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