Planning a Route

Hi All,

I just wanted to let people know that the site in the link is good for creating or extending routes around you area,most on here may use it already but for those of you that dont then try its good to work out a rout near to you.



  • Or if you prefer not to have to set up an account, log in, give away email adresses etc:

  • Hi you dont have to set up an account mate, try it and let me know what you think?

    1 routes and races

    2 measure route

    3 click red X off

    4 find location

    5 enter postcode

    6 away you go

  • I use - I find it very useful.

    There are loads of mapping tools around now - I remember what a revelation the first one I encountered was (realbuzz, I think it was) - no more trying to work out how far you'd run from maps and bits of string image

    That was in the days before Garmins, too....

  • The site is pretty bad in terms of interface, especially the stupid scrolling frame when you search for a route. When there are so many sites that do this it's important to get the interface right - if it's awkward people will find something else.
  • Having looked at the one you suggested Finney, I like mapmyrun better.

    The mapping area is much larger on the screen in mapmyrun, and you can zoom in and out with the mouse roller (rather than having to click).

    The adverts are a bit annoying, but you can  use the previous version (, and that has fewer ads.

  • Another vote for mapyrun, plus I use the nifty Android GPS version (imapmyrun) which you can then upload etc.
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