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does anyone here run without socks?   I hate running with socks and have just bought some new balance minimus trainers but got two toe blisters and one behind my big toe all on the left foot.  I have just moved from nike free's and had no blister issues (although I did have to change the insoles!).   This was my first run in the new shoes, as they dont have any insoles I cant change them either!  Do you reckon i'll have to start wearing socks?  If so what are the thinnest available?  Or is it simply that i need to break the shoes in a bit?  Any advice as I really love the shoes - first run in them was so much faster than I have gone before!


  • Any Tri up to and including 10k I do without socks  (Saucony Swerves fitted with shock laces),

    Half Iron and more I tend to wear socks 1000 Mile TRI, Single thickness

  • There are some shoes I can run in without socks. Saucony Grid Tangent are pretty good, although the latest version aren't as good as the last version.

    Like Dave, I race up to 10k in triathlon without socks.
  • i have minimus trail and i think i got 2 blisters just below right big toe and one on left side. I see it as conditioning.

    i also own Runamocs (got a blister first time i wore them) and do quite a bit barefoot

    i am still not sure weather it was because of the sweat or just because my feet werent strong, havent had any since

  • I get blisters when I run without socks, yet my feet are like leather. I've not tried the minimus without socks, I like socks to keep my feet warm. I think they should work though. Not tried, will do.
  • cheers for the heads up fella's.  All you tri guys seem to do most of your running without socks and I get that due to the time lost during change over between events.  Unfortunately, I cant swim to save my life so that will never be an issue for me!  Just don't like wearing socks when I'm running and it obviously works for many of you.

    Ewie - bought the minimus trails - what do you reckon to them?  Not a full convert to barefoot running but definately prefer minimalist shoes, always have done. What advice would you give regarding the blisters - persevere until you don't get them any more? 

  • let me know what you find when you try'em out Imelda!
  • so glad to read this, just got Minimus shoes and love not wearing socks BUT got really bad heel blister on right foot. Ditched socks as they were irritating nailbed and causing inflammation. My longest run is 1/2 marathon so hopefully should be ok without socks.

  • For me it tends to be the heel-cup that leads to blisters without socks - I've got a pair of Nike racing flats where I even have to be careful not to wear thinner socks. I always wear socks and always make sure they're made of a technical fabric.


    However, with Vibrams I never wear socks and have never had any blistering problems other than the usual bearable ones on the underside of my foot. I put it down to the low heel cup, a very soft lining and pretty much unnoticable seams.

  • Only when I used to race on track and country.

    Not normally for road racing or training.

  • I've worn NB RC550s and Adidas Adizeros (I think they're Aces) with and without socks, and I've not had blisters as a result of going withour socks.

  • What are the benefits of running without socks ? Or is it just someones personal preference as they feel more comfortable ?
  • Speed in transition
  • I just didn't like them when racing track or country.

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