2011 for 2011 - week 40

A late posting this week...lowish week last week of 29.5 miles, after a recovery week following the Coventry half marathon. A hilly course on a hot day meant a time of 1 hour 41 minutes, but I was pretty pleased with that. So at the moment I'm about 53 miles ahead of schedule.

Had a decent run yesterday...up to about 10 miles, when I slipped and hit my head on a tree branch! Nice cut on the forehead which thankfully didn't need stitches and is healing up nicely already, but I must have looked a sight when I was running home in a very bloodied state!

Happy running and racing for the rest of the week all!


  • Take it easy out there Simon, those trees are dangerous!!

    First race in ages on Sunday, was over in London for the Royal Parks half. Jogged aroung with my sis in law in 2.07 - was pacing her for 2.15. Very enjoyable and even found a half decent pint of Guinness after the race!!

  • Bad luck with the fall Simon hope your OK. 

    WR good to hear that you did the HM, I bet your sis in law was over the moon with 8 mins better that expected pace!

    Anway a really low week for me under 20 miles leaves me with a deficit of 13.46 miles,  i've got plenty of time to pull it back.


  • Congratulations on getting back into the racing habit WR - must feel good to be back.
  • Cheers guys good to be back!!
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