VLM 2012 first timers???



  • yes - everyone IS on good form - relief and the prospect of the weekend coming up! I *might* have to go and buy a bottle of something lovely & bubbly (and I don't mean coke!) to celebrate this weekend. If anyone (i.e. Mr B&T) wants to join in, they have to listen to me talk about the marathon whist they drink itimage

    kaffeeg - ooooooo - am googling the Brighton Marathon website ...  know people on other threads who've run this, say its very good. Think they give out Shotbloks instead of iccky Lucozade gels as well (PIP!!!!)

  • LOL I'm just catching up image I WANT A MEDAL!!!!! Next year I'm going to be telling you all over and over again - you'll all be my goldfish, right?! image

  • Kaff ....Brighton well done you, I am pondering stupidly or not about apply for a ballot place London next Year image  ....  oh and saw your runners world piece, I hope you get loads of free shot blocks now from the people who make them    ...... send some this way if you do image

    Little miss calamity all I can remember is the Cutty Sark and Tower Bridge and Big Ben ??? see I am going to have to do it again not only to redeem myself , get decent photos, but to see all the sights I was supposed to have seen

    My cats have totallly lost interest now, maybe I should go and show Toby the tortoise my medal, he may be enthusiastic in a tortoise sort of way image

  • Ohhh Kaffeeg you've entered Brighton.....who is going to be next ?

    I'm holding out for a London place, it's so much easier for me to get to and have family come along. I'll enter the ballot but I'm holding out for a club place too.

    With regards to the kids and my medal if I gave it to the younger one to look at I could see it ending up as a weapon towards the older one - not good. I don't have cats, but the hamster seemed vaguely interested.

    little miss calamity, I can only remember going accross tower bridge, and the embankment, vaguely remember thinking 'oh that's buckingham palace thank f*ck I must be nearly finished'.

    When is the Bristol half, I'm up for a bit of travelling ?

  • Got to say best thing about this thread is that we have all synchronised. At the moment the general mood seems to be eagerness to apply for anything and oh's being bored of Mara talk?

    Emma/emsi - I want to do Bristol! I live in lancs and that weekend we are at a wedding in Marlborough, planning on staying in Swindon. To me it's a no brainer but my oh thinks it will ruin the weekend (without kids). Apparently we should be having lots to drink and staying up late dancing. Should I apply anyway??? Still high from sun I keep saying "but it's only a half!" P.S oh is a runner too but wants to do Warrington half.

    Kaffeeg- skimmed thru RW in shop eager to see what words of wisdom you had in print...and laughed out loud! After all the hype about shot bloks on here I tried some at the expo and they were gross! Took ages to unstick my teeth...don't know how you all manage to eat them...and run...and breathe? Think I'll stick to my jelly babies.
  • Oh Rebecca you can't do Bristol too!

    To London ballot or not to London ballot? would it be as brilliant 2nd time?
  • Len - I feel a bit like a goldfish at the moment anyway! You'll have your medal next year, and we will gladly listen to all your chatter (and probably think "oh God - were we this obsessed last year??!!" image)

    Was just checking out the Chippenham Half, as its my local half, and has been really good the last 2 years I've run it. It usually clashes with Bristol HM so was just about to check before trying to rope some willing participants. Just found out its been cancelled this year image So it might have to be Bristol for me too! Rebecca - its 30th September

    Fizzipop - will you be wearing your pink compression socks for the opening ceremony?? Or can you sneak some blue ribbon in so we can spot you???!

  • RunningRaRa .......... hmmm don't know but think I might try the ballot again ... chances are won't be lucky again but if not thought I could do Llanelli ....... got to make up our minds soon thoughimage

    shot bloks gross !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy !!

  • Kiwi where are you ????????  still holding hand up waiting to ask a question, arm getting a bit achey now !!
  • oooh all these races.  Bristol half would be 'fun' if you lot were all there too!  Was thinking of Cardiff half but have done that a couple of times and maybe I need a change.

    Running RaRa - are you up in Cheshire?  I'm from Cheshire originally and been looking at races up there.  Any recommendations?  I did cringe when you mentioned Warrington ... spent many nights clubbing there many years ago!

    My kids have taken my medal, t-shirt and certificate in to school today.  They have promised to take good care of the medal!

    Pip - don't get too excited but if you're at the Llanelli 10k you can have the shot bloks I bought (before I found out they weren't gluten-free)!

  • Aber ........................I can't contain myself at the thought of shot bloks, eeeek  excited image image I will swop you for some gels....if you don't want them who does ? sort of hoarded them then realised they were yukk !!

    someones got to do Cardiff half apparently they have changed the route AGAIN !!!!!!!  they might get it right this year.... much better when you finished in the stadium that was brilliantimage

  • I've had a word with 'im indoors and I think I'm defo going to do the Bristol Half marathon. I'll probably sign up for it next month or so. So who else in the blue ribbon massive is up for it image.

    Cardiff looks like it's in November and 3 of my little family have birthdays in November so that will probably be a no from me.

    I think you should all go into the London ballot - what have you got to lose (apart from the entrance feeimage).

  • A good half marathon is the Bham Black country half marathon. You run from wolverhampton along the canal all the way to Bham,where you finish in Brindley place where all the pubs are!!!

    Its really well organised and is a great,flat(apart from the odd bridge) runimageimage

  • nooooooooooooooooooo Cardiff is october image
  • Len course we can be goldfish for you next year

    Pip -  agree on doing it again. This year can be  the dress rehearsal image Hope they change cardiff route too would love a stadium finish, last time I did it finished in the castle, major fail.

    RuningRaRa - phew it's not just me who doesn't like shot blocks

    Rebecca - lol, I was thinking exactly the same at Buckingham palace!! Cardiff half is 14th October (I hope), family is from just outside Bristol am half tempted to do both but only race one will wait and see if I'm needed to pace a slower friend at Cardiff 

    B&T-enjoy the bubbly 

    Aber - hope the medal gets returned in one piece. I know what you mean about a change, my local half has gone past my front door for the last few years, I could run most of the route in my sleep but can't race it at all.....

    Westbromtom - I may do the brumblack country half, have heard good things about it, just need to check I'm about that weekend and start time/ trains
  • x-post with pip
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    Ohhhhh, now I want to do bristol. When is it???

    Pip - heehee. I love the image of you waiting (im)patiently for kiwi with your arm posed in the air. Wearing your marathon running gear. As I imagine we all look like we do in the photos (my brain can't compute our lives outside the marathon).

    Wish I could do london next year but it's the OH's 50th and I promised her, for years now, that I'll take her to new york for it. So that falls right in the middle of london marathon. image

    One of you HAS to do brighton with me!
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    P.s what is this with the shot block backlash??? I just don't understand!!!
  • Hey Kaffeeeeeeeeeeeeg  New York Marathon for you then......sorted !!!

    all the more shot blocks for us imageimage

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    pip - hehehe!  Think she will divorce me!

    Someone mention shot blocks?image

    So. Erm.  This sunday. What do we do?  Can't run for 3+ hours.  What else is there?image

  • B&T, Runningrara, Rebecca, Aber, Kaff, Bristol here we come!!?? That would be great fun. I looked at flights last night and are £120 ish for Oh and me.

    I'd love to do New York, but there are no school holidays in November.

    I have bubbly chilling in the fridge, and about to get ready for a serious night in the pub. No run tomorrow, how strange! I keep thinking ....... This time last week...........

    Little Miss Calamity..... You are in my home town! Are you out and about? I'm in town tomorrow night if your friends either get bored of you talking about the marathon, or are enjoying it so much they'd like to listen to me too!

  • Emma .... And me!
    If Cardiff is cheaper to fly to can pick you both up xxx
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    whoop!  I'm loving the Bristol Half Massiff! YAYAYAYY.  CAn we make sure we all meet up this time?  It's got to be possible in bristol????
  • Had a look at races in the Autumn, that aren't toooo far from home, and I'm quite tempted by the Cricklade Half. Much smaller (several hundred runners as opposed to several thousand) and cheaper too! Just a week after Bristol though, so not doing both. Real shame Chippenham's not on this year, we could have met at my house!

    Emma - sounds like you're set for a good night! And Little Miss Calamity too - have a good time!
  • Ohhh Bristol it is then, I think OH will do it with me which is good because I get a lift there and back image.

    Kaffeeg - New York sounds great, wonder if you could squeeze a marathon in whilst your there image.

    so that would make the Cardiff 2 weeks after the Bristol, hmmm I'll see what I can do.

    I've got to say after my queasy tummy most of the way round the VLM, I might have been swayed to start trying shot blocks. The gels just didn't seem to agree with me on the day.

  • Meant to say have a good night out tonight Emma and LMCimage.

    Would people be staying over the night before Bristol or just coming up in the morning. I think me and OH will get a hotel somewhere so hopefully meet up with some of you if you are there beforehand. Although, unfortunately, there will be no alcohol involved.

  • Hmmmmm Bristol not too far away from me .........get my thinking head on image

    my Birthday on sunday yippee !image    another year older.. boo-hooimage

    absolutely no idea what I am going to do, feel a bit lost without any running image

    Kiwi  still holding my arm up in the air, jumping about waiting to ask question .......  trouble is forgotten what I was going to ask now image

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    pip - you do make me giggle!!!image Pleeeeeeeeeeease do Bristol  YAY!

    Rebecca - i'm not sure about the hotel the night before - might do if it's cheap. But might just go up on the day.

    b&t - will do you bristol??????? pleeeeeeeeease?

    When do we have to register by? I want to wait for my club membership before I do.  Look at me running in a club t-shirt.  Proper elite.

  • I'll do Bristol if you all are!  Maybe we could all go out after for lunch?!!  I don't know whether to admit this but my sister and I keep an eye out for Saturday races so that we can have a night out after!

    Medal made it home from school.  Instead of them just showing their classes, they had to stand up in assembly and tell the whole school about it!

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    awwwwwww, Aber - that's so sweet about your children.  Now you will be looked at in awe by 200+ kids every time you go to the school gate!!

    And YAYAYAY to a big lunch after Bristol!

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