VLM 2012 first timers???



  • Thanks Kiwi, will definately be after your advice going to do a couple of 10ks then half marathon later in the year it would be nice to get a bit quicker at that so any advice about acheiving that will be much appreciated.  Definately not running as my blooming knee is still niggling. So would rather rest now than start training again too soon and make things worse.......you see I have been listening to you image

    so have you done Bristol Half if so what's it like ? 

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    pip - do bristol. do bristol! whoooooooop!

    right, i'm off out to get drunk. i'm in a band and we have a gig tonight. i can't remember any of the songs as marathon training got in the way of my promising that i would practice. so, i will get drunk and blame my poor performance on that. whoooooooop!

    enjoy your lie ins tomorrow!
    (pip - move away from the shot blocks)
  • in a band ???gosh not only an elite marathon runner but a singer as well blimey imageimage

    ooooo and it may be Bristol will make up my mind tomorrow so,another possible one for the Bristol Half marathon jazz hand running club massiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive image exciting !!!

  • I'm doing my best to abstain from running - but can see that I'm not fully recovered. We had an archery event yesterday and had to jog to collect a stray arrow - thighs felt heavy
    Looks like everyone feels much the same- itching to find our next challenge
    Been trawling through RW events
    Thinking Canterbury half next for me in August - see if I can't get a pb
  • Is it a heavy metal/ rock band KAFFEEG. That is my other love.

    I am going to put a spanner in the works here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have not done the Bristol half, but have done the Cardiff Half.

    The general opinion here with the runners I know is that the Bristol half was a little disappointing. It is big with an elite field, however ,as a run it was not very attrative apparently. Running along big long main roads etc. and the feedback I got was as I say slight disappointment.

    However I have done the Cardiff Half, and I loved it. It has wonderful crowd support and the Welsh made us feel very special when we were running. It is pancake flat and I have also vowed I would run it again !!

    Your choice, but I  know which one I would do without hesitation .

  • ahh kiwi, this is my dilemma Cardiff about 45mins from us, done it every year, disappointed in the route last year but apparently this year the organisers have listened to the runners and have changed the route again.     Decisions,decisionsimageimage
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    Hope everyone is doing ok. I had a shocker of a run this morning image You'd never think that I'd ran 26.2 miles last weekend!

    @Kaffeeg - great idea to join races - if I was closer to Bristol i'd love to run it.

    My runs planned are:
    - 20k Brussels - 27th May
    - Marathon du Medoc - 8th September
    - Royal Parks Half Marathon - 7th October
    - Cologne Half Marathon - 14th October
    - Great South Run - 28th October.

    Am trying to find some more runs at the moment to "fill the gap".... image What about everyone else?

  • Hi Siony. I think the Canterbury half is hilly, so may not e a PB race !! Afriend of mine was up for that but wanted a Flat one. I also  Think !!!!!!!!!!!! it is on a Monday. Correct me if I am wrong.
  • Chester half in May, Macc half in September and Palma half in Mallorca or Chester marathon in Oct ... with June, July and August to spend losing weight and getting quicker!
  • gosh there seems to be quite a few of you doing loads more half marathons and marathons this year ?? I thought I was doing well organising a couple of 10ks and a half marathon. hadn't even contemplated doing another marathon till next year.image
  • Plenty of time for that Pip. Enjoy your moment of success. More will come in time if you want them.

    Oh dear. Keith Lemon has come on TV. I can't stand the bloke, Time for the documentary channel I think. 

  • Pip - still not sure on the marathon in October, 50% of me thinks that now would be the best time to train for another but the other 50% says its a stupid idea and stick with the original idea of working at my half PB. Looking at the half's I am doing none are ideal for PB's as Chester is so soon after London, Macclesfield is very up and down and Palma could still be quite hot in October.

    As kiwi says, plenty of time for everything and I think getting times down for shorter races is the best plan really.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Pip - take your time and do what feels right for you. For me - within an hour of finishing and the initial hurt had worn off - I *knew* I needed to do another but i've tried to plan my races as far in advance as possible to make the most of discounts and travel plans (e.g. booking plane tickets).

    How is everyone else doing? Enjoying the week of glory?

  • Kiwi- yes it's v hilly! In fact the hill at 10 mile is barely walk up able never mind runnable!
    But since it's spitting distance from my house and part normal run routes would be rude not to( especially as it didn't go ahead last year and I moaned for Brittany !)
    So I guess I'm looking for a pb relative to previous years

    It is a lovely bit of Kent though
  • It's on the bank holiday Monday 27th August I think
    There's a kids race on also
  • thanks all was beginning to feel a bit lazy about only doing a couple of racesimage

    Kiwi NCIS is on now better than keith lemon [ although I don't really know who he is ]image

  • last weeks was a void

    you all gotta do it again imageimageimage

  • that's the sort of thing nightmares are made of Mick imageimage
  • I'd be happy to do it all again Mick... but can I have another weeks rest first?!
  • I would do it again to get the time I know I could do [ without my knee giving up] and also get some decent blooming photos !!image
  • Pip - ditto!

    Wonder how kaffeeg's getting on?

    Speed - my original plan for this year was to work on my speed and improve my HM time, and then look at doing a marathon next year. The luck of the draw (in the ballot) saw to that!
  • I'm still going to do Bristol, even though the route may be disappointing. The Bristol Masssiiivvvveeeee's lunch will make up for it!
    I am planning a swim tomorrow, and gym classes as normal next week, Bodypump and combat. If I use light weights, will this be okay, Kiwi?
  • Hi  Emma McGlynn

    That is absoulutely fine . Any cross training will be quite ok for you. Just no running. I think i may have to tell someone off for going out for a run just 1 week after the marathon image. I can't remember who it was now !!!!

  • when I read their post I thought oh oh someone's going to get told off by Kiwi, not allowed to go running, I am being goodimage

    just think this time last week .......  glad it wasn't this week, it  is blowing a gale image

    kiwi ..... getting very, very,very bored now though and its only a week !!!!

  • I know, this time last week, Emsi, Tina (Lbyl) and I were bricking it in Pen 9. It's been such a strange week of feeling elated, and then very flat.

    My husband is hoping to run next year so I'm looking forward to that immensely!

    Now that I no longer have to eat like a horse/pig, I have to lose 2 stone in 2 months! Easy!
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    whhoop! about this time last week, i had my pants pulled down and someone massaging my bottom by the side of the road in full view of a few thousand people. oh what laughs.

    pip - i'm the keyboard player, don't quite have the front of stage persona, more of the moody grover behind the keys!

    kiwi - hehe, no we're more of a retro pop band. although we did play at a prog rock festival once. we were the only females on stage for nearly the whole weekend. . we were on after a band called Fuck Knuckles. needless to say, we haven't been rebooked there.....!

    gosh, was so tired last night. only managed three drinks and was home by midnight!! oh.oh. but someone came up to me after the gig and said i was 'blistering'!! i wanted to say'how funny because i've got a few of those from the london marathon i did last weekend, want to see my medal?'. but i said 'thanks'.

    emmy - wow, thats an impressive international set of races! they sound great. i didn't get into the royal parks HM this year, and don't want another charity place. great south ace sounds good, if not already booked up.

    mick - what races are you planning on doing? would love to do a race you are in.

  • Hi KAFEEG. What a great name for a band. What does your band play ? I am in to anything from Black Sabbath to Judas Priest ,AC/DC , Metallica,KISS, Stone Sour, Slipknot, whatever. The faster and louder and heavier the better.As I get older my musical tastes get better ( or worse) depends which way you look at it. I got to grade 6 on the piano and gave up when I was 16. Shame really, but running took over. It would have been good to keep it up. To play in a band must be a real buzz !!!
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    kiwi - i'm with you on AC/DC - they rock!....the rest not so much!! we play a mixture of pop/folk/retro/electro. a combination of four of us with very different musical styles which we all force the other to play! it's great playing gigs, get a real high from it. loads of fun and nice to do something creative. never too late to get back to playing music kiwi.......!! i saw a couple of people running the marathon whilst playing guitar!
  • Yeah , I love AC/DC. Luckily for me my daughter likes them too. You sound like you are pretty talented musicians. My sister is a very talented pianist ( as was my dad) and actually writes her own stuff. I think she has actually   finally either sold something or got a contract of some sorts, not sure but she is contact with a few people in the States I think. She has her own FB and my space page etc. and website.

    Sorry to bore you.Probably being the proud older brother here !!!  She was also a fantastic 100 metre hurdler. NZ schools record holder and champion and represented New Zealand at schools level in Australia.

    Bit of an all rounder.

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    kiwi - awww, it's lovely being the proud older brother. she must really love your support. and she sounds great! hope it comes good for her! we're not that talented!! think we have got to the level we are going to get, which is small time festivals and the usual gigging circuit. but thats good enough for me! it's more of a hobby than any form of a job. i think you need to get back into playing music kiwi!
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