VLM 2012 first timers???



  • RunningRaRa - sounds like a good plan.

    Suarez-7 - I was just writing that I've never been as excited as starting a schedule as I have been starting this one! Only on week 2 at the moment so my  'long' runs are considerably shorter than yoursimage

  • Ha ha - look what the postman's just brought me - my instant Marathon Kit!


    What else could I possibly need (apart from another 14 weeks training???!)

  • Hi all, has anyone considered doing some interval training stuff??  There's some good plans with interval training on runners world.

     I did an interval session yesterday, 1 mile warm up, 1 mile at 7 min miles, 2 minute jog recovery. This is then repeated 3 times. I felt more knackered after the interval session than after a 10 mile steady run and it really got the blood pumping. suggest everyone has a go. ive read it helps build up speed and stamina???

    glad everyone is looking forward to there long runs, im doing a 16 miler on saturday but gonna avoid those blooming hills. 

  • cregmallin - wow, that's a much bigger challenge dealing with your ankle, hope it all goes well for you.  You're right about listening to your body and backing off, I thought I was being really careful but will be even more so now.   My goals are to make it to the line injury free and then get round.  I'm not chasing a time, I just want to enjoy the experience.

    black & tabby - nice delivery from the postman, that makes it seem much more real!!

  • Evening all,
    managed 4 miles on the treadmill tonight with just a wee bit of walking but mostly running. ankle was great and I'm feeling good and back on track.

    On the off-chance is any one on here in Woking/Ottershaw area?
  • Hi

    did 3miles yesterday  evening after work as instructed on my plan.......absolutely pooped after, whats that all about ???  did nine miles on sunday felt brilliant something wrong somewhere.  Think I am going to have to  eat my jelly beans on my short runs !!!!!   Must admit I am loving the challenge of the long runs going to do 11 [ I hope !!] on Sunday.  Hope everyone is ok.


  • Hey pip,

    I've had exactly same thing over last few weeks and have concluded not to worry about it. I'm looking forward to going for a long one at the weekend too

  • Hi

    thanks for that, has made me feel a lot better image


  • Knee went half way thru day. Terrible now. Ibuprofen and rest today and tomorrow. Still hoping to do something towards end of week...fingers crossed. Knew the knee would play up at some point in training which is why I started plan early and give me some leeway. Serves me right for feeling invincible and pushing that one extra cheeky mile on Sunday.

    On plus side I got to county border 11 miles from home and took a photo of myself next to "welcome to Yorkshire" sign...so sure it was worth it!
  • Morning all! Well, there are some interesting injuries popping up all over the place aren't there?! Hugs to anyone with a hurty bit.

    Calf news - after 4 days of resting it feels okay. A bit of a niggle, feels like it needs a good stretch! So not quite right yet, but not the disaster I feared, i think! I'll still hold off from running for a bit, I'd rather it healed properly than risk it. But looking good!


  • Ow-ey to the knee RunningRaRa - is this an old injury resurfacing? Hooray to reaching the county border though!

    Len - take it easy on that calf! But glad its feel so much better

    Philippa - maybe its because your short run was after work, whereas your long run was at the weekend???

    Just had the worst run I think I've ever had. Just 40 mins, but first my right shin was hurting, then my left calf, then just felt very tired and disspirirted. The second half was better, after I'd had a little talk to my legs (I think I'm going mad!!) Ah well - back home again and I've ticked it off. I guess if there aren't any worse than that I'll be okay. 

  • Hi

    Black and Tabby: think you are prob right about my rubbish run on tuesday, just come back from 4 and a bit mile run and did feel much better, had the day off today, and it was so nice just to get out and in the light !!

    Len: hope all stays ok with you , but take it easy when you start back running

    RunningRaRa: how is your knee ?


  • After what was a very easy 12 mile run last Friday and my quickest 10k earlier this week I decided that I would bring forward my LSR as I've a busy few days ahead. Completed my 14 miles but it wasn't pretty and I'm struggling now!

    Had to walk up some hills (as early as the 6th mile!) which I can normally do easily but won't get too down about it as I'm sure its just a case of good days and bad days.
  • Evening everybodyimage

    Training is going ok Monday 6 miles,  Wed rest , Thursday 6 again and am off work tomorrow so am hoping to do 14 -15,am running with a friend, dont normally run with people but am hoping it will be alright, have noticed a big difference going to the gym, legs seem to last a lot longer before giving up

    Suarez - it is just a case of good and bad days, last week i managed a steep hill for the first time and yesterday i had to walk the last bit,

  • Morning all!

    I walk bits all the time - I live in a very hilly area and some of them are in the first mile, but I don't wantt o exhaust myself on the way out of the door! Ijust shrug and get on with it - as long as I'm moving forwards, it's fine.

    CalfWatch (part 5) - fels good this morning! No pain at all, maybe just feels a tad tight? Might give it a small jog at the weekend, and see how I feel. 

  • Oh I so love reading this - not the injuries - but that we all have ups and downs but keep going.

    I met Denise Lewis decathlon gold medalist yesterday - she is a wonderful speaker and told of her injury prior to winning the gold medal. Denise said that she had to focus right down to what she could achieve now - not the long goal, starting from just walking to the end of the running track. Absolutely inspirational and what's more she's going to be at Tower Bridge on the big day.

    So keep at it everyone and who knows what we can achieve!
  • Cregmallin - that's really inspirational. Thank you!
  • I agree, as I have written before, come the Big Day we will all be BRILLIANT ! !


  • Had a good long run this morning, great to be back out there after a few days off. Lovely and crisp and sunny, but very cold!

    Hope everyone's long runs go well over the weekend!
  • super run by the Thames today target 6 actual 7 - feeling good!
  • Evening all! Took my dodgy calf out fora little bit this evening, a little run/walking with my 8 year old, and then a slow 0.8 mile loop on my own - and it felt fine! No pain, and nothing since, it just feels tight, so I will be doing loads of stretching and rolling on the foam roller, and hopefully picking it all back up where I left off 6 days ago! image

    Good luck everyone doing their long runs - it's nice and cold out there!!
  • Foam roller sessions are never much fun, I hope they actually do achieve something as it just seems like pointless pain to me!

    As a slight aside, does anyone else get irritated at peoples reaction when they found out you are doing the VLM? I try not to tell many people but its normally someone else that knows that says "did you know he is doing the marathon?". The response is always "what, the London one?" in a surprised tone that seems to imply that London is longer than any other. In fact one friend said "London, isn't that the long one?". Yesterdays made me laugh, my cousin said "are you doing it on you own?" so I had to reply no there is another 40,000 people running too!
  • evening all, completed a 16 mile run this morning. Felt ok as well so happy. jumped in the sea after and the cold water has really helped my legs recover, most people thought i was a nutter, but needs must.

    has anyone tried any gels or sports beans, gonna start experimenting soon, any opinions out there????????

  • Suarez-7 : 40,000 people !!!!!! oh my didn't realise there were that many of us.... how on earth am I going to find my other half at the finish ???  really really scared now image

    Jon well done 16 miles and jumping in the sea brrrrrrr bet that was cold.  Going to try 11 miles tomorrow fingers crossed ..... but will not be jumping the sea after !


  • hello you lovely lotimage

    Everyone seems to be doing very well with the mileage and injuries are  recovering nicely

    Went out with friend and did 10miles yesterday, really injoyed the company and the miles just flew by, it certainly makes a difference chatting rather then listening to music and also got shown more country routes, went to gym after to do strengthening on the legs, muscles ached this morning getting out of bed,

    Am hoping to go for a very gentle run tomorrrow but not too sure how far to run ??

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    hi all

    gosh, most of us arer suffering. i hope everyones injuries/niggles/tiredness is getting better, we're all in it together!

    i got pyhsio again on mon. getting better though as nearly no pain when walking now, so realy excited. hope i can run next week though will go back a training week and build up again. he ho.

    signed up for shakespeare half marthon on 3rd march - anyone else doing it?

    good for us working so hard!
  • I have 14 Miles to run tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. The long runs are hard hard hard after a long day at work. But as ever I'll pound them pavements
    13 Weeks to go!

  • Len - hooray for your calf feeling better! Of course I don't need to nag you about taking it easy and lots of stretching, do I? Hmm?!

    Kaffeeg - glad you're feeling better too. Ditto advice to you too! Did you say physio had taught you some stretches? Are they possible to describe in writing??! <hint>

    40,000 runners is a sobering thought. I think Reading HM was the biggest I've run at 18,000???? Whoops - will add more later - have finally reached the front of the shower queue!
  • Hello everyone,
    I'm also a first timer doing London this year.
    I've run on and off over the last 3 years and have done the great north run the last two years.
    I trained for Edinburgh last year and got trochanteric bursitis ( hip injury) so am determined to train more sensibly and avoid injury this time round. I'm trying to alternate hard and easy runs and am using my heart rate monitor to guide me as I'm not great at keeping to pace - go off too fast and then knackered by mile 3 tactic not greatnfor longer distances!!
    I don't feel very fit at all, put on a but of weight when I was injured and am quite slow but am enjoying getting back into it and my aim is not to set myself up to fail by setting unreasonable targets but just to finish with a smile on my face and not be injured!
    Really hoping to learn from you all, don't know many runners, do all my runs alone, which I don't mind but havin somewhere to get some moral support and questions answered would be fantastic!!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Sureaz7 - I get the same thing when I tell them that i'm doing a marathon. I try to be motivating and say "you can do it too, I started off running and walking and built up gradually". For me, this is the culmination of several years of training for me but most of all it's about doing something that I've dreamed about.

    @Phillip - It's worrying to me how little 13 weeks sounds...

    I managed 10 miles this weekend and am on track with my training schedule imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />

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