VLM 2012 first timers???



  • Hey everyone, hope the training is going well and the injuries on the mend soon.

    @ Jon Harrod I've been trying out gels on the long runs. I've tried the science in sports gels which I find go down easy. I would suggest getting ones that you don't need to flush down with water. They definately give you a burst of energy and helped me get through my 14 mile run today. I've also been told by people at my running club that jelly babies work just as well as sports beans and are probably alot cheaper.

    I've been doing most of my long runs cross country, I'm hoping by the time I hit that road for the longer runs it should feel relatively easy in comparision !. I've entered the Benfleet 15 mile cross country race next Sunday - anyone else doing this ?

  • thanks Rebecca, how many are you supposed to eat during a marathon. guessing 2 or 3 after the 15 mile mark??
  • Well from what I read it varies for each person, I think your best bet is to test them out and see how they work for you. Some people take them every 30mins, some every hour. I'm planning on taking 1 every hour, I think if I take any more than that I might start to find them a bit sickly.

    There are some reviews of the gels on here somewhere.

  • Hi everyone

    well did 11miles today and must admit struggled a bit, had to give myself a good talking to ' you can do this pip. this is nothing compared to what you are going to have to do !'  .......... anyone else talk to themselves ? slightly worrying I know.  Did feel slightly demoralised as last weeks nine miles went really well. But I suppose that's what's going to happen occasionally.  Not sure now if I should repeat this mileage next Sunday, do less or push myself even further ......any thoughts?

    Susiebuzz :  I run on my own as well, don't mind really but sometimes would be nice to have someone say 'come on get a move on'  and egg me on.


  • Hello!
    Apologies for arriving head-first into your thread, I posted a lot of pages (and a lot of months) ago when I first heard I had a place and to be honest, forgot about the forum! Really decided I need to hook into a group of like-minded people though...partly because my friends are sick of the 'm' word and partly because you guys are in the same boat!

    I pushed through a 12 miler today, although there were several one minute walk breaks after the first hour as my hip flexors were getting sore which made my overall time quite slow.  I'm so scared about the marathon it's unbelievable but determined to get there and finish (pref sub 5 hours).  Also doing SIlverstone Half in March - anyone else doing that?

    Well, hopefully now I'm reacquainted with the forum I'll be showing my face here a bit more!

    You all sound like you're far faster and fitter than me - so hopefully I can learn a few things.  Flicking back a few pages - I hope everyone's injuries are healing nicely!

     Beckie x

  • Uh oh not sure if I should have come on here now. Started train in Sept and was up to 10 miles before the Christmas holidays. Had a two week break and have now been back into it for two weeks. We run every day and follow the beginners marathon guide from VLM website. The furthest I have ever run before was the race for life 10k gulp.

    We tried out the lucozade gel today just to see what happened really. Tasted o.k (not great) washed it down with water and carried on. Not sure what I was expecting but i'm still alive to tell the tale so this is good! We also bought the adidas training belt with three bottles. You can get a gel and your phone in the pouch and three bottles of water which did me o.k

    We are planning on getting the train up on the day. It's normally only 50 mins from where we live, does anyone else plan on doing this?

    Why do people get up at 5a.m is there something behind doing this? I don't think I have ever seen that time of day!

    Is anybody else running a ballot place and hoping to meet up with their friend who has a charity place? So many questions lol sorry. Good luck with the training


  • Continuing from earlier ...

    Jon - jumping in the sea - instant ice bath! I think most people think we're mad anyway!

    Sarnie - how  did your run go today? Nice & easy & slow I hope!

    Philip - well done on doing your long runs after work. Think how much easier the actual marathon, run on rested legs will be (I hope!)

    Rebecca - when I tried various gels befre my first HMs the SIS ones were the best ones I found (but I still couldn't stomach them)  They're good because they're isotonic - contain salts as well as just carbs if I remember correctly?

    Phillipa - I talk to myself as well! I've had to give my legs a good talking to this week, and suddenly realised I was talking out loud. Good job I was in the middle of nowhere!

    Hi Rebecca! Practicising run / walk is a good idea - and I don't think we're all faster and fitter than you. I'm very slow, but just aiming to finish, smiling image

    Alison - sounds like you're doing well. You are having rest days, aren't you?! I'm staying overnight in London on the Saturday night, as our journey would be too long otherwise. If your journey time is okay, I don't see why not travel on the day. You'll probably have a better night's sleep, and you'll be able to eat what you like the night before.

    As for me, ended the week with sore shins, and on googling think I have the start of shin splints. I've decided my shoes must be coming to the end of their life so tried to find some more of the same type. It looks like they've stopped making them so now need to find more shoes that fit as well! I'm working on it, so will be trying to run on grass / mud(!) until I get sorted.

    Hope evryone's had a good weekend - roll on the next week!

  • hello Suzie image

    alison - I run at 5am because I have a full time job, an 8year old kid, a husband and a variety of pets, so the only hours in the day available for running are the early ones! Its kinda hard work sometimes, but also great to start the day with a glow!

  • Hi all, sounds like the training is going well.

    I'm getting nervous about my distance. My plan is to increase mileage by 10% each week. If I keep to this plan I should be doing my long run (20 miles) at the end of march.

    However I only ran 3 Wednesday 3 Friday and 5 yesterday. This felt like I wasn't doing enough, certainly compared to most of you. 5 mIles this close doesn't seem enough?

    Am I right to doubt this plan?
  • KatyVKatyV ✭✭✭

    Hi sonarmerv and hello everyone image

    S, I wouldn't worry too much, sounds like you're at a similar place to me - I was injured (bruised my coccyx!) over Xmas and was only able to run again from last weekend - so I did 3 28-minute interval sessions (just over 4K) this week and then ran 5 miles yesterday and no soreness afterwards so no more excuses. I am going for similar - 20 mile run on the last Sunday in March, and then running the Waltham Forest Half on 1st April and then taper.

    What time are you planning to do (if any)? I'm aiming to just get round and not feel awful (I'm off on holiday on 23rd April!) so 5hrs would be nice...

    Good luck for the week all image

  • Thanks for the reply Katy_V Very reassuring

    Times not really important, I would like to come in under 5 hours but the main aim is to get round and raise some money for a good cause

    Without injury

    What time would you like to do?
  • Sounds like good advice! I'm only up to a long run of 1hr 15 last week, and 1 hour 30 this week (which will  be 8 - 9 miles) and my schedule builds up gradually, but does have some weeks where the LR is shorter, to allow me to recover I guess!

    Cold but lovely run this morning, only 3 miles but my shins felt fine which is ACE! Appointment booked with local running shop for next Monday for gait analysis, and they're going to order in  more shoes that might suit me so I can try them out. Would have liked to get sorted for shoes this week, but that's the downside of supporting my little local independent shop I guess.

  • KatyVKatyV ✭✭✭

    Good news about your shins B&T image - and funnily enough I'm only getting my gait analysis on Saturday (had to wait until January payday.................................. lean times) and am looking forward to it... I loved my nike pegasus 25s but they can practically run on their own now.

    Snap sonarmerv, I signed up for the fundraising and the challenge really, I was feeling really unfit so just thought I'd see if I could do it! I'd like to come under 5 hours as I've done a few half marathons at 2h10-15 so... fingers and toes crossed (not while running though)

    3 miles with some strength exercises in the frosty frosty park scheduled for tonight, dragging a very unwilling Mr V with me. Well, someone's got to hold the stopwatch.

  • Black and Tabby - my schedule sounds similar to yours, is it from runners world book of women's running or something like it? Mine also goes by time rather than distance and has 'recovery weeks',

    How many runs a week are you all doing? Nt sure whether 4 is enough or whether I should be trying for 5 - just hard sometimes to fit them in withnkids and work etc!

    Bit alarmed at the length of some of your long runs already! Feel a tad inadequate!

    How are you all working outnyour pace for long runs and how does this compare with marathon pace!

    Can you tell I have a lot to learn?


  • @Suziebuzz - I'm only managing 4 a week at the moment. I've also got 2 youngs kids and a fortunately understanding other half but finding time to do 5 a week is proving very difficult.  From what I've read it should be at least 3 a week with 1 long run, 1 speed session and a longish mid week run - so I guess we are doing o.k.

    I'm probably doing things all wrong on my long runs, I'm hoping to do 10 1/2 min miles and this is roughly what I am training at for my long runs but I think I should be going slightly slower during training sessions. Maybe this will happen naturally as my runs get longer. What are others doing ?

  • Susie - my schedule is from the VLM magazine. I have time during the week to run, but too much on at the week end, so running Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri is enough as this allows me a day's rest in the middle. I probably should be doing cross training on that day, but I need to do some work!

    Susie & Rebecca - I try to run as slow as possible on my long runs! I wear a heart rate monitor, and the more you can keep your HR down, the better you train your heart to run fast (not explained it very well - but it works!) 12 minutes miles aren't uncommon for me.

    I think its about doing what you can, but keeping it sensible. Better to arrive st the start line undertrained, than not get there through injury.
  • Hi Susie and Rebecca.

    I am running three times during the week tues thurs and friday with long run on Sunday.  My thursday run is longer than tues and friday.  I am running 9 min mile but will have to slow it a bit I think when the even longer runs have to be done.  Doing the Hal Higson Novice 1 [ with a bit of novice 2 mingled in it] it seems to suit me ok. 

    I agree, want to finish it happy and in one piece !!


  • Morning all!

    I'm doing exactly the same as Philippa in terms of days and lengths of runs - but I'm doing them a LOT slower LOL!!!


  • @Len 2 - me too!
  • KatyVKatyV ✭✭✭

    Yep I am similar: 4 a week - 3 on weekdays + LSR on weekend - busy job with irregular hours so two of my weekday runs are interval ones on the treadmill as I wouldn't be happy running alone in the dark where I live. Anyone else having to train indoors a lot? I tend to just run faster than I normally would with a 2% incline to try to compensate...

    Just got offered a place in the Silverstone Half on 11 March - anyone on here attempting that one (sorry if you've already had this chat, I think I'm a bit late to the party image )?

  • it sounds as thought we are all follwoing the same plans, im running 4 times a week. Tuesday is speed work and interval training, wednesday slow run, Thursdays at marathon pace then a long one on saturdays, slightly slower than marathon pace.

    im working on a sub 4hr marathon which is 9min miles. doing the interval training has helped my stamina so recommend it!! - you only get out what you put in.

    why is it on my rest days im itching to get out, on my training days id rather die than go running - wierd

  • hi

    fear not Len 2  I expect I will be going a heck of a lot slower when the really long miles have to be done.  Debating whether to do the LLanelli half or stick to my plan  ...... decisions, decisions.  Feel better reading these last few posts at least I seem to be doing what you are all doing image

    Katy V : I have to run in the dark ..... not much fun but spring is around the corner and lighter evenings...... that's me trying to be optimistic !


  • Hi I just thought i'd finally jump on the bandwaggon, i've not had time to read through the 300+ replies on here, so a little about myself

    I'm Jo - I'm running for a charity - Down's Heart Group - as my oldest daughter Hannah ( hence my user name ) has Down's syndrome and had open heart surgery at 8 weeks old so when i was offered a place running for them i jumped at it

    This is my first marathon, i have done on one half marathon and loads of 10k's to make sure i keep running

    I run usually 3 times a week ( during the day ) at the moment i am nursing an ankle injury that i picked up last week image so today i have gone swimming as they said thats good for you

    before my ankle injury ( no idea how i did it wondering if running on frosty paths may have made me run awkwardly ) I was running 11-12 min miles, my motto is slow and steady wins the race, my aim is to finish not to break my neck getting a fast time!!

    I am following an asics plan which i got off their website, which asks you how many times a week you run, it was recommended to me from another runner and so far it has seemed to be working for me

    hope to get to know some of you on here, sorry for the long intro
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    hi all

    training plans all sound good! 

    I had second appointment with phsyio yesterday.  Firstly, OWWWWWW.  THat deep tissue massage hurts like @%$^£*^(&(&%".  I only have swear words to describe it.

    Physio said I can start running again tomorrow.....not sure my leg feels up to it to be honest - still really sore, but now not sure if that is the result of his massage (all bruised again from him) or the normal pain.  I'm feeling really frustrated.  he said it is likely to come back.............

    Anyway, I'm not going to run tomorrow, but try it on friday. I've joined the gym and did a 'flexibility session' today.  The physio said -- stretch stretch stretch. So i'm doing it every day now.

     Anyone else going to the London Marathon training day this saturday?????? 

     I was planning on running 5 days a week (training plan - that was meant to start this week). I was running 4 times a week.  I think I am going to re-think my whole training. I think my body can't take running 4 times a week. I'm thinking of running 3 times a week and then going to the gym twice a week. Do you think that will work??

     Blakc and Tabby - not sure I can explain the stretchs on here!!  It's the calf he said that I've hurt - he said a good one to get the calf is to stand on a step with most of your foot hanging off the edge.  Wrap your other leg around that one and press backwards..........not easy to describe!!  Other ones: put your leg up on a bench or something and lean forward. Use a wall to push onto with one foot in front of the other, - to stretch the back of the leg further, bend your back knee.  Does any of this make sense??

  • Katy - I'm not doing the Silverstone HM, but I am doing the Bath HM WHICH IS whoops! On the same day. My plan says to run the race and then do another 2 miles, but not quite sure I'll manage that - know from last year Bath is very busy on that day!

    Jon I know what you mean! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow being my rest day, but know I'll be staring out the window thinking what a lovely day for a run!

    Phillipa -when is the Llanelli half? Can you squeeze it into your plan by rearranging 'shorter' weeks? I entered Bath because I thought it would be good to remind myself what it was like being at a big race!

    Hi HannahsMomUK! Good to see you image hope your ankle recovers soon, and happy training!
  • ooh gosh it gets harder to keep up
    hello all newcomers to the thread and welcome!

    Well in terms of numbers I'm just doing three runs a week one Mon one Weds gym friday and long run Saturday. Feeling good at the moment and happy with progress.

    Kaffeeg/black and tabby - not sure what the calf stretches is about but I have to do a lot because my right calf is shorter due to the broken ankle and this is what causes me most problems. I walk up stairs whenever possible and pause to hang off the bottom step stretching the calf - also lunges facing a wall pushing knee forward to wall and reverse with one foot up against the wall and lunging forward away from wall. does that make any sense at all ? Anyway point is the more I stretch my calf the better my run - can live with the ankle pain.

    up early tomorrow for a fiver before work - hoping to try for a faster one - earplugs in morning tv on .....well it's different!

    night all
  • Rebeccah, yes I also have two kids and an understanding partner, it helps a lot doesn't it. I ran 5 times last week but my body is objecting and wondering if maybe 4 times a week better anyway....trial and error, certainly my 3.5 mile run this evening after work in very cold Northumberland felt tough!

    Black and Tabby, yes I'm also using heart rate monitor which helps me a lot. are you thinking if wearing ti for the actual event and if so what %rate would you run at, faster than long slow run rate or the same? I find I have to run quite slowly to keep my heart rate below 70%!

    Phillippa, your way faster than me! My slow runs are about 11 min miles and my tempo runs about 9 min miles! Just not sure what pace to look at for race day and when people talk about marathon pace what that means? Same as long run or faster? Yu sound like you're doing really well, so well done!

    Hannah's mom, you are an inspiration and I wish you lots of luck with your fundraising! How old is Hannah now? I hope she is well and that her surgery was a success!
    len2, phew, thank god someone else is a bit slower, whenever I'm on runners world forums I almost feel like a bit if a fraud....too slow to call myself a runner, should I be on "jogger's world"

    Jon Harrod, you sound like you know what you're talking about, could you explain the diffence in pace between slow run, marathon run and slightly slower than marathon run? I'm assuming marathon run fastest but how do you work out what that pace should be?
  • Susiebuzz, thank you , Hannah is now 9 years old, i dont know where the time has gone and yes the surgery was a complete sucess, we just go for 2 yearly check ups

    I have wanted to run the london marathon since before she was born but obviously when she came along, i got abit side tracked but onwards and upwards now
  • lol @ Susiebuzz, I felt like this when I started 'running' when I was really only jogging.

    I would guess marathon pace is the pace you intend to do on the day. From what I've read your long runs should be roughly 1min slower per mile than marathon pace. If that makes sense. I'm just finding my feet with it all too as I'm not sure what my marathon pace will be yet but I think probably 10.5 min miles.

    @ Hannahsmum, hope you fundraising goes well, and good luck with the training.

    I think I'm going to alternate betwen 4/5 runs each week, leaving out a short Saturday run every other week. I do speed training on Tuesday/Thursdays, longish mid week run and the long run on Sundays every week. I'm going to try and do some strength work on my legs on Mondays. Of course this all looks wonderful on paper let's see if I can keep it up !!!!!

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