VLM 2012 first timers???



  • Black and Tabby llanelli half is march 4th am supposed to be doing 16miles then [ gulp !! ] 15 the sunday before and 12 the following week ...... ummm so don't know what to do

    susiebuzz : I am completely flumoxed by all these different types of runs !!! so I just run.

    kaffeeg: fingers and toes crossed for when you start running again


  • my calf is fine!!. woooooooooo!! 3 miles, no pain. PHEW! image
  • Brilliant news Len 2 image


  • So I'm sat herewith a bag of frozen peas on my knee wishing I hadn't been a silly bugger with my training! Been a week since last run as knee injury that has prevented me running for 3years has resurfaced with a vengeance.

    After months of gently building a base of mileage I think I got carried away over christmas and did too much too soon. Guilty as charged. My last long run was a jump of 3miles and whereas I'd been having weeks when I dipped my overall mileage, during the holidays I did 17, 17 then 22.

    Positive mental attitude...leg muscles are much stronger now and I have all the tools I need to facilitate recovery. Doesn't stop me being blooming mad with myself, worried sick, depressed, a nightmare to live/work with etc.

    Hey ho!
  • Ps Len2 I'm made up for you. This is why we come on these boards!
  • runningRARa: Fingers crossed for you as well, I am sure you will be fine, most people would and should understand  how important this is for you.  Stay positive and ...KEEP USING THE PEAS !!


  • RunningRaRa, good luck with the recovery I hope all is well soon.
  • Oh no RaRa - fingers crossed for you. I know how you feel, when I thought my calf was totally b*ggered last week, i was unbearable. Definitely keep up the ice, heat, supports, rest, whatever it takes. I also found that a load of voltarol gel before bed worked wonders. Positive attitude and all tha, yes! Can you swim or anything in the meantime?

  • KatyVKatyV ✭✭✭

    Congrats Len2! And so sorry to hear that RaRa. Mr V has struggled for ages with old knee injury too and he is also cursing himself for overtraining this week... best of luck getting back on it.

    @ Hannahsmom - good luck with your fundraising and it's great to hear that you are achieving something you've wanted to do for years. Everyone's behind you! image

    @ Black and Tabby - I was going to do Bath! My sister was intending to run it as well which might have been fun but plans fell through so ...

    Body complaining today so tempted to skip lunchtime run and swap today for a rest day..........................

  • RunningRaRa - ow ow ow! Sorry to hear about your knee. is it something that will recover with rest & ice etc? Sounds like you've already build up to a good distance, so even if you have to take a few weeks out to heal you should still be on schedule. Fingers crossed for you. A good tip I was given was to put washing-up liquid inside a couple of zip locks bags, and freeze that. It saves accidentally eating a bag of veg that has been thawed / refrozen a few times image, stays cold for ages and you can make it whatever size you need.

    Len 2 - hooray!!!!! Take it easy now image

    Katy_V - if you'rereally feeling sore, then take a rest day. If its just CBA then get out there image

    Enjoying my rest day today. Have managed 2 runs this week without any shin pain, but could feel just a hint of it yesterday. Was concentrating on not bending forward at my waist (which I know is a bad posture i have) and keeping my stride short so I wasn't putting too much pressure on my legs.

    Need to find a 200m hill for tomorrow's 30 session - eek!

    Oh - and it may be a rest day, but is anyone else becoming obsessed with this marathon? I seem to be spending all my spare time trawling the forums, reading anything I can find, and talking about it incessantly.

    I've started a blog to try and help me stop talking so much about it. Anyone else on the thread blogging?

  • Black and Tabby, pretty sure I'm obsessing a bit too much about the whole thig too. I get restless in the evening and end up convincing myself that niggling pains are a lot worse than they actually are.

    Does anyone ache? I don't mean injuries but just ache? I suppose it's only natural you would when you're out running every other day in this weather.

    But you have to stay positive, remember why it is you are putting all this effort in, think of everyone else training, in the same situation, and think of how good it's going to be to post you're time up on here the week after April the 22nd

    Blogging or tweeting little comments sounds like a great way to get all those thoughts and doubts out of your head
  • I am definately becoming obsessed, I try not to talk about it to people too much as I'm worried I'll become a bti boring !!!

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    Len2 - yayayyayayay!  So glad for you! 

    Running RaRa - nooooooo.  Gutting.  Plenty of rest will be great.  I completely know how you feel - it's soooo frustrating and upsetting.  i want to kick every single jogger I see, if only my leg was up to it.  The joggers seem to have quaddrupled round here since I got my injury, just out of spite I think!

    Physio said I could start running from today - but to be honest my leg is still sore when I walk. I haven't got a limp any more and it isn't bad bad pain, but I feel the muscle/tendon.  So I haven't run, and not sure if I will tomorrow - i don't want to start back and just make it worse.  I'm soooo annoyed I'm not running and blame myself entirely for it. image

    Getting obsessed is good!!!  Good motivation?!  Think we are all going to get those post marathon blues??

  • Hi all - enjoyed reading the posts on this thread so far

    Found out last week I had a place via my club but they left it until the last minute to send me the form, resulting in me posting it with just 2 days to spare!!

    Looking at the website there is something about a compulsory registeration event for all runners at an exhibition centre somewhere which would mean me travelling down from Lancashire much earlier on the Saturday than I would have planned.  Any of you guys with your confirmed entries shed any light on this?

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    Hi Constanza

    Hello and welcome aboard!!

    Yep - there are 4 days of registering on the wed, thurs, fri and saturday of the marathon week.  I think it's from 2 - 8pm or something like that - can't remember.  It says that if you have difficulty getting there you can nominate for someone else to go in your absence.  All this information was in a magazine that they send you.  I'm sure you will get a copy of it asap.  A second magazine is sent out in mid-march, so they say, giving more information.

    When you register, you get your timing chip, a bag to put your clothes in on the day of the race that you place in the baggage vans, and something else i think.....but can't remember!

  • Cheers Kaffeeg - looks like that will be my first stop when I get to London image

    I'm following a sub 4 hour plan from last Februarys RW.  5 miles hills tonight - The Mall seems a long long way off!

  • Well I think I have only posted a couple of times on here since getting my place back in September so thought I'd just pop in and say hi!

    It looks like everyone's training is going really well, it's scary to think how close it really is now. This will be my first marathon, I've done a couple of halfs and I did some of the marathon training last year when my other half ran it, including a 19 mile run, but I'm still apprehensive of the thought of having to run 26.2 miles in April.

    I've been trying to follow a training plan but I'm slightly ahead on some of the longer runs, does anyone think this is a problem, or should I cut back my longer runs to fit in with the schedule? Also how are people dealing with the days where you have a lack of motivation to get out for a run, especially in the evenings after work? I don't know anyone else who is running so am having to do the training on my own, which isn't a problem, it's just sometimes it would be nice to have the company on the longer runs. My other half had promised to come out with me, and then she went and got pregnant! image To be honest she's getting jealous of me doing the marathon now as she'd love to do it again, even after saying never again last year!

    One other question, are most people doing their longer runs on a Sunday? I have been doing mine on a Saturday as this leaves me the rest of the weekend to do other things, including going out the odd time on a Saturday night, but I wondered if I should be doing them on a Sunday to fit in with the marathon being on a Sunday, or is it fine as long as I'm getting the miles in?

    It's good to come on here and read how everyone is doing, it can help to motivate me to get out and get the miles done when I'm not feeling in the mood.
  • KatyVKatyV ✭✭✭

    Hi Soggs

    Yes this forum is great for that - for feeling a bit more in the loop image and congrats about your little one on the way image

    I dont know about you but when I compare training plans they're all so different that it makes me feel a bit more relaxed about doing it "differently" - I'd guess if your long runs are not taxing you then do what works for you. It means that when you do have a bad week you can drop down without feeling guilty. Or that's what I say anyway... I'm not strict about my schedule and I do swap around my days - I usually do my LSR on Saturday too because of work/family commitments but swap over if I have something else on. That's my plan and if it doesn't work I'll let you know on April 23 image

    How many runs are you doing? I'm doing 4+1 workout in the gym so that helps me keep motivated - I know that I have two rest days a week so I can swap one in if I feel REALLY crap after work (and at the moment that's quite a lot...)

    Speaking of which @black and tabby - you were right, I felt achey in the day, but by the evening I suspected it was a severe case of the CBAs so I dragged myself out for a 4 mile trundle and I felt much better later!

  • Morning image

    Ooh I can recommend proper running tracks - all bouncy and springy! Did 5 miles last night and nothing aches today. Who knew?! If only the marathon course was made of track lol. 

    Soggs, yes I'm doing my long runs on a Sunday to fit the marathon. Works ok because most of our family plans are on a Saturday anyway. 

    If I really CBA, I look at my acceptance letter again and remind myself why I'm doing all this!


  • Hi Katy_V

    I think it definitely helps to hear how everyone else is getting on, doesn't make you feel quite so on your own if you know what I mean? Thanks for the congrats, really can't wait to be a dad, if I think the marathon is going to tire me out I think the sleepless nights ahead could be worse, but in a good way!!

    That is the main problem, all the training plans are different so trying to pick one that works for you is very hard. I have been trying to stick to Shades' plan from on here and so far so good. I just don't want to overdo it and cause an injury, but at the weekend I was only going to do 10 miles, but as the weather was so good for running I ended up doing 13. As you say it doesn't make you feel so bad if you have to drop a few miles elsewhere.

    At the moment I am doing 3 runs a week and a swimming session. I would like to try and add an extra run but it's hard to find the time with home and work commitments. I have read a lot of people talk about interval runs and haven't had a chance to read up on these yet, but I guess these are to try and help improve strength and stamina. I may look into this and see if I can add them as my 4th run. I don't want to do too little and not be prepared on the day
  • Hi Len 2,

    Yes you're right, just the fact you're accepted into the marathon should be motivation enough. I guess a lot of it is psycological too, having the belief in yourself that you can do it. I know I've suffered in the past from not believing I can do something and failing because I've not thought I was good enough to do it.

    My partner has helped me to believe in myself more, before I met her I couldn't, or should I say wouldn't, run any kind of distance without having to stop and take a breather. But after slowly building up the mileage from 1 mile on my first run with her, and then slowly increasing, I was able to do a half marathon, and now I'm going to do the marathon, but it really helps having her there to tell me I can do it, and that she believes in me, what more motivation do I need??
  • Training run tonight of 5 miles................ bollo*cks to it im having a kentucy Fried Chicken, Large, with an extra popcorn chicken, large chips and large Coke. only 1 million calories but ill burn it off later.


  • Hi Jon

     Me too at last running 5 miles not the chicken bit......... I am a veggie image


  • Soggs - hello, and welcome and Congratulations! I shouldn't worry about intervals just yet. They're really to build speed, and for your first marathon I doubt you're too worried about speed?? I know I'm not!

    Len 2 - springy running surfaces sond great. Glad your track session went well

    Katy_V - ha ha! Well done! I'm the world's worst at thinking I might be feeling poorly, and maybe I shouldn't run, so I've had to train myself to JUST GET OUT THERE!!!

    Constanza - I was going to go to the Expo on the Saturday, but have read its mad busy then so may well try and go easlier in the week. Its only about 1.5 - 2 hours for me to travel there, so much less than for you! I gather there's freebies there! image

    kaffeeg - keep resting that leg if it still doesn't feel right. Walking??? Or maybe something like swimming???

    Jon - hope you enjoyed your meal - and that  you managed to run after it!

    Pip - I'm veggie too - seems like there's a few of us on this thread!

    Managed my 3 runs so far this week okay - no more shin pain (well , just a spot, but only tiny!) and concentrating on small steps to help reduce the stress on mylegs seems to be working. Long run tomorrow - schedule says 1hr 30 mins, so was looking to do around 8 miles. Don't want my shins to hurt again so trying it as easy as possible until I (hopefully!) get sorted for nooo shooooes on Monday!

  • Soggs - I shouldn't worry about whether your long runs are Saturday, Sunday or whenever just so long as you're pretty much running the prescribed miles each week in your plan.  I tend to mix mine, at the moment my club still has cross country races most Saturdays so my long runs are on the Sundays but I'll be changing that soon as the miles rack up.

    Motivation, or lack of it, must effect every runner on here at one time or another.  This will be my 3rd marathon and I want to do this one in less pain than the other 2 - so that's all the motivation I need to get out!

  • Hey everyone glad the tranining is going well.

    I'm using the rw training schedule but I change it where I need to. Tuesday and Thursday I'm trying to do speed work, Wednesday longish easy run and Sunday LSR.

    Tonight I ran a 4 mile warm up to our local forest, found a big hill and then run up and down it for 8 reps. My legs are bloomin knackered now though.

    When I really can't be bothered to go for a run, I go and put my running clothes on and then feel like I might as well now I'm dressed in them. It does seem to work for me, but I know that feeling all to well.

  • My long run is tomorrow.......unfortunately!!
    Not feeling especially keen, long day at work, all I want to do s curl up with very large glass of Chablis and eat chocolate!!
    Tomorrow, 1 hr 45 mins so I'm guessing about 10 miles-ish!
    Really not sure about sports drinks or gels, I think for a ten mile run I'll need something but sports drinks leave me feelinga bit nauseous, I once read that Paula Radcliffe used dairy milk, sounds lovely but not sure how practical this is so I will maybe go for jelly babies, any views of when to eat them?
    Feeling a bit despondent about it all tonight but hoping I wake up feeling a bit more confident!

    Tried intervals yesterday though and nice change. Did 1 mile easy followed by 4 repeats of half run fast with 0.25 mile recovery and then a slow 1 mile, made it a bot more interesting!

    Hope everyone who is injuredis bearing up, I had to pull put of Edinburgh marathon last year because of injury, was really gutted......... susie

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    hi all, all your training sounds great! i'm dead jealous!!

    i'm going to the marathon school tomorrow - is anyone else doing it ( training day set up by vlm)

    i'm also going to the 'meet the experts' in a couple of weeks - anyone doing that?

    tomorrow will be the first time i will run on two weeks, i hope it goes ok. the pyhsio said i could have started to run this wednesday - but i felt my leg was still sore. to be honest, altough it's not sore now, it still feels funny. soi'm quite scared. been stretching every morning and every evening and can feel improvements. here's hoping it's all ok, it's sooooooooo frsutrating not being able to run - i just want to get out there in the cold and rain!!
  • KatyVKatyV ✭✭✭

    Hi all, happy Friday!

    How did your run go @susiebuzz? would be v interested to hear what you went for re jelly babies. I tend to put them in my pocket and eat after the first hour but once I forgot to eat them and I had a slimy melted sugar clump in my pocket when I got home....gross

    Good luck kaffeeg, hope it goes well today, really sympathise, I had to stop for two weeks recently (over christmas with bruised coccyx) and I was standing at the window glaring at runners going past after about five days...

    Hope you're all running tall everyone, and have good weekends all

  • Hi

    Susiebuzz  I have the lucozade sport drink - orange and its not too bad.   Also a well known supermarket does  their own and that is quite nice..... not too sweet and sickly image

    How is it that it was a lovely day yesterday then as soon as I walk out of the door after work ready for my run, it starts raining and getting windy ???  never mind did my 5 miles last night all ok and doing 3 miles this evening.

    Long run Sunday 10 or 11 miles ....... hopefully.   Going to try my jelly beans then .

     happy running


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