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  • Hi all 

                have just spent the last hour or more reading all the threads with my other half muttering if your not out running your reading about it (also got a couple of books from library) . Did my first marathon in Edinburgh last year but lost the last 5 weeks training with a groin strain. Completed but last 6 miles were a real grind.

    A lot learned a big change to this years training is the rest day and not to over train last year i kept pushing and in the end got injured.
     Last year I used Lucozade gels but found on the marathon the gels plus lucozade drinks (the drinks supplied on route) become rather sickly so stayed with gels and went onto water.
     My training at the moment is on par with lots of you however as a shift worker cannot do same week in week out. Up to 14 miles LSR and  now into hill training once a week with a speed session with my running club when shifts allow me.  
        Good luck all and trust me the feeling at the finish will be worth it I got a little emotional last year at the finish which my wife likes to remind me of at certain times !!!
    Happy training.

  • Thanks Emmy_bug image
  • You know when your 3 mile easy run feels really really hard and you wonder how the heck you're ever going to finish your next long run, never mnd a bloomin' marathon?

    Having a panic that my long run is quite a bit shorter than everyone elses, this week it will be 2 hours, about 11 miles.

    Going to marathon school in Edinburgh in a couple of weeks, bet everyone one will be faster and skinnier than me!!!

    Oh dear, my usual enthusiasm waning, hopefully will feel bit more optimistic tomorrow!!
  • Hi Susiebuzz,

    I promise you we all feel like that - 8 miles one day is great 3 miles a few days later like hell.

    I am running on saturday with some friends who are training for the moonwalk yes moon ...walk and I bet you they are faster walking than I am running.

    Who cares ..... I don't .. my goal is just to run every planned training run one at a time and if it's bad at least i did it, if it's good it's good and if it's great it's a miracle.

    keep going!
  • SusieBuzz & Cregmalin:      fear not I felt really fed up on my long run on Sunday really struggled at nine miles, but picked myself up and carried on 12 miles done.  Everytime I look at my running plan : 16miles 18 miles 20 MILES I say ' how on earth am I going to do it'  but we will do it and boy will we be proud of ourselves. Each run ticked off is a step in the right direction........ and we will all be BRILLIANTimageimageimage
  • Well said Phillippa

    g'night look forward to catching up with you soon.
  • Stretches tonight were really hard work. Knees feel best when everything is at it's most flexible but muscles are tight, tight, tight. Been doing a good long session (30mins to 1 hr) each night...well most nights...but old knee injury is still putting up a fight! Think I may have to do shorter bursts throughout the day wherever I can.

    3miles in the morning should loosen everything up.
  • Slowly slowly building up the miles again after IT band syndrome.
    Aparently caused by old injury from a show jumping accident years
    Ago. Starting to think it is all a waste of time it is so latein the day
    but I've been trying to get London Marathon place for over ten years!
  • I hope all those with injury are feeling better soon.

    I'm sure most of us at some point will feel despondent, I know I have already. Since I've started fundraising it has encouraged me to want to get out there and train as I don't want to let people down and I know people will be asking me how it's all going.

    I completetly over did it on Monday with the strengthening exercises, I couldn't run Tuesday and my legs are still sore today but I'm going to do a slow 7 miles to keep them ticking over. I have definately learnt my lesson !

    Moyna - just take it slowly and I'm sure you will get up to fitness by the big day. Even if you end up having to run/walk round (I'm sure I will at some point) you say you've waited over 10 years for the place so I say just go for it image.

    Suzie - I have days like this, especially if I'm tired or eaten crap that day. I sometimes get a stitch in the first few miles aswell which is really annoying.

  • Cregmallin, Phillippa, rebecca,
    Think I'm going to do a nice slow run today rather than my planned intervals,
    Had a really busy few days at work and with kids etc and think my body is trying to tell me to ease off a bit,
    No paid work today, just the usual pile of washing and housework, maybe that run not seeming so bad, lesser of two evils, I want to avoid housework more than I wantbto avoid my run!!!
    It's great being part of this forum, none of my friends are runners and sometimes it's nice to know that the ups and downs are all part of the experience so thanks again for your encouraging words!
  • Any one got any thoughts about how to fit in a half marathon in training plan?
    I'm doing one in Blackpool on 26th feb. Thing is my long run that week should be 2hrs45 and would hope to do a half in 2hrs10. When I've done halfs before I've tapered down the 2 or 3 weeks before but obviously don't want to get too far off my plan incase it affects the marathon plan. Any one else doing a half? Are you going for a PB with it or treating it as a normal longish run?
    Look forward to getting some good advice!!!
    P.S my 4 mile run today was much better so feeling less demoralised by it all!!
  • Hi Susiebuzz, saw you got a question answered in the marathon Q&A!

    I'm doing a HM in week 11 of my schedule. Should be a 16M LSR on that day, but schedule does say "or a Half marathon with 2 mile run afterwards". Have no idea how I'll fit the 2M in afterwards, as teh city will be heaving! I guess I could go for a slow plod around the block when I get back home - do you think that counts?? If so, you could do the same! My HM times are slow compared with my 10K times, I obviously suffer from not-long-enough-S-Rs in my HM training. I can't help but think if my  stamina has improved by then (and I sincerely hope it has!) I should be able to PB in this HM without pushing too hard? I guess it's all down to how I feel on the day though - I won't be tapering for it  - not with an 18Miler the week before!

     My problem is how to cope with a weeks holiday on week 7 of my schedule. Should be 12 miles that week, but skipping it means I jump from 10 the week before to 14 the week after. Guess I need to make the 10 miler a bit longer, and the 14 miler a bit shorter??!!!

    Glad your run was better today!

     Hi Moyna - slow and steady is the way on this thread!

    Rebecca - ow! Hope you run went okay!

    Waves hello to everyone else. I'm really enjoying my 'rest' day today - feet up on the sofa reading my new copy of Runners World that arrived image

  • Suzie in my training schedule the half marathons are suggested 'races', I think that as you are doing shorter distances it is o.k to push it a little bit and run faster. I also have a half marathon on the 26th, as it's my first it will also be my pb image. I'm going to aim to do it in under 2.15 so will hopefully run around 10 min miles. Good luck with yours.

  • Black and Tabby: love your kit-kats think I will have to put a photo on my thingie rather than a black anonymous shape image
  • Black and Tabby forgot to say my rest day too and my runners world arrived today as well image
  • Hi

    I hope this is the right group, if not could you point me in the right direction. 

    I have entered the VLM 2012 and this week I have had a massive dip to the point as yet have not got out on a run this week and it is now nearly thursday. Sat is my planned long run day and aim is 10miles, but 8 miles last weekend took me 2hrs 40. I have suddenely panicked that I cant do this!!!!

    Do you have any advice how to get motivated, just really gutted I have taken this dip!

    A disappointed runner 


  • Hi Pip J

    Just read lots of the previous messages don't worry we are all going through the same  thing,  I doubt myself every time I read my running plan   ...................... 20 miles you have to be kidding !!! but we will do it. Stay positive and keep reading the messages.

    Pip image

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    hi all....gosh you blink and suddenly there are 40 posts. Apologies if I haven't responded to people.

    I hope all with injuries are getting better.

    RunningRaRa - great news you feel better - YAY!

    Soggs - REST.  Don't be me and keep going - it's not worth it!  Stretch stretch stretch - one week of me stretching every morning and every evening and physio has moved my flexibility from 'rubbish' to 'not bad'. I'm sure he will view the most stretchest person in the world as 'vaguely stretchy' so I take it as a good sign!

    PipJ - this is def the right thread!  You'll make it - if we can all make it - you can too.  Don't feel guilty about not going running - you can't undo the past, still got 4 days of this week - so maybe 2/3 runs?  You can do it!!

  • Not posted for while as I've been busy and also cutting back on runs due to a side strain, slightly sore shins and a cold!!! Last weeks 28 miles was 8 miles and missed yesterdays 3 miler.

    Out today for 6 slow miles but happily shins & side ok and cold seems to have been over nice and quickly (been taking echinecea and vit c).

    I've had shocking health news about a friend of mine today (one that has done VLM too) and it reaffirms how we have to grasp our goals if we really want them. I have renewed determination and am even planning my next challenge (Inca trail later in the year).

    Well done to everyone so far and for anyone that has doubts remember what others go through to complete the famous 26.2 miles, Michael Watson is my personal fave London Marathon story (6 days to do it for those that dont know). The US biggest losers often go from 30 stone + to completing 26.2 miles in 6 months, so with 3 months left we can all train ourselves to get round ... if you want it enough.

    Happy running everyone!!!
  • Hi all

     Typical, wet ,cold ,miserable evening for my 5 mile run,  ah well its my own fault for feeling very smug yesterday because It wasn't my running night  image   I think the weather is worse tonight !! image

  • 4 easy miles in hail completed. Knee no1 stiff for 1st mile then warmed up. Knee no2 hurting at 2.5 miles but loosened up again by 3.5. Kept imagining that relaxing sensation when you sink into a warm bath!

    26 miles seems a long way at mo but I'm taking a gung ho (?) attitude when anyone asks saying things like "well I'll just have to get tougher" and "I can stop running after the marathon." Almost convincing myself too with my pma (positive mental attitude).

    Still a joy to be running though...
  • Evening all,

     Totally agree 3 runs can be completed this week. and thank you for reminding me the glass is half full !!

     You are spot on to remind ourselves why we are doing this. 

    So many thanks and good luck to all running tonight!

     And heres my postive thought for the weather ........just think back to the runners of last years Marathon...... it was snowing for most of Dec & Jan ( I am holding out for none this year) image

    Pip J

  • Philippa, good luck, rest day for me today, psyching myself up for 2 hour run tomorrow, yikes!!!!
    No hail here in Northumberland but blooming freezing!!! Never mind, will have warmed up to 2 degrees in time for tomorrows run.
    Best of luck everyone for their long runs over the weekend, Susie
  • No rain here tonight - yay ! Well done all those who dragged themselves out into the rain.

    Nice positve vibes on here tonight image.

    I tried a tempo run tonight, 10mins warm up, 20 mins at threshold pace, 10 mins warm down.The thing I found really hard was to pace myself, my threshold pace should have been 8.45 mins a mile but I went up and down from this quite alot for about 7 mins before finding some sort of rhythm. I was checking my watch every few seconds which isn't great when you've got lamp posts and pedestrians to dodge image. I have learnt from this that I need to practise pacing in my runs.

    I have found this week that I've developed a dull ache in the back of my right foot, below my ankle. Anyone got any ideas of what this might be ?

    Everyone else sounds like their training is going great.

    RunningRaRa, glad your knees where o.k on your run today.

  • ...and they haven't seized up whilst I've been led on sofa watching telly and eating biscuits!
  • Rebecca - you're right - some more positive vibes here image Just a thought about your foot. I've had a strange pain before now round the back of my heel - just where thebottom of my foot turns up to become the side of my foot. Turns out my heel had cracked slightly - the lovely hard skin I'd developed on the foot / heel had split (yuck!) Lots of gloopy hand cream and some TLC and it was fine. Might it be something like that?

    Oh and good luck with learning to pace yourself - its very hard, and I guess one of the few advantages I can think of of running on a treadmill?

    RunningRaRa Great that your knees are okayimage

    No long run for me today 9feels like I'm skiving) but scary race on Sunday - with snow forecast!

  • Hi everyone

    well despite my grumps yesterday it turned out to be a nice evening cold but ok.  Did 5 miles-ran past a group of youths, had the usual sniggering then heard one of them running behind me so quick bit of thinking do,i turn round and say ' do you want to run 26miles with me in april' but no I kicked up my heels and kept running and surprise surprise my little follower gave up... boy did that feel good !!  mind slowed down again when i got out of sight though.

    So did any one else read the article in runners world magazine that says our longest run should be longer than 20miles [ gulp !] as people often struggle or hit the wall on the big day one mile before the last mile of their long run ie 19 miles then struggle to run the last six. So ideally we should .... wait for it make our longest run prob about 24 miles so if you hit the wall at 23 you only have three miles to go !!  Great, thought 20miles seemed bad enough, but think it sort of makes sense hmmmm we'll see what happens.image   pip

  • Hi Pip, yes, I was just reading that last night. My schedule actually has my longest run as 22M, but even so ... Mind you, the experts that kaffeeg(?) heard said to not go over 3:15 in training - so maybe extend your longest run by walking??????

    I don't know. My schedule does ramp up fairly quickly from week after next, so I doubt I'd be able to  make my longest any longer. I'm still counting on crowd support and adrenaline to get me over the last few miles.

  • Hi Black and Tabby   Its all so confusing, maybe we just shouldn't read any more !!


  • It is all so confusing image, we're not meant to run over 3.15 but also meant to run at least 22 miles ! I'd be looking at more like 4 hours for 22 miles.  Oh poo..... I really think I'm going to be happy to get round and learn from my mistakes this time to put towards the next time I do a marathon - if there is a next time !

    So what is the general consensus from everyone 3.15 or 22 miles ?

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