VLM 2012 first timers???



  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm 22 miles I think want to be confident [ish] I can roughly to the miles.   Love to be able to do a sprint at the finish..... but might be a bit too much to ask
  • I'm sticking to my schedule and hitting 3hrs30 as my longest run! I reckon judging my current pace of long runs this will be 19 miles ish! I read the article, it is confusing when people give totally conflicting advice. I reckon the risk of injury must increase rapidly for longer distances so I'm not risking further before the day!
    11 miles today in about 2 hours, was hoping to do negative split but running uphill with the wind in my face made the return journey a challenge! Quite stiff already so guess I will be feeling it tomorrow!
  • Evening nutters, I've rested up for the majority of this week as the legs felt niggly!!!!

    Well saying that, I dusted off the old racer and done a couple of bike rides. Went for a 6 mile run yesterday and broke my 8 minute mile duck and came home in 7 minute 45 second averages

    Gonna try an 18 mile run tomorrow, nice and flat terrain thankfully. Gonna use 2 SIS gel and 2 bags of sports beans.

    good luck to u all
  • oh and i reckon if you can do 20 miles that will be enough to get you the full distance.. maybe do two 20 milers in training

    24 miles in training my arse, thats too risky for injury in my opinion
  • Susiebuzz I'm with you and reckon the injury risk is too much of a gamble...for me at least. I'm using the Non-Runners Mara Guide and the longest run is 18. Must admit I'm still not 100% on that as 8miles extra seems a big leap come race day and was hoping to do at least 1 20 miler. For me with an injury background the main focus is getting to start fit even if that means under-trained.

    How confusing! Just going to trust my instincts as we up the mileage I think...
  • Evening you lovely people,

    did 6 miles last night and enjoyed it but i am getting pain in the ball on my foot and not to sure why, i have high arches and i think maybe i need some support for the arch, hoping to do 16 miles in morning so will see how it goes,

  • Well its decided I am going to stick to my plan   [  RunningRaRa I bought that book too, its very good] going to do 20 miles as Instructed.  Jon well done for your run ...... pretty nippy 7min 45 !!

    Only had to do 3miles tonight, but hey get this, actually did some fartleking [ I think !!] every other lampost had a bit of a sprint, enjoyed it as felt very invigorated at the end, and made my run more interesting.  Is it supposed to help with speed or stamina or both ??

    Sarnie hope your foot is ok in the morning flipping heck 16 miler tomorrow well done good luckimage


  • Sarnie, I've been getting a dull pain in the the heel of my foot and at the back. I really hope it sorts itself out and doesn't develop into something else. Maybe you should go to a running shop and see what they suggest about your high arch.

    @ philippa, I think fartlek is supposed to help with speed and stamina. It definately helps make the runs more interesting.

    I've had a bit of pain in my knee, but I'm hoping it's nothing more than a bit of a niggle which will clear up soon. I've heard an cold bath after training can help with swelling so ran myself a nice cold bath, got one foot in it and thought *$!* that I'm not getting in there ! So I soaked my feet in the cold water for 10 mins or so and then had a nice hot bath image.

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    hi all....it's all bloody confusing...i'm ditching my training plan and going with the 3 hour 15 thing. i'm hoping that it will be about 19/20 miles by then.

    over my injury...but now got a chesty cough....arrghhh. think a day off tomorrow to rest up then long run sunday.
  • Hi all  have any of you thought about doing a 20 mile event plenty around  designed to come into peoples training plans for London. May be better running with others instead of 20 miles on your own and could be good for getting use to your own pace and not pulled by others in the event.  image
  •   20 miles will be my longest run

                                                                   Enjoy your long runs this weekend image

  • Think I'll stick to my plan as much as possible (22mes as the longest run) but I'll see how it's going nearer the time. I'll need the confidence of knowing I've gone that far I reckon. Of course, may be walking some of that ....
  • My plan has 3 20 mile runs and 1 21 miles, I hope that running that distance around 4 times will get my body at least somewhat used to it.

    I'm feeling a little image today a little as things are starting to fall apart a bit. My knee is swollen, the back of my foot hurts and my feet have blisters. I'm meant to be doing 16 miles tomorrow, not sure that is going to happen. I've ordered a ice pack for my knee and I'm hoping that will help sort it out.

    Good luck with everyone else and their weekend runs x

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    rebecca image have a long soak in the bath, or something nice today to rest up - maybe you'll feel better tomorrow?
  • Rebecca, ice the knee, I've iced my calf everyday this week - for 2 or 3 hours a night whilst watching TV and its now ok. Icing really works.

    Get yourself some 1000 mile socks. I used to suffer badly from blisters to the point I used to tape my feet before running. Since I got some 1000 mile socks I have not had one blister. I'm now on my 3rd pair. They are brilliant. cost about a tenner but worth every penny

    Not sure about the foot but maybe cut down on the running next week and replace it with some hard biking. I rested this week and went out on my bike and hey presto all my niggles are gone and i went into my long weekend run feeling fresh and niggle free.

    I managed a 19 mile run this morning, only wanted to go 18 miles but had a bit left in the tank so thought id keep going a bit.

    It took me 2 hours 47 minutes, which is 8 minute 49 second mile averages so very happy as this will bring me in in the marathon in well under 4 hours which is my goal. Just another 7 miles to add on.

    Tried the SIS gels today. I think for the marathon im gonna need 6 gels to get me round. I also tried the sports beans. The beans went down well before I started running, but were more difficult to chew during the run. Gonna have a pack of beans before the run and use the gels during the run.

    Bit of old school oasis on the iPOD this morning. Singing rock and roll star at the top of my voice, i'm sure people heard me.

    hope all your runs go well today/tomorrow.
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    everyone's distances are starting to scare me bad!  I would have been up to 16 miles had I not had two weeks off.....i'm now going back a couple of weeks too, so won't be at 16 miles now for about a month.....image

    I'm hoping it will be all ok as doing my threshold training now and going to do hill training ,and doing cross training so I hope I have whole body strength and the endurance to get me round.

    This is nerve wrecking!

    Does anyone get very emotional thinking about it all???? I always cry every single time I watch the London Marathon.....i think i might be crying the whole way around!  Even if it will be wasting energy and liquids!

  • Kaffeeg and Jon eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek how are you doing these long miles already?  I am doing 10 tomorrow then 14 next Sunday.  I shall definately be in tears on the BIG DAY  cried when I did my first half marathon so If Isee someone else blubbering at the finish I will see if it's you Kaffeeg.  And Jon what's really sad is I have the theme to the London Marathon on my ipod !!!  definately recommend Queen and Bon Jovi as well , very good to run toimage


  • Sounds like you are doing great Kaffeeg.

    Phillipa, I know I'm going to be crying like a little girl. I said to my other half as soon as I see him and the kids near the finish I will bawl - I'm so blooming emotional.

    My knee has been feeling worse today, it's the same ache as when I started running which wore off as they got used to me running. I'm sure it will get better, it's just frustrating as the other half is going away for a week and I'll be strapped for sitters to get out running. So tomorrow is my chance to have a good long run before tapering it down for a week.

    I've brough a knee support which I've worn all day today. I'm going to ice and elevate it tonight and pray it is o.k for tomorrow. I'm lucky we have a cross trainer at home so after tomorrow's run I think I'll have a few days off running and get on the cross trainer - stupid knee. d

  • And seriously well done on the 19 miles Jon, you sound like your training is going great.
  • Another longest run ever for me today image 15.5 miles and I managed to run it all (which I didn't for my 14 miler!

    The icey paths actually helped as it meant I had to start a few minutes a mile slower than I would have otherwise so actually managed to do the second half of the run faster than the first and that included finishing with a fairy steep climb at the end that I managed to run up (coached myself up telling myself I'd stop at the next street light ... and oddly I believed myself!).

    I'd lost a bit of belief over the last few weeks so pleased to get 15 miles under my belt though that extra 11 really seems massive so glad we still have plenty of time.
  • Suarez jolly well done,  been driving round tonight trying to work out longer routes. Hmmmmmmm becoming slightly obsessed by this me thinksimage
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    brilliant suarez - good job! 

    philippa f - hope your knee holds out.

    I'm up, eating breakfast before i start a 10 miler - which is where i am picking up from my training after my two weeks off and one week easing back into it. got my leg taped up - forcing breakfast down me, and taking some dried apricots to eat on my way round.

     It looks cold and miserable out - can't wait to get out there!

  • Just about to have breakfast to, also doing 10 miles it looks as if its going to rain here, no idea what to wear as its cold as well.  Let me know about the apricots as i was thinking about dried fruit as well
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I did my 10 miler yesterday in prep for the big 16 next week! Tried to do my first 4mile fartlek this morning but I just couldnt quite manage it! 4 miles is better than no miles!
  • oooer don't know after reading your posts if I feel better or worse. Did 10miles Saturday ran first 5 easy then bit of a walk run mixture - calves were in agony at the end and took 2.5 hours so I am way slower than most of you.
    I think its the only way forward for me though - do the distance, run as much as I can and build it up hopefully.
    Loads of super lean runners overtook me several times but all friendly.
    Met up with my 'moonwalkers' thank goodness as they had phones and I called hubby to pick me up - couldn't face a further 3 mile walk home.
  • Hello everyone - not been on the boards for VLM until today. I am struggling a bit. This will be my second marathon - did Edinburgh in 2010(5hrs 52) in 25 degree heat. Then fell over in a sports hall and damaged my knee. Still not right but I this is my last chance to do London.

    Decided to run/walk it as my knee isn't up to running all the way. Anyone else run/walking? My motivation to get round is I'm running for Epilepsy Action as lost one of my best mates last year at age of 39. I'll be a blubbering wreck at the end!! Also going to do it fancy dress.

    Had to go buy some trail shoes yesterday as got half mile from home and nearly gone arse over tit 4 times!!
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    phillipa f - i did the apricots.....they were ok. Tummy was fine but made me want to burp!  I never burp.  And i've never eaten whilst running before so not sure if it was that or the apricots.  I was told to eat 4 every 40 minutes, but I could only manage three on the whole 1 hour 40 minute run. Third was hard to swallow, but got it down with lots of water........let me know how you get on with them!  I just hate those sports stuff - but might try them next week.

    creg - i think everyone here is at different stages, different abilities, different speeds.  I get days where I panic (like yesterday) that everyone is so far advanced to me and so much quicker.  But we all got to take it at our own pace.  We can all do it!  (I hope!!)

    Aunty Shezzie - sorrry to hear about your friend, 39 is far too young.  Fancy dress too - you are brave!  Have you decided on an outfit?  You going to practice running in it? 

  • I'm going as Minnie Mouse - hoping to test it out at Ashby 20 on 18th March. It's my 40th day before - seemed like a good idea to enter back in November image
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    haha!  Brilliant way to see in the big 4 oh!
  • Hi Aunty Shezzie

    I think I might end up a walk/runner I'm hoping that i will build up my running as am doing 3 a week and 5 much easier now. I plan my route for the mileage but I'm just not prepared to put myself under too much pressure. I don't want to overdo it and end up injured.

    Getting round is number one goal!

    hang in there everyone
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