VLM 2012 first timers???



  • Hi everyone. 1st time marathoner too. I've run quite a few half's but have been out with knee injury for 3yrs!!! What better way to get back to it than a ballot place in vlm?

    Goal is to get to start injury free and get round with no serious damage. (sensible half of brain)

    Would like to train properly and get a "respectable" time...sub-5? (competitive default half of brain which must be quashed)

    Currently trying to build foundation of running 3x a week and am managing a couple of 3 milers tentatively. Off to try my 1st parkrun in Manchester tomorrow...a 7.30 start on a Sat morn!!!

    Also got Non-Runners Marathon Guide too.  


  • Hi Running RaRa! Good luck with your training - I'm sure you'll be fine. Which Manchester Parkrun are you doing? I regularly do Heaton Park.
  • Eek, I'm getting nervous that most of you have done half marathon distance before - the furthest I have done is 7 miles and that was a couple of years ago.  At the minute I am up about 4 miles - but there is still 6 months to go - phew!

    A few folk have mentioned the Non - Marathon runners guide - I have a look on Amazon and was hoping you could tell me if it's the one by David Whitsett or the Women's one by Dawn Dais?  I would like a good book that I can use for advice etc and also to pick up when motivation is lacking! 

  • Did Heaton Park this morning and I loved it! I live in Burnley so hardly local but will definitely do it again. Amazing how much you can improve your pace under race conditions. Really welcoming, friendly atmosphere too. Spent rest of day telling everyone how brilliant park runs are. Was gobsmacked by how many runners there were too!
  • Thanks RunningRaRa!   Glad you enjoyed parkrun.  I have a couple local to me to (Falkirk and Edinburgh) and I don't go as often as should but always really enjoy it when I do make it along.  

  • Referring to my previous post I am sorry about the typo. It should of course have read ORPHANAGE!

    A 'senior moment'

    Anyone interested in helping me?

  • Hi Pam, Sorry I can't help as I have a charity spot so will be fundraising for the Scottish SPCA. Good luck though.
  • Caroluk, Thanks for replying, hope you have a good run.
  • Sorry Pam, I'm out too.  I don't have a charity spot, but am planning to raise money for a rheumatoid arthritis charity as my husband suffers from it badly.  Sounds great fun to be running with others in fancy dress though, hope you raise lots image

    Went for my long run yesterday and had a bit of a disaster!  Got lost as I was doing a new route and ended up having to get picked up by Mr TST at 10 miles - was only supposed to be doing 9 and I was still 4 miles from home when he picked me up!! image

  • Very short run for me tonight after a bad cold has knocked me out for the last week or so image   Hard going but should be able to get back into the swing of things this week.  Hopefully won't suffer any more colds - better to have one now than when the training really kicks in!

     Hope you're all staying well and injury free so far!

     TST - well done on doing 10 miles even if you did get lost!!

  • Hi everyone! i found out last week i am running the marathon for the first time! i am scared!nervous!excited! friends have laughed when i told them! not a good sign really!

    I've done a 5k & 10k, think 10k was last year but didnt do it very fast about 1hr30 so i'm not very fit!

    I am starting my training this week, planning running 3 times a week, i find it hard to get motivated living in the city, dont like people seeing me running! better get used to it tho!

    Anyone from norwich? i might join a running club, told some friends who laughed that they can help me train!

    Anyone got any tips?
  • I'm not too far from you, I'm over in Attleborough Katie, so if you fancy a run in the country you are more than welcome to come over and have a run out with me image  Definitely join a running club, there are quite a few in Norwich, as it will encourage you to get out and you will find lots of people there who will support what you are doing.  I was so scared the first time I went to my club at Wymondham, but they are so helpful and supportive that I'm really pleased I started going now.  What mean friends you have though for them to laugh at you for wanting to do the VLM image  My friends just think I'm a bit crazy for doing it, but I guess it is another thing in a list of loony stuff that I do!  Try doing the part run over near the UEA too, it might be fun to do that every 4-6 weeks for a bit of variety and to see how you are progressing image

    And remember this .......


    Let's see how much they are laughing when you cross that finish line image

  • oh yes they laughed in a you're crazy and better start training way, not mean! well if they meant it meanly they r no longer friends!;)
  • Hi Katie,

    Exciting stuff! I've only ever ran 10k do its good to have someone else in the same boat! I'm joining a local jogscotland group this week. Bit nervous but hopefully it will be good fun. Are you running for a charity or did you get a ballot spot?

    I didn't do any running this weekend but did body balance and body combat yesterday for the first time in a while and I'm paying for it today, I can barely move!
  • Hi Carol,

    I havent done any excercise for a while! life is abit caotic at the moment but training now has to be priority!

    I got a ballot place but will raise money either for Arthritis care and NACC 50/50 or possible hope for justice, i cant decide.
  • Morning all image How's it going?

    I delayed my morning run for this evening - it was pouring with rain when I woke up so I re-set my alarm and had an extra snooze lol. I'll go when I get in from work. The dog looked relieved, frankly, she hates wet weather!! 

    So - are you all telling everyone and anyone that you're doing this?! Ive been a bit undecided about telling people, I'm worried about not being able to do it for whatever reason (mostly my plantar fasciitis problems, allthough that seems to hurt whether I run or not, so I've decided to ignore it!). I've told a few close friends but thought I'd wait til New Year to go properly public. 

    Katie - I've only done 10k events too, and the last one of those was a couple of years ago! i'm unfit, overweight, and terrified image.

  • oh i'm glad i'm not the only one feeling worried!image

    I went to running club last night with a friend to start my training, did 1.5 miles to build me up gradually!

    they were really nice so my friend says we can go every monday until i'm good enough to move up from beginners image oh the fun we get ourselves into!
  • Hi folks, I am in for next year too! Anyone just starting up can definitely get to where they need to be by next year! In February I started training for my first 1/2 marathon which was in May. I had no base and between Jan and May I went from 17.5 to less than 15.5 stone. I got round in about 2 hrs 13.

    Sadly I have put a bit of the weight back on but am hoping to get down to about 14 for April next year. I am currently doing 3 or 4 runs a week with LSR up to 9 miles so far.

    I wouldn't worry too much what you have done until now, whether you have only done 5 or 10k before, it is what you do in the next six months that will dictate what you can accomplish on 22/04/2012!!!
  • Morning everyone image 

    Can't say I blame you having an extra lie in Len, running in the rain's not nice!  It was dry here, although dark when we got up to go swimming at 6am image  Had a good swim though, so it was worth hauling myself out of bed for.  Same can't be said for running club last night though where for the first time we had a bad experience image  In the end me and the friend I go with went off and did our own little interval session, but we were disappointed by the attitude of a couple of the coaches last night.

    Which club did you go to Katie?  Sounds like they have a good variety of different levels of runners there image

    Welcome along Suarez! image  And you are very right, it's where we go from here that counts rather than where we have been!

  • went to the norwich road runners at sewell park school college, everyone seemed friendly
  • Yes, I've heard of them.  Think they're quite a large club aren't they.  Glad you enjoyed it image
  • yes i think he said about 200 all together more i think on thursday nights
  • Oh, and Len, I meant to say that I've told everyone!!!! image  As soon as I found out I was in I sent out a barage of texts, posted a picture of my aceptance on Facebook and called everyone else who I either can't text or isn't on Facebook!    But then I am known for getting a bit over-excited about things

    I think that if you believe you can do it and put the training in you won't have a problem finishing.  Besides, when I did my triathlon I was amazed at how supportive everyone was from the very beginning and I would have missed that support if I'd not shouted my mouth off from the rooftops.
  • Helo Suarez! Gald to hear I'm not the only....er.....chunky runner image I must admit I am hoping to lose weight - I am doing Weight Watchers with my mum at the same time (should be fun, wrking out how many "points" I earn on a long run image).  Unless of course you're 7 foot tal, in which case you're a whippet lol.

    I have never been to a running club! They scare me. Not least because I'm run/walking at the moment, and I don't think running for 3 minutes really warrants a running club image. Besides which, I can't leave the house in the evenings untilt after half six when my husband gets home, and some evenings are taken up with my daughter's hobbies, which leaves very little time for a club anyway! I'm destined to just run with my dog. 

    Ooh TST you are brave!! I really wanted to tell everyone, but I've had a bad experience with a skydive (due to bad weather and then my ill health it had to be postponed over and over again, I still haven't done it, it's booked for June now!) so I don't want to under-achieve again. Gulp. 

  • Hi everyone!

     I'm still sore from a combat class on Sunday  image but hoping to go out for a 20min jog later and then I have yoga this evening so hopefully that will loosen me up a bit!  

    I got my confirmation email through today so that is me now officially registered, yikes!  I am surprised at how nervous/scared I feel.   I did the Edinburgh Moonwalk last year which is walking a marathon through the night but this is going to be so much harder!  

    I have told a lot of people, all the important ones anyway, so there is no backing out now!    

  • Hey Len! i was nervous about running club but actually it was good, i was in the beginners group and we did run 2 and walk 1 min which worked well there were 5 of us, then as you progress you go with the others

    We started at 7 which is also gd as friend has a son & i dont get bk from work until 6.30
  • Len, sadly not 7 foot tall as I am sure that would mean far fewer strides than will be needed for my 5 foot 11 frame!

    I know I will never have the build of a runner but I am sure that things will improve as I up my mileage. I am a bit of a "foodaholic" so the excuse to eat more when I am running and not feel guilty has been my downfall over the last 2 months or so. In that time I have built backup to running 9 mile from 4 but have put weight on!!!

    I have just downloaded "myfitness pal" on my android tab which I used to good effect at the start of the year. It allows you to record every thing you eat, with most items already in the database it allows you to check how many calories you have consumed in a day as well as the breakdown of protein/carbs etc. I have realised the idle grazing on Haagan daaz ice cream, tesco's finest cookies & other sweet treats has probably accounted for at least a stone of weight this year!!!
  • myfitness pal is great!image
  • I've not told anyone other than my partner yet!  I was so excited when I got the acceptance mag I don't know how I didn't tell people then.  But I feel like I've cursed a few events this year by telling everyone, so this time I'm taking the pressure off and keeping quiet till the last minute!

    I need to shed some weight too, think I'll check out this myfitnesspal app image

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