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  • Not that I'm sure I can run that sort of thing on my phone, but do you have to weigh everything with myfitnesspal?  I need to loose weight too, but am no good at counting calories and as generally we make everything ourselves I can't go on the calories on the packaging.  Making stuff yourself also makes it difficult to weight things as it's too much phaffing about to weigh everything you put in the dish and then divide it by the approximate amount of portions you get out of it image  The weight's gone on from where me and Mr TST have been substituting junk stuff for booze, but I have given that up now too (well, am trying my dammedest to) so hoping to start loosing some weight.  Am sure my portion sizes are too big though image
  • When I used it earlier this year it was on an Ipod touch, I now have it on android but they also have a website http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ (dont know if it is the same as the app).

    As to weighing things and making things yourself I would say it depends on how accurate you want to be. I think you will find most ingredients in there but it may be a bit fiddly to include every little thing, for example I was making vedge soup and I would just look up home made vedge soup & hope it was somewhere near the nutritional values as I made.

    It worked for me as it just made me think about what I was eating and when I fancied the extra cookie or what ever I would think that's another 2 miles!!! I intend to use it for the next month or so to try and get out of bad habits and into better ones but it will only be a guideline and I wont lose sleep over not filling it in on a busy day.
  • Portion sizes - that's my downfall for sure! image
  • New pair of shoes christened on 3miler in dark and rain tonight. Lost the floppy bits of hair that were bugging me too with a trip to hairdressers. Running happy now!
  • Well done for getting out in the dark and the rain RunningRaRa! image

    I went for my gait analysis yesterday and I'm a total neutral shoe, so that makes life easy!  It's what I've currently got, but the guy said my current shoes are knackered.  Bit like me I guess image  He said as I've not had any problems previously then I should tick with the Mizuno shoes as they obviously suit me and that I need to pay upwards of £80 (RRP) to make sure I get ones that are suitable for running marathon training distances.  So now just need to have a look about on the interwebby and see where I can get the best deal image

    Did a 5 miler yesterday - hubby dropped my part way home from our trip into Norwich to get the gait analysis done - and it nearly killed me!  It's been my first week training properly in a while and it's taking it's toll on me a little.  Three runs a week doesn't seem a lot, but I'm also doing three swims, a gymnastics class and a gym session!  It'll be tiring for the first couple of weeks, but worth it in the long run.  Have my 'drop back the mileage' week on Saturday so that will help and of course we get an extra hour in bed on Sunday! image

  • Hi everyone!

    Just found this forum and I think I'll be spending a lot of time on here leaving up to VLM 2012, cos there's some fab tips on here!  Thanks. image

    It'll be my first marathon.  I did a half in July this year and broke my foot so am only just starting training again.  Joined a gym this week to build up cardio and core strength and also joined a running club to get me motivated to go out running in the dark.

    All sounds positive, except for my addiction to Chinese takeaways...image

  • Morning!

    Congrats on new shoes TST! I love a new running shoe image I thnk my folks are going to get me some for xmas - the ones I have are fine but I'm not sure they're up to anything very long distance. Never hurts to have options, right?!

    I went out and did 30 mins of run/walk again this morning in the dark - it was lovely image I do like having the world to myself (give or take a dog walker or two). 

     RaRa - never underestimate the irritation of floppy hair - I'm sooo desperate for a haircut!! I used to have v short hair and I'm growing it - it's currently too long to be short and too short to tie back - it's driving me NUTS!! I'm *this* close to having it all chopped off again!!

  • Tst I'm so jealous of your neutral gait! At gait analysis I told them beforehand that I was an over pronator. I'm coming back from a knee injury and extensive physio. By the end they were trying to sell me physio equipment and seemed surprised I could even walk never mind run!
    Sad though I felt truly pampered with it all. Other women do handbags and manolo's...I'm made up with my £80 mizunos!
  • Hi, can anyone give me any advice on shoes? I have been really getting into minimalist/barefoot running, and my merrell barefoot trail shoes are a great success (furthest i have been on them is 7.5 miles so far). However I don't think they would be suitable for any lengthy road use, so i was wondering what road shoes to buy? I have spotted inov8 ones online, but would appreciate recommendations? I don't know but i imagine any racing flats would work??

    ta muchly

  • Respect the barefoot thing and would love to be able to go down that route. However I would suggest that if you were planning on running 26.2 on road more support MAY be required to minimise risk of injury. Best advice would be to get gait analysed and take expert advice on which shoes to choose.
  • Hi RaRa,

    thanks for your input. It would be interesting to know why you think you cannot go down that route? image
    I had a gait analysis once, and was told i pronate especially on my left leg. However it doesnt give me any problems since trying the barefoot shoes.

    The only problem i had at first was doing too much because it was so easy, and my calf muscles suffered!image

    I have tried them on tarmac and it is no different from trail use, but i was more worried about the shoes themselves! the soles are very thin and flexible and i could imagine wearing them through. . . .


    was looking at something like this http://www.inov-8.com/Products-Detail.asp?PG=PG1&L=26&PT=PT27&P=5050973192

    (hopefully the link will work?) 

  • Hello all! 

    I'm also a marathon first-timer, currently run 10 miles when I go for a 'long run' and more often than not, claim I only have time for a short one and come back after 4 or 5!  Looking forward to the challenge now, though am feeling overwhelmed by the amount of training programmes out there!  

    I didn't get a ballot place despite applying but the Downs Syndrome Association have taken me on!  Have started a blog to keep all my friends and family in the loop which explains why I am running for the DSA: www.runningforalice.wordpress.com

     Going to treat myself to a few winter running items next week...motivational hopefully!

     Beckie x

  • Max's mum, I'm returning after 3 year struggling with a knee injury. Cautious, lots of physio and have been repeatedly told I have imbalances which need correcting and seriously over pronate. Possibly not the most impartial person to lock horns with in the natural running debate!

    Like I said I seriously respect you for being successful in your barefoot running and would love to have a go myself but suspect it's not for me. However I would have concerns about the stability it provides on a hard running surface over marathon training mileages.

    I may just be the token voice of doom and gloom brought on by my own negative experience and I wish you every success. However having a gait analysis check would help you decide which way to go...as well as asking everyone and anyone that will give an opinion!

    Do like the bright ones you've spotted though...lol.
  • RaRa, well we are all different, and what a dull world it would be if we weren't!

    i realise the barefoot route is not for everyone, so no debate intended!  I have found the stabilty is not affected by tarmac, but i am worried about the robustness of the shoe really.

    cautious after a knee injury is  is the best way, good luck with any physio you have still to do. Hope all is better before April. image (i am assuming you are entered, shouldnt assume really i know!)

    hopefully someone else will give their shoe opinions too! 


  • Welcome Max's Mum image  I think that we are not really  the right people to be asking about shoes or barefoot running!  We're all first timers at the marathon distance so most of us have had to go to a runners shop for advice about what shoes to get anyway as we have no experience of what sort of shoes we would need to run the distance.  My suggestion would be to go to a good running/sports shop where they do gait analysis and ask their advice about what to get - you don't have to have an analysis done, but I've generally found that places that offer analysis tend to have experienced runners as their sales staff so you would get the advice that you need image

    How did everyone's training go over the weekend?  I badly need my new shoes to arrive as I had a lot of achiness on Saturday image  Also thought I was very slow as I was doing an 8 mile run that took only 6 minutes less than my 10 miler last week.  When I plotted it today for my training log it turns out it was 9 miles not 8, so the time seems much better!!  Last time I rely on my current SLR partner to plot the route!!  Should be running club tonight, but I'm giving a miss after the last couple of times were so awful and really I'm concerned about doing much more running in the shoes I've got as I always get problems image

  • Hi TST, I realise we are all first timers here, my only hope was that some experienced marathoners may have been reading our posts and advising! or maybe some of you may have done some other long distance with minimal shoes? 

    but thanks for your input anyway!

    I havent started training in ernest yet, but i did the great south run yesterday, so am counting that towards it! 

    there are so many traning programs, its hard to tell which one to choose, how do you pick?

  • Best thing really would be to do a seperate post Max's Mum image  I think barefoot running is still rather a minority thing so I think you'd get a much better response if you posted a seperate thread asking for advice image

    Yeah, you are right about all the plans out there, and most of them look like they are written in Chinese to me! image  I am doing a TST special training plan where I'll have a look at a few plans, ask advice from some running friends and then draw up a plan of my own image  Probably not the soundest way of doing things, but suits me right now; I can always transfer to a 'proper' plan later on.

  • i'm fairly new to leeds but have heard of it.  is it relatively close to the calverly arms? 

    Had a bit of a pants weekend running wise only managed 3 miles on saturday but spent an age in the gym yesterday and did 5 miles on the cross trainer, does this count?

  • 3x3 milers last week. 3 miles again tonight. Building a solid foundation...at least that's the intention! Slowly does it to 10k 27th Dec. Gives a slight headstart on 16week training plan in non-runners book.

    Anyone else still only on this sort of mileage?
  • I've done the odd couple of 10ks but regular runs are still only about 4 miles. 

    I'm having trouble speeding up, I only seem to have one pace (slow!) so I'm struggling with all the training plans I've been looking at which refer to 5k pace, 10k pace etc.  Has anyone got any hints or tips on ways of building up speed?? 

  • Training is coming along slowly but surely have done 4 runs a week for the last two weeks up to 5 miles on the long run . I feel fine but i am HUNGRY ALL THE TIME !!! I eat pretty well anyway but could honestly eat all day !!!

    Off out for a run tonight after work , invested in a high viz jacket reduced from 44.99 to 14.99 bargain !!! Just need some new trainers next !!!!image

  • Morning all!

    RaRa - I am still run/walking (this morning I did run 5 mins, walk 2, for 35 mins), and I'm doing that 4 times a week, slowly increasing the running. I'm coming back from injury and I have weight to lose, so I'm happy to take it slowly. I will add walk breaks to my marathon training too, I think it's the way to go for me, to keep me injury-free (I hope!!).

    I have also ordered a foam roller and a book of exercises for stretching and improving my core and stuff! Will let you know how that goes when it arrives!!

    Rachel - I'm also hungry all the time lol! And I'm doing WeightWatchers at the same time, so that's not really very helpful!! Where did you get the bargainous jacket?! I'm ok for shoes at the moment, I have a pair which are almost unworn, but I'm not sure they are right for higher mileage, so I'm getting some new ones for Christmas too. Should give me time to wear them in!

  • Len - the jacket was sports direct its a karrimor one , I got it in Pink but they did it in yellow and maybe orange !!!!
  • This will be my first London Marathon.  I did Paris in 2009 and Snowdonia at the weekend so looking forward to getting my trainers back on, once they've dried out image
  • Just wanted to say hello in this thread. This will be my first marathon so I'm really looking forward to it, and obviously pretty apprehensive too at the thought of running all that way!

    I have done some marathon training as my other half ran this year so I trained with her as much as I could, I think I only missed a couple of the longer runs, but it's still daunting.

    Unfortunately I don't know anyone else who's got in, but luckily my other half said she will train with me or come out on the bike to help me along once it gets to the bigger mileage. Not sure she'll be saying that when it's hammering down with rain image

    Will be good to keep up to date with how everyone's getting on and also get some motivation, especially in the cold, wet winter months image
  • Len 2 I got a Foam roller to help with my knee injury. Be warned the first couple of times you use it-extremely painfull! After a while though it is really therapeutic, especially after a long run when muscles tighten up.

    As for feeling hungry all the time I know what you mean! Tea last night was left-over aubergine and chick pea curry with hubby's left-over mash...
  • Morning! Ooh I'll let you know how the first go with the foam roller goes then lol! I think the postie tried to deliver it yesterday, I had a card through my letterbox. I will be picking it up tomorrow morning.

    Every time I read more about marathon training I realise there is something else I should be doing (core work, more stretching, strengthening my dodgy knee, more stretching, upper body work, swimming, more running, figuring out nutrition....). I guess its just a case of devvoting the next 6 months of my life to it, yes? I can get to know my husband and child again in May, right? image

    Hello  to Soggs and Stu ...ooh and Rebecca image I think that's everyone....

  • Morning,image

    So not only have I set myself the challenge of running the marathon but I am running for a charity and now have the challenge of trying to raise 1500 !!! ANybody else also running for  charity and got a collosal ( dont think thats how you spell it ) amount of money to raise ??????image

  • Hi Rachel,

    I'm running for the Stroke Association, but luckily got  a ballot place so haven't got  a specific amount to raise.  One of the best tips I saw for fund raising is speaking to local business and seeing if they'll sponsor you and then get in touch with the local newspapers so they can get some PR for their businesses. 

    Good luck! image

  • That's a good idea LWJ!

    I don't have a minimum for the marathon, I'm fundraising for fun, but I did do for the parachute jump I am doing in June. it was meant to be this year but it got delayed due to weather, and then I had to delay it to have an operation - it's with the Red Devils so dates are really limited. Anyway - I junk-mailed all my neighbours in a half mile radius of my home, explained what I was doing and why, and I was absolutely amazed at the response! I had people I'd never met before knocking on my door to give me money! 

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