VLM 2012 first timers???



  • Hello everyone!  For some reason I stopped getting notifications that people had posted on here image so thought it had all gone quiet.  Couldn't have been more wrong there, and too many pages to go back through.  Seems like there are quite a few of us first timers now image

    My training is coming along nicely, although I still don't have a plan!  Doing the Norwich half on 27 November, which I'd already entered before I got the VLM acceptance.  Training's been a bit sporadic for that, although I've managed to get my long run in every week.  Not expecting anything other than to finish and then it'll be time to sit down and plot out a schedule for London!  I've got too confused by all the training plans out there, so I'm just going to do my own based on increasing the mileage by 1 mile a week for three weeks and then dropping down for a recovery week on week four.  Lucky I have a couple of friends who are experienced marathoners who are going to check over my plan for me! image

  • Hi everyone! Interesting reading, everyone has their own approach and starting point...be great to see everyone at the finish line image.

    I'm up to doing run 10, walk 2 , 3 times, so it adds up to 36 mins and about 3 miles. I'm happy with that, and puts me on track to start my training plan in mid-december. That will give me a couple of spare weeks for illness and snow! image


  • Morning everyone,

    I went along to my running club last night but my usual partner wasn't there so  I decided to be brave and have a bash at the speed work session, just for something different to do.  Oh my gosh, my knees hurt this morning!  Ouch!  Think I'll stick to my slow running and just concentrate on my stamina for now. 

    I'm doing the Shakespeare 10k in Stratford on Saturday, so it'll be interesting to see if all this work I'm doing on strengthening my core has worked! image

  • Hi All,

    Just saw this thread and wanted to wish you all good luck! I was on the 2011 frist timer thread and did VLM last year for the first time and it was a truly amazing experience. I also couldn't have done it without all the support and banter from the thread and it was deja vu reading some of the posts on this one so again - all the best!

    If I can give you just one bit of advice -  don't overdo your training - no matter how good you feel as you will get injured (as happened to me - lots!!!) image

  • LJW - I'll see you there on saturday!  I'm doing the half marathon there on that day.  Wish I was wise like you though and entered for the 10k!

     kiwiscanfly - great advice thank you.

  • Hi Kafeeg, see you there!  I'll be in a Stroke Association vest and going very slowly, so you might beat me! Say hi on your way past.  Good luck with the half marathon, very brave! 
  • I now have some horrible head cold, so am forcing myself to not train until I get rid of it.  Plus being out here is making training for the next few weeks sporadic! if its not dust its snot thats stopping me at the minute! Cant wait to get back to the UK and probably get another cold due to the massive temperature drop!

     I also found out that there is a running track on the cruise ship that I will be on, not sure if all inclusive food and lots of alcohol plus running track will work out, and im sure my other half will happily sit on a sun lounger whilst i run around the running track!

  • Wow 154wint, running while on holiday - there's dedication for you!  image

    I had a bad moment this morning, I fell off the fit ball in the gym while trying to do some crunches.  Wouldn't have been so bad but I let out a bit of a yelp, so anyone who hadn't already noticed then heard and saw.  Oh dear. image

  • Thats definitely worse than me accidentally hitting the emergency stop button whilst doing speed work on a treadmill!! there were a good 6 people behind me on cross trainers that saw me do it! Im sure as I ran into the front of the treadmill they had a good giggle!
  • Ha ha, I'm glad it's not just me who does daft stuff in the gym!  Hope your cold clears up soon and you feel better.
  • Hi everyone I'd love to join you here - I'm another VLM first timer....first marathon. I alternate between terrified and excited!!

    Did GNR this year, GSR (10 miles) last year  and a fair few 10kms.  Picked up calf problems in GNR and only just getting back to running, so slowly but surely getting there!  Anyway my plan is to build back up until the end of December then follow a proper programme from end Dec until the race - I'm thinking myabe the RW sub-5hour one...??? How's everyone else getting on? image

  • I'm running VLm 2012, too! Just found out.

     I'm planning on starting training until the New Year, though.  It's not until April 22.  That almost 4 full months.

  • Hi all

    Just got back on the thread. have begun  my training after a 6 week break from running the Belin Marathon.

    They always say have at least a month off afterwards. I'm aiming for The Gloucester Marathon where I am running it just to help a coaching colleague of mine to help him nail his pacing,  and then the Bath Half, then BRING ON LONDON !!! The Berlin is another great marathon to do. The people are great and it is one of the big 5 and Berlin is such a neat city. As big a marathon as London, however I still think that London is better organised. I really like the way it is run. Especially having the 3 different starting zones.

    I haven't read back. How is everyone doing ?

  • Hi

    just read the post by kiwiscanfly 14/11/ 11 and am greatly encouraged.  Not only been totally confused with all the running plans I have downloaded, but also been flumoxed by tempo runs [ ????] speed runs etc etc basically I run if that makes sense.  So I was relieved to read that I shouldn't worry about any of these different types of running sessions. 

    many thanks for putting my mind at rest........ well sort of , still terrified though.

  • Enjoyed a half marathon at the weekend- didnt realy have a plan in mind. It was a lovely sunny day, and my legs were fresh from having been at work all day sat. Came home in 1:48- although was starting to slow by the 12th mile.

    Does anyone have any good 4 day training plans?

    think im winging it at moment= slowly inc long runs-1 session intervals- 1 tempo, and fourth run depending on day week/ what ive already done.

  • LWJ - if you hang around long enough on sat, i'm sure you will spot me - i think i'm likely to come last! good
    uck in your race.
  • Hi Siony

    It sounds as if you are used to doing the tempo runs,speed work etc. Which is fine if you are doing that regularly already. How about using your 4th run as a recovery run. No need to do much more than 4 runs a week really. Recovery runs are important as you are running when the body is in a pre-fatigued state. Because of this you actuallly activate muscle fibres that are not tired or damaged from previous more stressful sessions. The more muscle fibres you activate the better you run. Recovery runs do this. An easy recovery run doubles up as a rest day as long as it IS a RECOVERY RUN and nothing more. It can be as long and as quick as you want (2-6 miles) as long as it stays within the guide lines of what a recovery run is. IE Very Easy !!!!.

  • Hi Philippa, I'm terrified too!  When I think about the marathon my stomach starts churning!  I am very excited though. 

    Kafeeg, I came last in my one and only half marathon - the good side is the stewards cheer you on more and you get lots of support! image

  • I am a bit nervous, more so because I keep getting moved around with work which messes up my training plan. 

     I was chatting to someone at work about a sub 4 hour first marathon, and he told me the last 6 miles took him an hour!!!! that kind of scared me a bit!

     Planning on a run this afternoon but i think the combination of a really runny nose plus lots of dust out here will be interesting! maybe it wont be 11 miles.

     Cant wait to get back to the UK and go running around sherwood forest!

    How is everyone getting on in the cold weather? luckily I dont have that out here!

  • Hi all. Went out for 11.5 mile today as I am starting to  build up mileage for next year. Nice and steady and not too quick!!

    Hi again 154wint. There is a saying that says the second half of your marathon begins at the 20 mile mark, but as long as you have built up the miles you'll be fine. Remember there are going to be literally thousands of others in exactly the same position as you. Try and enjoy the run in after 20 miles.  I tell myself there is only 10k to go at this stage.The crowd support is fantastic, especially near the end. As long as your trainig goes ok , I am telling you, if you get to 20 miles, you will finish. Those that don't have not prepared properly.Unless they have become ill or whatever before, which would just be damn bad  luck, you will get around. There is alot of comraderie and support from the other runners around you and I wouldn't be surprised if you match up with others and help  each other through as well. 

  • Morning all image

    I have a question - what is everyone planning to do when the ice and snow comes? I live somewhere REALLY hilly - no such thing as a flat route, and it can be treacherous in the winter. And I hate treadmills...


  • Think positive Len, there will NOT be snow and ice this year! image  To be honest I'm not worrying about it until we get any and then I'll probably see what I can do around the town where it's not so likely to be snowy and go to the gym for the rest.  I hate treadmills too, but you have to be prepared to adapt if necessary.  Will probably do some time on the tready and some on the cross trainer - apparently it's what Paula Radcliffe uses if she can't run so there must be some benefit in using it.  Mind you I guess I'm lucky in that living in Norfolk we don't get as much snow as elsewhere so I don't need as much of a contingency plan as those of you that live in 'op north' in the cold and wet image

    Training is going well so far, did a nice steady 8 miler on Saturday and I've got the Norwich half on Sunday so will be a good benchmark of where I am now image

  • I was supposed to be out on Saturday for 11.5 miles but a big blister on my toe (that had started to fill with blood) and a slightly sore shin/calf had me paranoid. Sat there with my foot up and bags of frozen vedge wrapped around my leg and decided this far out it was not worth tempting a serious injury so just did a very easy 5m jog to retrieve my car on Sunday morning. Thinking of joining a gym this week to do something different to just running outside as weight wont fall and wary of picking up injuries impact of 4 or 5 days running a week for the next 6 months.
  • I heard that you only need to go out for a long run at the weekend. Maybe one or two other days for speed work or cross-training. Any opinions on this? I haven't even started training yet. But then again, I'm not looking to set the world alight with a fast time. Anything around 4.15hrs is fine.
  • Len i am doing absolutely loads on the treadmill at the minute as i am out in afghanistan and its really horribly dusty if i get chance to run outside.  I hate treadmills also but have found if i listen to music on my ipod but watch the darts or football on the telly at the same time and cover up the time its bearable lol! when i first started even 10 minutes and i would be bored, but as i have increased the time, now half an hour feels more like 10 minutes and i did an hour and 20 on the treadmill the other week and ok i was a bit bored but not as bad as i thought it would be. image heres hoping that puts your mind at ease a little bit lol.  I cannot wait to get back to the UK and run up a hill though!
  • jdw2000 wrote (see)
    I heard that you only need to go out for a long run at the weekend. Maybe one or two other days for speed work or cross-training. Any opinions on this? I haven't even started training yet. But then again, I'm not looking to set the world alight with a fast time. Anything around 4.15hrs is fine.
    I'm only doing one long run a week, on a Saturday, then one night with my running club and if I can fit it in then I do another session in the week.  I also cross train at swimming three times a week and gymnastics once a week image  I've never known it to be recommended to do more than one long run a week, but how many other run sessions you do seems to vary although generaly it seems to be recommended to do 2 on top of your long run.   I don't know how long you've been running or what distance you normally do, but I'm guessing you're fairly nifty if you're aiming for 4:15 and you haven't even started training yet!!  I reckon most of us on this thread would think 4:15 is very fast! image
  • Len - I'm going to get some of those things that you clip onto the bottom of your shoes to give you more grip. I have a pair of trail shoes as well which have more grip, so hopefully it'll be okay. I did run in the snow last year which was exciting, but also very beautiful and peaceful.

     Two stroke tart - sounds like training's going well - good luck with the HM on Sunday!

    Suarez-7 blood filled blisters sound horrible. Hope it heals up soon.

    JDW2000 yes, just 1 ever-increasing long run a week. If its your first marathon the you don't need to work on speed etc too  much, so the rest can be easy / recovery runs with maybe just 1 faster run. IMO

    154wint - well done on using the treadmill so much. I've heard distraction is definitely the key! I've only been on a treadmill to have my gait analysed, and I nearly fell off then! 

    Had a 10K race yesterday, kept telling myself it was my last chance to go FAST as it will all be slow from here-on-in. Got a shiney new PB and cracked 60 mins for the first time. Happy happy happy! image

  • LWJ - how did your 10k go on Saturday?  I tried to look out for you but could not spot you.  My half marathon went pretty well - I wasn't last! whoooooppp!  About 10th from last - but considering it was quite a professional race (didn't everyone look like elite atheletes?!) and I knocked off nearly 7 minutes from my half marathon I did 6 weeks ago - I was pretty pleased! 

    AND two guys (I'm female - so I should be slower!) came up to me at the end to congratulate me on my run saying that they used me as a pace maker as I was steady throughout the race until the last three miles where I started to speed up and lost them.  So I was really proud!! 

    So glad I've now run two half marathons - it makes me feel that running a marathon is not a completely unrealistic thing for me to do! 

  • Hi Kaffeeg, well done!!!!  Brilliant news on the time, you must be over the moon. image

    The 10k went okay.  I knocked 3 minutes off my previous time but crossed the line at the same time as the half marathon winner - shows how far I've got to go! image

    There were definitely more elites than normal people!!

    Sorry, you wouldn't have spotted me cos I managed to shrink my Stroke Association vest in the wash so I was just in my normal running gear.  

    I definitely need to do a half sooner rather than later, I'm still not feeling too confident about the marathon and from what you've said, it sounds like a good confidence booster. 

  • Well done LWJ and Kaffeeg image
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