Aldi's sports bra

I need a new running bra as my old Shock Absorber one has now fallen apart.  Money is very tight and I don't have £40+ to spend on a Shock Absorber but I saw that Aldi have got sports bras in from Thursday.  See here 

It says they are suitable for high impact sport, and I wondered if any ladies had used them for running.  Preferably ladies with big boobs, as that's what I have. 


  • Not familiar with that one but sports bras I don't like to skimp on.  You don't want them by your knees in a few years time do you...

    Have you looked on ebay?  Many wholesalers sell Shockabsorbers via ebay a lot cheaper than shop prices and if you had one before you'll know what size you need to no risk in it not fitting.

  • Ooo, hadn't thought of that Nam!  Just had a quick look and you can pick them up cheaper than the Aldi one image

    Better go through the Shock Absorber site though and see what all those 'B' numbers mean though!  Am guessing they are to do with the style or support category. 

  • I think they are just their style numbers.

    I've got an Infinity-8 and it's lush.  Bought much cheaper on Fleabay. image

    other websites where you can get good choice of reasonably priced sports bras are "Less Bounce" and "Boobydoo".  Just google them. image

  • I just found the Boobydoo one and was reading the reviews!  Seems the 109 works well for runners, so I will try one of those from e-bay at £4.99 image 

    Thanks Nam, don't know why I didn't think of looking on e-bay image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    The one thing I'll never scrimp on is my sports bras. I've used bravissimo and boobydoo before and been very happy.
  • It's not a case of wanting to scrimp Emmy, but I only have a very limited budget right now so it's a case of getting the best I can afford with what I have image
  • sell shock absorber bras (same as sold in Next etc for £30 - £40) but they sell them for £20 and free P&P so a good cheap price
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