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I have done 2 marathons in the last 6 months (Rotterdam and just completed the Liverpool Marathon). I have been applying for London for the last 5 years but as imagined due to the volume of applicants finding it hard to get in, I know I am capable of the qualifying time and have seen the list (as below) for the top 10 marathons, tho noticed this list is from 2002. Probably as with most runners I find it much easier with a large crowd support. I was just wondering from experience wise what are the best UK/European marathons with good crowd support which people have done, as mentioned keep seeing this below all over the internet though it is nearly 10 years old


1. London Marathon, April
2. Berlin Marathon, September
3= New York City Marathon, November
3= Chicago Marathon, October
5. Boston Marathon, April
6. Stockholm Marathon, June
7. Rotterdam Marathon, April
8. Paris Marathon, April
9. Honolulu Marathon, December
10. Amsterdam Marathon, October


  • Berlin had fantastic support. I liked it better than London!

    You might also want to look at midsize city races as well as the really big ones, on the basis that a yell of encouragement to you specifically will boost performance more than just a background of incoherent screaming (and also there will be room to overtake people!). Most marathons big enough to come under this heading will have online videos of previous years' races, as well as reviews on

    e.g. Eindhoven used to be good even though there were only of the order of 1500 runners, because they put bands / disco sheds round the course, printed your name under your number, and the stretch through the town centre had the crowds really close, not unlike the TdF, but because there was enough room they could and would shout out to each runner by name! Sadly the route got changed this year - not as nice now.
  • Fido2Dogs wrote (see)
      a yell of encouragement to you specifically will boost performance more than just a background of incoherent screaming

    Very good point, I love London,the whole wall of sound thing, but it is a bit overwhelming at times.  A "personal" encouragement can go a long way. 

  • Cologne is great, it's as if the whole city comes out to lend support.
  • Chester had names on your bib number - It was good to have a personal supportive shout miles away from the start line off random people in their gardens
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    same as Dean101 I was doing Chester and the crowds would call you by name in each of the villages this has got to be the best marathon in the North
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