Woman "runs" marathon when 39 weeks pregnant



  • Mrs WA ran throughout 2 pregnancies right to the last day.. She did a comfortable 3:40  in london @ 18 weeks pregnant on one occasion. In the last few weeks she was doing 6 ish miles a day on a treadmill. A consultant she saw at one point, one who saw various 'proper' athletes privately described her 70 mile per week schedule as 'light' and told us it would do her good

    Still, I don't think an actually marathon @ 39 weeks compared to 6 on a treadie is risking it a bit.

  • I’m glad someone on here as added the bit about her being a seasoned marathon runner, because this is a typical media sensationalist story – she did take medical advice before she ran, and she was actually a couple of hours outside her 4 hour PB. AND despite being 38 weeks pregnant she still finished some 19 minutes in front of her husband who presumably was not 38 weeks pregnant. She had trained at some level throughout her pregnancy and I know  a lot of people do take  6 odd hours to negotiate a marathon course, but to be over 2 hours outside of her pb suggests that she walked or jogged very slowly round the course.  So where is the difference between what she did and spending the day walking around a zoo or shopping centre or whatever.  Her achievement is running a marathon at that stage of her pregnancy not running a marathon in 6 odd hours!!


     As far as medical help, the guy who collapsed 500 metres from the finish and died received medical attention very quickly – alright you could say that hers wasn’t a medical emergency but then pregnancy isn’t a medical condition.  If she took medical help away from people with blisters or joggers nipple then not really a medical emergence either.


    My rant now over – good luck to her, the new addition to the family and to the rest of them – (and perhaps it might motivate her husband to train properly in future other wise he will be known as the man who got beaten by a 38 week pregnant woman!!)

  • if you exerc ise pre pregnacy then it is fine to carry on after.............she was obviously fit enough to do ity and took medical advice..............

    It is very difficult to damage a healthy grown baby isn't it........

    I think more damaging is probably the number of women who carry on working in stressful jobs ( aren't most of them nowadays) right up to the date..............stress I think is more dangerous that run/walking as she has obviously kept doing...................

    if you already have a toddler with another in school.............then right up to the date you are walking the children back and to school a few times a day...running around after the toddler .picking then up and carrying them..........playing games..............having toddlers jumping on your belly when you are sleeping.........

    i think a marathon as an easy pace would be easier..........

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I was discussing this with a friend of mine who ran every day up to the birth (normally around 10miles) and she said it relaxed the baby and her by doing so. Not too sure about that as i've never had children but she swore by a gentle run every day to keep away some of her pregnancy niggles.

    My sister in law could barely tie her shoes let alone run when she was pregnant - I guess it's how your body works!

  • I think perhaps I have major trouble empathising with this one is because I was in the 'barely tie shoe-laces' camp and had 2 deliveries that required surgical intervention.
  • Well I'm just in awe of this woman!!! How incredible! Without turning the thread all preggy I could hardly walk at 39 wks...as far as running is concerned I'm training for 1st mara (vlm) and can't even contemplate the distance yet. Superwoman or what?

    Never mind the risks though...she's making all other pregnant women look like lazy wotnots. My running stopped 5 secs after pregnancy was confirmed and I concentrated all efforts on marathon cream cake eating (calcium..)!!!

  • Here's a first;

    I have absolutely no idea if this woman was posing a risk either to her baby or herself by running then walking a marathon at 39 weeks pregnant. I am not a woman who has ever been pregnant and a runner. A midwife or a gynaecologist.

    Any opinion I voice would be based on supposition and ignorance.

    I believe 90%  of discussions on this forum can be answered like this.

    Except those concerning squirrels

    They are vermin and look sneaky.

  • Her husband needs to do some training.........what an embarrasment for him!- You'd think she'd have slowed down for him, obviously still feeling a bit competitive!- perhaps they had a serious bet on the result.....like who gets up in the night to change the new sprog?
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