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  • Same as just finish would be my goal image and then find Cake for post outlaw gunniess and rum imageimage
  • Hi Folks, Unfortunately I can't make Outlaw next year as I'm doing IM Austria which is the same day. However I'm also planning on following Fink so can I join too please, pretty pleaseimage

    IM Austria will be Number 3 for me with IM Switzerland in 2009 and a 2 hour improvement at IM Regensburg earlier this year. Right, I'm off to read back from the beginning to see what I missed.

  • Is there any HIM's in mids area May/June?
  • Cowman but I think thats July time

    Some of the late July events may move date tho to avoid Olympic clashes
  • Hi Orca image
  • Thanks M...eldy I think most up in Mids are July August Sept image
  • Ah, all caught up now.
    I would reiterate what Henny said. 30 weeks is a long time so don't be too gung ho on the training just now as the last 10 weeks before the IM is when the volume really goes up with Fink, and the last thing you want is to be facing 5 or 6 hour bike rides in May being mentally shot to hell.

    I burnt myself out completely on my first IM. I met my goals for the race but I didn't enjoy the journey. Little Ninja was 100% correct in saying that it really is about the journey. I ended up taking most of the 2010 season off despite being fitter than I'd ever been but came back last year full of vigor and had a great race. I followed Fink's tip of training early mornings. Worked a treat for me even though I hated climbing out of the bed.

    At the moment, I'm swimming with my masters club and doing some "Insanity" and "P90X" workouts just to get a break from running and biking. I'm doing a little mountain biking and that's it. I'll start some very easy running and biking in another couple of weeks before starting the Fink plan. I'll probably go 2 weeks early so will start on the 21st of November.

  • Great thread and great advice.  At the moment it's just finish for me, although saying that, once the training gets really going I will no doubt put some silly time in my head to get round in. image 
  • MOFO

    how about just finnish, but add sesions / inc volume of the long bike / run sessions if you are feeling good.

    (it really depends onthe time available as well as your current level of fitness.......image)

    ps this is now the official newbie / general IM training thread for 2012!

  • I'll take the lot of yer on! Come on!!!! image

    12 hours or bust. Similar time goals to FF but I don't think I can do a 5.50hr bike and then a 4hr mara, so that might be 4.15-4.30 realistically.
  • goal time..??

    Yay!  - puts stake in the sand!   image

    1:10, 5:30, 3:30 + t1+t2... oh bugger thats 10:15ish!!!!

    sub 10 sounds a great target but I don't think thats acheivable this year.......

  • To finish in one piece having enjoyed the day....image....oh and like ST have a post race pint with Cake......image...your round ST..image
  • ffs   look at the time    i just spent nearly 2 hours catch up reading and looking gordo at links from OC - the internet is a time thief.  

    FF - they would be great improvements in your previous times - is your nutrition of the amphet variety image

    my goal times are not so grand - i suppose a 90 minute swim would be pushing it unless i get some lessons or join masters, my vit bike split was 2.46 so maybe a 6 hour split ? surely is going to take longer than twice as long? and a run split of 5 hours i would be over the moon but 5.5 to 6 is more realistic i think, so that leaves a 12.5 to 14 with t1 and t2 which is quite a  large time frame but ive posted it now so i better do it . at the end of the day if i finish under 15 i will be happy, if i dont i will look at it as getting value for money image

    im not starting fink atm as i got rutland mara still to come so am leaving biking on a back burner for a few more weeks - still doing a bit of turbo, time permitting, and i dont really want to drop my training hours that much or OC will catch me up image

    hope to see cake at worksop hallween half - any other pirates doing it? or rutland for that matter?

  • DK what is your standalone marathon time?
  • At Henley my marathon time was 4:23 which was split into 2:07 and 2:16 - no real slowing in pace based on my garmin data but in the first two loops I had my own water bottle and stopped at aid stations only twice for coke, think I stopped probably six times in the second half. So I hope in Roth to do roughly the same/a little quicker over the marathon. My main Roth aim is 6:30ish bike leg, if possible! image
  • Meldy. Doing my first on Nov 6th. My half time is 1.50
  • I think you should be well capable of a sub 5 marathon given that half time,  Rutland wont be a best time as its a bit off road & undulating but given the right training i'll go with a sub 5 at Outlaw    image
  • thanks meldy, its just hard to predict an unknown, i thought that when i did the vit my half time would be alot worse than what is was - i did the run in just under 2 hours - only 10 minutes longer than a standalone but when i do outlaw i figured that biking 112 mile is going to make more of an impact on my time. I have also look at race time predicters and I seem to be below the average on race time degradation, my 10k time is around 47 minutes which says at an 8% degradation i should be able to do a half in 1.45 (which i cant ) and a mara in 3.42 which is nowhere near, from these stats i assume i need a lot more muscular endurance or that im more suited to shorter distances. Either way it aint going to stop me enjoying it and appreciating that last year i couldnt even run down the street image
  • 112 wont make that much of an impact on time unless of course you have only trained up to half distance image

    You are still relatively 'new' to the game which in theory could mean that with wise training you will harvest some good times, I suspect that your marathon time at Outlaw will be closer to 4.30 as long as you train smart
  • Completely "off topic", but I have just spent half an hour trying to get Stone Roses tickets, only to realise that it's the same weekend as Outlaw.

    What a numpty, good job I didn't part with any cash image

  • I too am going to follow the FINK program. What do people think about what program to follow? Did a Marathon this year, olympic tri's in the past and a few 100mile + rides over recent years. Hiwever havent done much cycling and swimming in the last year as concentrated on the marathon.

    Spent the last 6 weeks getting up to speed on the bike and in the pool and going to carry on doing all three regularly over the coming months. Was thinking of going for the competitive but with a busy work life am thinking of the intermediate. What are peoples opinions? My ego is having trouble not taking on the competitive program lol!

  • I had similar problems last year in deciding which one to go with. In the end I bit the bullet and went with competitive but I have to confess, I'd say I only got about 80% of weeks 15 to 25 in but made sure I hit the key sessions. It worked OK for me.

    My stake in ths sand. Well I blew my targets completely out of the water this year so I'd be delighted with the same swim and the same run but I'm doing Austria and the bike is supposed to be pretty fast and I'm hoping with some good consistent bike training to get the bike to about 6 hours. I mightn't get anywhere near it but "Aim for the stars" and all that good stuff!

  • I would start with the beginner one and move up if you are coping with the training and recovery, its much easier on the mind than starting with the Competitive and having to drop down
  • Just wondering - when is 30 weeks away from the Outlaw? Just wondering that is all image
  • Etched on most peoples calendars!!
  • Whichever programme people start on, it'll feel pretty easy at first.  It won't feel like IM training.  If you're a runner the runs will be easy; if you're a biker the bikes will be piffling.  But you'll be getting used to doing two workouts on some days, and getting into a rhythm and before long you'll be well into it and it'll be getting more challenging.

    Orca - sub 6 - GO FOR IT!!! image

  • AH - re your last post - do you think there would be any point in me dropping training to such a relatively low level in the first few weeks considering I alrdy train 12 + hours a week and do 2 or 3 workouts a day . My thinkingg is just keep doing what I am until the fink program calls for more . I am thinking of the competitive plan because I feel that the intermediate is only s little more than I'm doing now
  • THE BOOK has arrived in the post today so I shall be having a little read this evening and see what this Fink is all about.  I have a pal entered into this too and keep on at him about turbo through the winter.....he is now looking for a turbo and think he got a shock at the price on Wiggle, bless him.  Sooooo, if anyone has an old magnetic turbo they fancy selling off, please let me know. image  I am determined that this pal will train properly this time and not pass out at the finish like he did at the Vit, spoilt my drinking time. image
  • Doner Kebab wrote (see)
    AH - re your last post - do you think there would be any point in me dropping training to such a relatively low level in the first few weeks considering I alrdy train 12 + hours a week and do 2 or 3 workouts a day .

    DK - it depends if your really looking to follow the programme or just fit it into your current schedule....Fink sells it as training for people on a time budget...if your able to train three times a day then this is not you....there are loads of programmes out there maybe they wouls suit you better?

    I work awful shifts so i have to take my training where i can get it. So i use the book as a guide...but my main aim is to cover the three long sessions and everything else is a bonus for me

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