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  • imageimage But would still be good to see you in a relay.

    Silver Trucker wrote (see)
    Same as just finish would be my goal image and then find Cake for post outlaw gunniess and rum imageimage

    image I will be easy to find feller. Word of caution the bar at the finesh line doesn't have guinniess on draft annoying but there are always ways and all that.

    Doner Kebab wrote (see)

     hope to see cake at worksop hallween half - any other pirates doing it? or rutland for that matter?

    image I'm afraid I've had to drop out of worksop as well because of stuff on. Not doing to great with races at the moment. I might pop down anyway on the bike to the start line depending on if got the time and if I have to go somewhere else or not. It's slightly annoying. Are you local to the area? If yes happy to meet up in the peaks some time and say hello on a bike.

  • Not on Draft!!!! That's it I'm doing UKIM imageimage
  • Orca - hmmm - I know what you mean. But  prob best not to even think about it all at the mo.

    I'm determined to be mentally fresh and am not going to do IM training until after Christmas. i've got a base and I'm maintaining it at the mo (except swimming) so at the mo if ever I get a 'that would be good IM training' type thought I shove it away.  Meanwhile have instead decided to work on my running a bit, speed in particular. So it's feeling quite wierd to go out and do a threshold run or some hill work or something which seems really short - but gratifyingly hard. It'll help IM a bit but the main thing is it's still training but is completely diff to IM stuff.  I did the Grim duathlon yesterday, am goign to give a local 10 miler a bash in a couple of weeks and may do the Grim 9 miler in Dec just because it's completely different. And just a bit stupid.

    Orca you're a great swimmer so it's not going to kill you not to swim for a bit. Give yourself a break! (might give me a chance to catch up with you, too image)

  • A quiet week for me last week, 5 hours, 3 swims, 2 bikes and just 1 run, nothing longer than an hour. 

    When I checked back the previous 5 weeks had all been about 7 hours, so that seemed about right !!

  • Also Orca, if, when the Time To Train arrives - or during the training - you feel demotivated, just remember how brilliant Regensburg was before, during and after and that to feel that good again, you've got to train.And if you DO train, you'll feel fab again and it will all be MARvellous!

  • Thanks Hen for the motivation. I think the secret to Ironman motivation is to keep AH on speed dial image

    I start back running this week, first time in 6 weeks. Rather scary! Just planning 2-3 easy runs this week to reintroduce the concept to the body.

    Decided to try something new so have signed up with local sub aqua club as I've wanted to get my diving licence for ages. Yay! Another sport I can spend a small (or not so small) fortune on. However I was a bit worried about the medical as I do have mild asthma but the doctor passed me so very happy about that. Last week was my first night of training. I'd forgotten what it was like to be cold in a pool!

  • OK. I'm in!

    I have caught up on the posts to date, already learnt loads. The volume is my main concern. I work a 10 day shift pattern which obviously doesn't match weekly schedules, but I'll adapt. Will be ordering FINK for November bedside reading and inspiration.

    I'm doing Dublin marathon this weekend so had planned a few weeks recovery to forget any training plan for a while. It  will be the cycling that I need to put in most effort. Hope to include some training by regular cycle commuting (when the spring comes!) This will be my first (and last?) go at the full distance with 2 HIM in the last 3 years. I think I'm capable of <15hrs but finishing will be great.

     I had thought that I'd wait and stick closely to a 20 week plan, as I know it will get difficult to maintain the enthusiasm. Luckily , as pointed out earlier in this thread, being my first attempt I have the fear factor to push me out the door! Having found this thread I'll go with the 5 Dec start date to start the "journey".

    Have thought about Marazion Miiddle distance as a "warm up". A sea swim, so not quite the same as Outlaw, but will give some "race day" confidence. Not sure when entry opens.

    Can't promise to post too frequently, but I'll catch up.

  • Are you another member from the Shire, Floreat? image
  • Good Luck in Dublin Floreat. I had a great race there last year setting a 20 minute PB but we had super conditions and great crowd support. Hope you have the same on Monday.
  • Welcome aboard Floreat.

    A lot of runners recommend a 10 day or 2 week cycle.

  • I'm renaming AH as Mother Hen for all the parental style advice she is handing out on this thread...image
  • ok first day of the Fink plan, it feels totally different to think in time, not miles, it's gonna take some getting used to.

    OC - About junk miles, I junk mile every day, I power walk at work between 7 and 9 miles a day and don't count it as training, it's just my basic aerobic fitness. I plan to carry on as a little bit extra isn't going to hurt. So if you bike to work regulary then why change?image

    Cat- I did a marathon 2 weeks ago, although it would be nice to keep the distance up, I am really fed up of just running. I reckon if I plan in a 13 mile run every other week or so, until the Fink plan catches up, then that and the bike training should still keep me up there. (I am doing Stamford 30k race in Feb) so fingers crossed.

  • What does everyone like about the Fink plan? There are so many plans out there it's hard to choose, and after a 70.3 of which I had 3 colds over 5 months, I realise the downside to overtraining and not properly resting on my rest day.

    I read an interesting article about minimalist IM training, that it's the quality of the sessions and not necessarily the hours. Yes, one long run and cycle per work, but other sessions take in less mileage, with an average weekly total of no more than 13 hours per week. 

    Anyone know of, or has tried these types of plans?

  • I believe I only averaged 11 hours a week on my first one and still ended up completely over trained.
    Fink's Intermediate plan only has that much in the peak phase of the Intermediate program. An average weekly total of 13 hours a week can add up to a lot of training!

    Just Finish Program
    Base Phase – Just Finish Program – Weeks 1 to 10
    Begins with 3 hours a week, concludes with almost 7 hours a week
    Averages about 5 hours a week 

    Build Phase – Just Finish Program - Weeks 11-20
    Begins with around 7 hours a week, concludes with about 9 hours a week
    Averages about 8 hours a week 

    Peak Phase – Just Finish Program - Weeks 21-30
    Begins with around 10 hours a week and remains at that for 8 weeks
    Averages about 9 hours a week 

    Intermediate Program
    Base Phase – Intermediate Program – Weeks 1 to 10
    Begins with 6 hours a week, concludes with 11 hours a week
    Averages about 8.5 hours a week 

    Build Phase – Intermediate Program - Weeks 11-20
    Begins with around 11 hours a week, concludes with about 12.5 hours a week
    Averages about 11.5 hours a week 

    Peak Phase – Intermediate Program - Weeks 21-30
    Begins with around 13 hours a week and peaks at 15 hours a week
    Averages about 13 hours a week 

    Competitive Program
    Base Phase – Competitive Program – Weeks 1 to 10
    Begins with 6 hours a week, concludes with 11 hours a week
    Averages about 8.5 hours a week 

    Build Phase – Competitive Program  - Weeks 11-20
    Begins with around 12 hours a week, concludes with about 16 hours a week
    Averages about 13 hours a week 

    Peak Phase – Competitive Program - Weeks 21-30
    Begins with around 16 hours a week and peaks at 20 hours a week
    Averages about 15 hours a week

  • Orca-good weather and a PB would be perfect!.

    Frodo-I lived there as a lad and follow the Town.....real football!

    Last long run of marathon plan today a quick 10 miler.

  • A proper Monner then, Floreat image
    My other half is also an avid Town fan (used to play for the Blue and Amber away supporters too), fingers crossed for a straight promotion campaign this year - couldn't stand yet another heartbreaking near miss/Wembley trip!

    Good luck in Dublin image
  • Flat Foo.ted wrote (see)
    I'm renaming AH as Mother Hen for all the parental style advice she is handing out on this thread...image
    You mean I'm bossing everyone around???image

    Oh yes you reminded me:  go to bed nice and early because sleep is your friend.image
  • Btw Postie, are you doing Outlaw? Seems very early to be starting Fink.

    Oh hang on, did you say you were planning to repeat the first few weeks to just get your body used to that kind of training?

  • Hi all I'm now on week two of fink plan and will repeat first three weeks till start 5th Dec just trying to get myself used to following a plan. I'm also finding it hard training to time instead of distance. So this is what I'm trying, 1) keeping to training zones 2) training to the times 3) still having a distance to target. Ok what I mean is that priority is to keep to the HR zones and close to the training times as possible ( I used to go for 5k runs but feel good so carry on for 10-15 or even 20k) but also have a distance in mind to cover ( most of my runs I know the mileage for so hard not to think about distance) but if HR slows me down or time runs out then not to worry about mileage. Does that make sense cause I've confused myself image
  • I'm worried that I'm going to struggle to get back into training. Since the Vitruvian I've only done one run/swim session with the Frome Tri Club and spent the rest of the time sitting on the sofa eating junk...
  • Trucker - makes sense to me!  Top idea to get used to the time thing if that's what you think you'll do for real when it all starts.  It's so easy when you're feeling good and fresh at the beginning of the programme to do more than the programme says. And, as we've all discussed, sometimes that's ok. But it can be a danger i so it's good to develop the discipline. Slowly, slowly catchee monkey etc. image
  • Artful Hen, that's my point I'm gonna stick with the time training I'm not going to do what I used to and do more when I don't need to image I think the mileage thing will drop of as time goes by and I'll just do HR zones and train to time. image
  • Orca wrote (see)

    Btw Postie, are you doing Outlaw? Seems very early to be starting Fink.

    Oh hang on, did you say you were planning to repeat the first few weeks to just get your body used to that kind of training?

    I am doing the bike leg of a relay team at Outlaw ( then Vit in Sept), I just want to train to IM standard just to prove to myself  that I could do it.... if I wanted to and also lose some of the weight I have put on by being very lax about my training!. The reason I am not entering solo, is, I have had enough of running marathons, in particular,the marathon route of Outlaw(did it last year and had a really cr*ppy time of it). It also means I will get to see the OH finish(he's a tad quicker than me) .

    I am planning to repeat the first few weeks of Fink until the D day.

  • Ah OK, I understand now. I don't think it's something I could do though as I don't think I could put myself through the IM training without having an IM race at the end of it. But I get where you're coming from.

    Mofo, I've been feeling the same way. I've just been swimming, eating, putting on weight etc etc. I start IM training on November 21st (giving myself a 2 week cushion to account for work and life getting in the way during the 30 week training cycle) so over the next four weeks, I'm easing myself into it, improving my diet, starting to fit in one run and cycle a week, bring it up to 2 a week by the time training starts. Like OC says, it gets to the point where you just have to bite the bullet.

  • Orca wrote (see)

    Quick question for those who have done multiple IMs. How do you get the motivation back year after year. I'm not scheduled to start training properly for another month and am just ticking over at the moment but even at that, I'm struggling with motivation.

    well...  year 3 hits and here we go again. 
    I had a month off, and now I am raring to go.....  3 reasons I think

    • I found entering a hard, early race is motivating!!!! ie I am racing 6 weeks ahead of Outlaw.... and its harder image  that concentrates the mind a little....
    • I struggled last year, and ended up getting a coach - now someone tells me to do and its all a bit easier to get going
    • The thing I am missing is having a life..... image
      It was nice not getting up early
      I was supposed to start painting the house but oops.  Training is way more prefereble to DIY
  • hey people...for those of you that are unsure about HR zones and especially base i was last year...he's a good simple article on why low HR training is the right thing to do...i'm following the maffetone method right now till December to build a proper maybe if your itching to get going this is a place to start rather than repeating weeks of the other bit of patient...i promise if you start now all guns blazing you'll be sick to death of it come may...and you'll miss your peak or peak to early.

    anyway...Base training
  • Thanks Andy, thats a very good article.  Not sure about his calculation for aerobic training zone though.  Sounds a bit simplified. But I'm sold on the endurance base philosophy.

  • well if you look up maffetone method there is a whole book on it...and it uses that calculation.
    its not the simplification i'm struggling with...its the low HR...i'm based on that calculation my max HR should be 139.....and i'm just about able to keep it in that running down hill...but flat it rises a little above it...and i have to walk up hills.
    It makes for an easy workout image but it supposed to get more stable at faster speeds as you go on.
    Just an idea for something to do while you wait for December the 5th!!
  • Hmmm - I'm 53 so I'd have to train at 127 or 132 if I add of 5 for age being nearly 55.  Parker's compleat idiot calculation gives me a training zone at 70% of 142 and even that is hard to keep down.
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