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  • JEvaNs I got a good deal on mine it's only a Raliegh airlite 100 but it does the job image was £300 image well worth investment I think. May even give you a confidence boost imageimage If you have been a good girl Santa might get you one image
  • Hi Guys,

    Just lurking at the mo, going on holiday this week so will order the book when i come back but can you explain something for me please ?

    on the 'just finish' program the swims are listed as #18 and #19 , are the breakdown for these in the book or can anyone give me a hint as to what it means until the book arrives ...?


  • Yep all swim sets are set out in the book, but unless you are an ex Olympic swim star I think most wont be able to finish them in the allotted time. I never used them to be honest.
  • On the swimming side of things, I was planning on just going to go to my tri club session once or twice a week as they do structured sessions and it would save me trying to work out what all the sessions in the book want me to do...! And in Spring I'm going to swim in the river at least once a week image
  • JEvans, I am planning the same thing.  The club swim twice a week and one is endurance in the 50m pool and one technique so I shall be sticking with those session and if I have time for one of my own, then I will chuck one in.  I am not that great at working out for myself what I should be doing....even when I do read books. imageimage
  • Here you go Adbru

    #18. 200 warmup, 8x50 drills, 5x100 (with 20 sec rest at wall inbetween), 8x50 drills, 100 cool down.

    #19. 200 wu, 8x50 dr, 4x125 @20 sec, 8x50 drills, 100 cd.

    Hope that helps! image

    mmmm, really do need to get out on my road bike and try it out properly now my marathon is over. But like Jevans.... I really don't like going fast on my bike, nor riding on roads! 

  • I seem to be confused. I didn't think there was an alotted time for swimming? There is an assumed hour on the totals per session, but the plan just says 'SWIM'.

    I must admit, I'm bored of 2 sets of drills already. I'm going to get swim coaching and see what they recommend, and join a tri club for similar.

  • Thats the point of the Fink plan Cat it's all timed, as i said in an earlier post the swim sets are near on impossbile to complete in the hour and you either do what you can in the time or finish the set however long it takes...which for me is a rather long time.
  • I could never follow such a training schedule to the letter, and I'm sure that isn't the point.  I enjoyed the book and not for one minute do I t doubt the authenticity of its claims or the experience or sincerity of the author. 

    However, everyone has different lifesyles and pressures and to attempt to follow each and every step becomes a chore in itself.  I intend following the essence of the intermediate schedule, keeping within the increments in overall 'volume' and stepping up in intensity and duration as advised.  What i actually achieve within my sessions is down to whatever my clubs are doing on the day.

    It shouldn't be too difficult for me to apply the principals Fink lays down as my running club already structure their week around 3 running sessions (intervals/tempo/LSR).  My new tri club do drill sessions with a coach on the poolside as well as winter MTB/trail running and my cycle club's weekend ride outs will cater for my road sessions.

    From that I'll have to pick what I need to ensure I fit into Fink's schedule.

    That's my theory today anyway.  As I disappear up my arse trying to apply it I'll shout for help.

  • Apologies FF - I'd forgotten it was all time based. And having looked at the book I'm sure there are mistakes in there.Even the just finish is expecting 30 minutes for a 1 mile workout with drills. image

    I'm aiming for the intermediate plan, but working through the just finish swim at the moment, and it is taking an hour. It's the drills that do it.Feck. Mrs Cat5 is a fast swimmer (compared to me) and she would struggle with30 minutes for a mile

    I think I'll just keep plugging away at the swims. I'm sure the time will reduce per session after some time.

  • I'm hoping that I can enter The Outlaw next year and then finish the season with another go at The Vitruvian.

    Will have to train more consistently this year. Will join the local tri club as they do a run/swim session on a Monday, the local running club meet on a Wednesday and I could swim afterwards again. The tri club have OW sessions on a Saturday morning and a number of people cycle there and back as well (about 12 miles for me).

    The commute would be 20 miles each way which is probably too much to start with.

    Did a 100km ride in March this year and wouldn't mind doing that again as well.

    Mind if I join in too ?
  • Welcome to the gang M,oFo. I'm planning Outlaw then the Vit too. 
  • That was my plan too... image

    The flipside of being a bit disappointed with myself is the elation from not spending hundreds of pounds just on entering these things....

    Looking forward to winterswim though. Will be a good motivator to get me in the pool.
  • Entry costs are a good point JEvans.  Vit entries will be opening before too long and it ain't cheap.  Not even paid for Outlaw yet. (sigh). 

  • Soup Dragon  wrote (see)
    Welcome to the gang M,oFo. I'm planning Outlaw then the Vit too. 
    Me too! image
  • Another steady training week for me, total 7 1/2 hours with only 2 rest days, legs felt very heavy yesterday towards the end of my 3hr bike ride, my quads were not happy with me. Im not sure if it was the cold weather or the hills,.

    I managed a reasonable 16.8mph average speed which i was pleased with, it was certainly more upflat than Outlaw

  • Only did 5 hours training last week.....I have a very long way to go before next July!!! image
  • That's 5 hours more than me, my exercise consisted of walking from the car to the office although I did climb the 205 steps to the top of King Alfred's Tower with my son on Saturday afternoon...
  • Log it all M,oFo image
  • I managed 7 hours training last week, plus 2hrs weight training. Which sounds OK, until I noticed I had only actually done 1hr on my bike.

    Must try harder to get out on my bike. I think buying some lights might help!

  • Saffers - 5 hours sounds impressive to me to - I only did 2hrs! (but I am recovering from a marathon on the 9th)

    Well done bburnimage you are an hour ahead of the 1week schedule.

    Since it was Sunday yesterday i was going to post them again.... but my internet connection wasn't working. So will repost them later this evening.... must go cook dinner for my family.....

  • Thanks Chilibean.....the thought of double sessions is a bit daunting.

    First swim session tonight in a few weeks.  I suffer from a reaction to the water which makes me feel awful for about 48 hours so I have been putting off getting back to it.  I have been squirting beconaise spray up my nostrils morning and night for a week to see if it makes a difference.  I really hope so. image

  • Steady as you go guys.....

    just remember  there are 3 key sessions a week - the long bike, long run and long swim. These will increase each week, (3/4)

    Try to make sure you hit those....

    Everything else is just filler... image......

  • O.rangeCannon... wrote (see)

    Steady as you go guys.....

    image Your in for the long haul. Just keep it up and keep smiling. Any problems and everybody else can help.

  • Double session done.  30 min run followed by a 45 min swim.  I didn't follow his drills cos I'm not an olympic swimmer and I'm learning TI so did those drills instead.   I actually enjoyed it.  I'm thinking small sessions but regular at the moment. image  Oh and I did a 30 mile bike yesterday too. image
  • I feel tired reading all this.

    8 mi taper run yesterday. Unsure whether to swim tonight or just veg.

  • Cor, some of you are doing more than me and my IM is 17wks closer than yours image

    But then, I am a lazy so and so image

  • Cat if your tired your tired just veg. Trogs don't fall into the trap of thinking because others are doing this I must be doing something wrong.

    *daft hipp alert talk*image

    "the only person your racing against is yourself!"

     You've got to run your own race we are all keen and ready to rock you've been doing the hard work for weeks now and stuff.

  • But I have a pool 200m from my hotel room image and I will feel guilty if I don't.

    I don't taper well.....

  • image Me never I learnt a couple of years ago to just get a DVD box set and go through the whole lot when I need to try to be still.
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