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  • I read that at first that your hotel has a 200m pool. image
  • Cake wrote (see)

    Trogs don't fall into the trap of thinking because others are doing this I must be doing something wrong.

    Don't worry Cake, my problem is that I know exactly how little I can get away with doing in training and still drag myself to the finish line.  I'd just like it to hurt a little less this time around image

    137days 12hrs 42mins to go!! 

  • image Sounds familiar. image In 134 days you will be laughing!!! image
  • Tonight's training: cheesecake and ice cream image
  • How long did it take to demolish.....log it, log it....all minutes count apparently.  Or do I have the wrong idea about this training malarkey. image
  • Saffers wrote (see)

    Thanks Chilibean.....the thought of double sessions is a bit daunting.

    First swim session tonight in a few weeks.  I suffer from a reaction to the water which makes me feel awful for about 48 hours so I have been putting off getting back to it.  I have been squirting beconaise spray up my nostrils morning and night for a week to see if it makes a difference.  I really hope so. image

    I get a similiar problem, I assume you mean from the chlorine? You're not asthmatic are you as one of my friends says she gets the same if she doesnt take her inhaler before swimming? I have started taking an anti-histamine when going to the pool (usually after as I don't remember before!).
  • Lasagna & garlic bread! No swimming.

    Carb loading for the weekend!

  • Hi which, not asthmatic and it doesn't just happen with chlorine.  Open water too.  I think I am going to have to resort to seeing what the doctor can recommend as it does get me down.....I tend to have a constant cold if I swim more than once a week.
  • I get the same problem from swimming.  I'm snuffling now in fact and its not just chlorine cos  I get it in ow too. image I'm also a beconaise addict but run out.

  • The longer I am in the water, the worse it is too.  I have a 90 minute tri club session on Wednesday so will continue with the beconaise and see how it goes.
  • I use it afterwards rather than before Saffers. Not sure if it makes any difference.

  • I use it before and after coach recommended I use it everyday and build up the resistance to the water.  I would say though, although I only swam for 30minutes and felt awful straight away, I am feeling okay again now a few hours later so maybe it is starting to work.
  • Thanks Saffers - I'll try that.
  • Out of desperation tonight I've just taken some antihistamine and I've got almost immediate relief. image

    Sorry, this is way off topic isn't it. But we haven't started propper yet have we?

  • Soupy, I have done all that and it works for a while but not for long.  Even taken day nurse as soon as I come out of the pool. Not ideal.
  • Blimey - doesn't last for long does it? <snuffle sniff>

    Beconaise on the shopping list tomorrow.

  • Just Finish Programme (Short Hours)

    Week 1

    Monday - rest

    Tuesday - Swim #18, run 0:15 zone 2

    Wednesday - Bike 0:15 zone 2, 

    Thursday - Bike 0:15 zone 2

    Friday - Swim #19, Run 0:15 zone 2

    Saturday - Bike 0:30 zone 2

    Sunday  - Run 0:30 zone 1-2

  • Competitive Programme (Long hours) and Intermediate (medium hours). Same for week 1

    Week 1

    Monday - rest

    Tuesday - swim #1, run 0:30 hrs in zone 2

    Wednesday - Bike 0:30 zone 2 quick change to run 0:15 zone 2

    Thursday - swim #2, bike 0:30 zone 1

    Friday - run 0:30 zone 2

    Saturday  - bike 1:00 zone 2

    Sunday - run 0:45 zone 1-2

    Total: 6 hours

    Swim sessions:

    1. 300 wu, 8x50dr, 12 x 100 @ 20sec, 8x50dr, 200 cd
    2. 300 wu, 8x50dr, 3 x 125 @ 20sec, 2x175 @ 30sec, 3x 125 @ 20 sec, 8x50dr, 200 cd
  • I'm doing intermediate plan apart from the swim I'm only swimming Sundays image for now
  • Too much swimming in there for me at the moment, did 17 miles on the bike yeserday at a steady pace and was ok,....image  today the aching is back again despite the painkillers....image... off to see the Physio in shortly so see what they think the problem is.   The annoying thing is I want to get stuck into this training program but can't., I've not run for 3 weeks now and I'm itching to get out but don't want to do any more damage.image.

    Saffers, Soup.......I have the same problem  (snotty nose) but I put it down to the chlorine because when i swim in a different pool or OW swim I dont get the problem. Have you tried a nose clip, don't know if they work never tried one myself.

  • Razor - Steady says take it steady.
    Better to get sorted out now than push on and end up sidelined and unable to train when you really want/need to. I know because I am just getting over a muscle imbalance and spasm that has been going on a long time (years) and didnot know that it was a problem until it got painful and stopped me running, osteo has straightened me out and told me which exercises I need to do twice a day every day until muscles learn the correct behaviour.

    Soupy and others, I swim using a nose clip and ear plugs. I used to get horrible chlorine sinus headaches, only down side is I can't hear what the coach says too clearly and have to lip read.

    I have swapped days around a bit so off shortly to do 30min bike and 15 min run as per Wed on Intermediate.

  • Saffers and Soupy - what about asking on the crap swimmers thread? Someone there might have some ideas?

    Hello everyone BTW.  Am in for Outlaw - my third long distance.  Just spent a happy 15 mins reading the thread back from the beginning and it's brill seeing everyone's excitement.  From my experience, the training can seem interminable at times - 30 weeks IS a long time to stay focussed - but all of a sudden you're clad in rubber with 1500 other people wearing silly hats at 6 o'clock in the morning about to DO IT.image

    Re max HR, am so glad Meldy said not to do the 220 minus your age thing.  It only works for about 30% of the population.  My max HR is much higher than 220-age suggests and I'd have been working in completely the wrong zones - just not working hard enough.

    Fink is pretty straight forward with zones so even though I train more with Friel, I use Fink's HR zones. A good way (they're all painful ...) to get your max HR is to go along to a Park Run or other 5k and do a max effort. In your last k your HR will be maxed out.

  • I'm another one who doesn't like to do a long run the day after a long bike. I'm sure it's partly  because of my great age and pathetic recovery ability, but I just couldn't cope with a long run on tired legs. It would a) increase likelihood of injury because tired, tight muscles are more likely to tear and a knackered core is unlikely to help you hold good running form... which also increases injury likelihood.

    Also the long run is a key session which means you need to get the most out of it to get a good training effect. If you're knackered and just about managing the time on your feet you won't always be working at a rate that is doing you some good and building your endurance. I know not everyone agrees but I think if you're not exactly a whipper snapper it's something to consider when trying to work out how to fit it all in.

    Swimming - I'm not a fast swimmer but I'm not crap either. My IM swims have been 1.16 and 1.21. I haven't properly swum since August but will start again in Jan with a masters coached session on a Monday night (which I hate because it means I finish past my bed time, but it makes me do a session and work hard) then another steady swim during the week when I usually bung in some sort of fartlek/tempo type sessions. THen as soon as the lake opens I'll be in there doing my second swim OW. That's the one I build up, usually doing the full distance every three weeks or so.

    Biking is where it's at for me because I'm not strong. But I'm getting stronger. This year I WILL go sub-7.  There. HAve said it.

  • Sorry for going on and on. I just remember it being interesting knowing what sort of other training had worked for other people. image  And I DO go on and on...

    I'd put in a huge plug for pilates or some sort of core strength programme.  I've done pilates for about three years now and have seen my niggle levels plummet. It might also be that because I'm doing IM and less pure running, but I'm convinced it's one of the most important aspects of IM training.  If all the pros do it it must be important! Try not to see it as something that's a nice to have... it'll help keep you training.

    Oooh it's very exciting image

  • AH - thanks for sharing that.  Its really helpful to have people's experience and opinions who've done the distance before. Interested in the core strength thing.  The physio department at the hospital where I work are just about to start a staff core strength training programme over 10 weeks for £30. I might go along and then after the 10 weeks I should have enough strength/knowledge to do my own without paying out for a class.
  • Soupy that is a GREAT deal. DO IT!  I do one class every week and now I do other bits and pieces to try to build up glutes etc but all I really did for two years was one class a week and I know it made a difference - it makes you aware of your body and how it works which is a great boon.

  • all you sufferers get into the nose clips and ear plugs I was always suffering with water behind the ear drum and ear infections not a problem any moreimage , you could also try breathing out through the nose which could clear out the sinuses, although I aint doing an IM next year I miss the structured training so I may leap into the Fink get you round programme  from December to keep things ticking over for next year
  • Hi AH! Loved hearing all your thoughts and plans. Thanks.

    Soupy - that sounds a great class to join.

    Bike and swim today image

  • I already breathe out through my nose so don't want a nose clip either but thanks for the suggestions. I'm fine today thankfully, but swimming tomorrow so will see. It does happen in open water so not just chlorine.

    1 hour bike (but slow cos schools were turning out (grrrrr) followed by a QC 15 min run. I'm trying to do a whole week of Fink's intermediate plan to fine tweak my training times etc.  I think I'll be doing the long run midweek, probably Friday with Sat as a rest day.

  • AH thanks for your input into the thread it's exactly what this thread needs people with their experiences posting telling us all their tips pros/cons image

    Well I'm two days into intermediate week 1 lol so rest day done image and 30 minute zone2 run done image although very cold wind today. I actually started Sat with the 1hr bike and Sun with 45 minute run image will be doing first 3 weeks on a repeat till 5 December. I'm already finding it hard to train to time instead of distance although finding my new HR monitor good to use (not had one before) I worked mine out on a 5k max instead of 220 image

    Take it easy Razor training doesn't start proper till 5december so get your self fit for then image
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