lap counting swimming watch? anyone got one?

right, that's it! Am sick of losing count of my lengths in the pool! I keep trying to do time trials and failing cos i can't keep count! Is driving me mad, it's so simple, yet so hard!

 Has anyone got a lap counting swim watch they would reccomend?


  • You need one of these
  • oooo...interesting!! where do you get that from?
  • armadillo - have you got one? they've got very mixed reviews about whether they count accurately or not...
  • kittenkat - where do you get a finger lap counter from?
  • Yes I do.  I'm not great with technical things but find this easy to use.  I've never had a problem with stroke count although it doesn't like single arm drills  image
  • +1 to SA's post

  • Not sure they are necessary unless you plan monster sets. If I am doing a 400 tt for example I know it takes approx 7 mins 30, so if less than 7 mins has passed I have cetainly missed lengths. With very little experience you will soon know expected times for most distances.

  • Or if you can afford it (and need a new Garmin) the 910xt will do that.
  • +2 to SA. Got one of those, but I wear it on my first finger and press it. Cant see how many laps I've done whilst swimming, need to stop and look for that, but otherwise it's great.

    You could try this.... if you want music whilst you swim. It either counts laps or time, as you choose.

    I think the new Garmin (910xt?) also counts swim strokes etc, not sure about if it counts lengths.
  • and a 3rd vote to SA's post - I've had a sportcount lap counter for years, agree you don't need one for shorter sprints, but when you're trying to swim a continuous 3000m or more in a pool it's really easy to lose count of how many laps you've done, mostly I use a 50m pool but have on occasion when away had to do a long session in a 25m pool - I'd go mental trying to count 120 lengths.
  • swimovate for me - dont bother with the pro version - it just lets you dl a chart of stats  nothing special,   the new speedo,swimcoach,  is the same tech inside as swimovate but £40 more expensive and doesnt have a certain feature - efficency iirc,

    swimovate is not for drills and you cant change stroke half way through - apart from that it works perfectly, it counts strokes, speed, distance and efficency and logs something like 400 sessions - each can contain 99 sets  - if your doing morethan that you shouldnt be asking  image

  • + another on SAs post.  Got one and use it on long swims.  Haven't used it for ages, but that is more to do with the fact I haven't been to a pool for ages.  Doesn't seem much point when the sea is so warm... image
  • I've got a swimovate, and it works perfectly, even in a short 20m pool.   I cant keep count for toffee!!

    I used it to do sets of 20 lengths each.

  • I have a lap counter that I wear on my finger and use my thumb to press every lap.

    I bought the most expensive one but now I wish I bought the cheaper one as all I really want to do is count laps and record time, not compare splits and averages and fast laps and so on and so forth.

  • Another fan of swimovate/poolmate watch. I can't understand how it works, but it does. Only when you are moving your arms, so it doesnt count kick lengths.
  • Love my Swimovate, I actually like the pointless graphs that the Pro version gives you. Counts laps better than I do.
  • +1 for the swimovate!
  • + 5 to SAs...

    SportCount Chrono 100 good value doesn't get in the way, but does tell me I am not swimming each length fast enough!

  • Had a swimovate for about 6 months and its never missed a length even upto 200 lengths.

  • I just got myself the Swimotive and used it for the first time yesterday it did not miss a length good bit of kit glade I got it
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