Across Wales Walk (RUN!)

Has anyone out there done this event? Starts near Anchor on the English border and heads due west to Clarach Bay just north of Aberystwyth. Was looking for a challenge and this seems like a good one!


  • If you want a challenge, then this is certainly it. I’ve done it twice, in the reverse but as a walker, I didn’’t quite make it to the end, so it’s a dragon to be slayed. I’ve seen runners but I don’t know how they get on. There are some awesome climbs over some pretty remote areas of Wales. The last time I did it the weather was awful, visibility on the mountains poor to say the least. Lots of people got lost and added 6+miles to the whole thing.

    Newtown Rotary club organise the summer one, their support is good with lots of food and water stations and even a cooked breakfast at one. It starts at 4AM!

  • runboy only did the summer one going the other direction...........brilliantly organised and although for walkers is open to runners as long as you aren't too fast.which I'm not............

     be good to hear how the one you are doing isimage

  • How far is it?
  • the route we took is only 42 miles...........
  • Only.

     I think the next one is in May but I fancy doing off my own back once I have got a route planned. I went to Uni in Aber so will be good to have a few well done beers at the end! I'll have a look at some dates I think...

  • There are 2 events. One is organised by the West Birmingham Hostelling Group -it has been going for 48 years. This one involves starting at Anchor at 5am on the first Saturday in September and walking or running about 45 miles to Clarach Bay over Plynlumon - the ultra keen types "double" it by starting on the Welsh coast on the Friday -walking unsupported during the night ready to turn round at Anchor to return on the Saturday. This is quite awesome - you leave Llanidloes to climb over the windfarm and I think you pass only one inhabited building in a 12 mile plus section. On a clear night the stars are fantastic - no light pollution here. Its a cult event and fills up extremely quickly - the website is

    The May event is the one organised by Newtown Rotary - this one starts on the coast and ends up on the English border. I have never done this one but I gather its shorter, about 42 miles - is mainly on roads and obviously doesn't cross the mountain - but its hardly an easy stroll.

  • I thinnk this could be going on my list of things to do.
  • Thinking of doing this run when the clocks go forward in March. Should be epic, if anyone wants to join me, we could team up!

  • Where are you based?

  • In Aylesbury, Bucks Spen

  • Don't really want to wait another 6 months to do this but think we might run out of daylight hours before too long!

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