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  • There was lots of peeing in the park due to the delayed start, and runners not knowing if they had time to go to the loos because they had no idea how long the delay would be.  I'm sure there won't be a big problem this year.

  • Phew, all this talk of peeing makes want to go!

    Did my last lsr today 22miles along the wonderful Bristol to bath footpath/cycle way. It was all a bit of a disaster and I'm having to seriously reconsider what time I expect to finish in! Didn't think I could go any slower than last year! At least the scenery was good. If there's one thing I've enjoyed about my training this year it's seeing some amazing places that are inaccesible by car. Running opens up a whole new world of places to go and things to see.

    Cant wait for the race in a couple of weeks.

    Stay safe everyone.
  • Chin up cybarev, race day is a couple of weeks away still: a big bowl of pasta and you  might be surprised!  I used to live down in Bristol and sadly never did take a jaunt down the Bristol-Bath route.

    Rest day for me today. Feels strange as I've been shattered on previous weeks from long runs, but with 'just' 17 yesterday I'm feeling strangely fine. Can't imagine what next week is going to feel like... this taper business is bizarre.

    Any tips for good places to eat on the Birkenhead side, preferably Italian? Perhaps I'd better book a table well ahead of time!

  • Alan, I certainly hope there wasn't any debriefing in the park!!

    My training has included bladder management this time. I must say that I have only ever used approval toilet facilities in races. Training is a different matter, but I do live by the countryside.

  • I've booked the car park and whilst it does say that you can exit at any time during the day, can you enter it at any time also? Just thinking for spectators.

  • I imagine if you clicked the 24 hour option, then yes? image

  • Morning everyone. I still have plague. I am trying to not breathe near anyone....image

  • You can only enter the car park up to 9.00am after which time the roads are closed.

    You can enter the car park on foot at any time.

  • Ah... thats a good point! How does one get OUT though? image

  • 12.5 last night ,no more double figure runs until the 14th now which is nice.


  • You can get ou at any time, it's just the left hand lane exit out of the car park.

  • Alan, you're like the Wizard of Oz! You know everything! image
  • I thought that might be the case, which is why I asked image 

    Thanks Alan image

  • my lurgie is clinging on for dear life! just cant seem to shake this cold but am enjoying the taper and cant wait for the 14th. happy running everyone, hope you all achieve your goals !image

  • Having seen in the race instructions last week that headphones were not allowed in the event I decided to go for my first run in six years without an iPod last night.

    While I barely noticed not having music I rather ironically had my first ever collison with another person in my six years of running! I clashed with a cyclist and while it was on ones fault (well apart from the cyclist, why can't they just use the road?) we did that I go left they go right, I go right they go left thing until we collided! Now this would have happened if I had been wearing my headphones but I must admit to have a long chuckle about it after it happened.

    Anyway I'm much happier now that I won't miss the music having finished that run last night all be it over seven miles as opposed to twenty six.

  • I reckon it's the sound of exhausted breathing around 20 miles in that'll be the biggest difference andy, I've done most of my training with music but I think not having the simple motivation of some Skrillex/Prodigy/CCR when you're knack'd takes some race-time grit.

    Funny about the cyclist! I've been careful/lucky so far, too... I'll have to watch out now I'm running au naturel. image

  • Andy - as I have been advised that this is not a specific UKA ruling and IS open to interpretation (please ANYONE don't start hijacking the thread about ipods!!!!!!!!!) the only thing we can advise you to do is NOT to use listening devices on marathon day.

    It's a SAFETY issue.

    Personally I'm fed up 'debating' this topic...

  • Brilliant! Nearly an hour gone and no-one has mentioned the dreaded...

  • Hi everyone, hope everyone is training well and enjoying lower miles. Just a quick question I am getting my girlfriend to drop me in liverpool city centre and was wondering were is the best place to get the train to Birkenhead is it James st moorfields or central. Done a speed run today felt great untill last five minutes an now I've got a stabbing pain in my back hope it goes by tomorrow as my last double figure run 10.5 and I don't want to miss it. Good luck to everyone hope you all stay injury free and bring on the 14th
  • Moorfields.

  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)

    Brilliant! Nearly an hour gone and no-one has mentioned the dreaded...

    Don't wear an ipod. It's like having a tattoo on your head saying "I AM A SELFISH MORON" image

    Enjoy the atmosphere, soak up the cheers and the people calling your name and get to the end knowing you are a running legend.

    There. This "debate" (there IS none) is closed.

    Now let's go the pubimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Alan- sorry to trouble you. If I get a train from Ormskirk do I have to change for Birkenhead? If so which station. Thanks

    Anyone looked at the long range forecast yet? I got soaked during my 15 mile run tonight with the road flooding in places. Anywhere on the route flooded during the last few weeks of rain. Always looking for problems am I. Sorry
  • Been reading my race instructions tonight.  Feel sick now ...... 

  • 2old check mersey rail web site first train from ormskirk is at 8.20 sunday service with a change at moorfields will only get you to birkenhead at 9.15 not leaving much time get to the start of the race.

  • 2old - you won't get to the city centre in enough time. Marathon trains travel between the loop line and Birkenhead Park only and start at 6.45am. All other lines operate a nrmal Sunday service so you will have to get yourself into the city centre in enough time. Ormskirk is on the Nortern Line (I think). The marathon trains are on the Wirral Line. 

  • Hi everyone hope you are all ok. Supposed to be running ten miles today but my lower back is still playin up was in the gym yesterday done a speed run on the treadmill and near the end my lower back tightened up and when I was walking to my car my back was in spasm. Was in bad pain last night took ibroufen and put heat on it. The pain has ease up so I will see how I feel later. Never had back problems before just hope it goes away quick
  • James - I had a similar problem last year when training for the Dublin Marathon.  I used ibuprofen and Heat Patches which you keep on for 8 hours, seemed to sort itself out within the week, might want to rest it for a few days.  Hope it gets better quickly for you.

  • Really looking forward to this event. It will be my first ever marathon.

    Training has gone OK, although i don' think its enough. Managed about 2 15 miles runs & 2 half marathon's. (Tonbridge in a time of 1hr 41 my best). However for the last 2 weeks i have found a few niggles & my last 15 miles on sunday i had to walk home as my knees were hurting & i had a slight pain in my groin at the top of my right leg.

    So 2 weeks off running for me before the race & lots of swimming to keep fit.

    I see lots of people have managed to do 20 miles plus training runs, is 15 miles enough before taking part in a marathon.

    Niggles have cleared up from sunday today, however i am still not going to run just in case.

  • Thanks for the advice road runner. Will leave the ten mile run today and keep up with ibroufen and heat and see how I am tomorrow and if it feels ok ill do a light workout and light 6 miles on treadmill. And will try the ten miler on Sunday. I just hate missin runs and am gutted that this has happened now as the marathon isn't far away
  • I wouldn't worry too much about missing runs at this point james : you won't get a fitness benefit this close to the race until after the 14th. Most important is that you're as injury-free as you can be.

    Alex , doing 13 and 15 miles is more than half - so you'll be well prepared for that bit! By all accounts the big difference between 15 miles and 26.2 is the last part - so you'll just have to save enough energy for that by going out more slowly than you're used to. Especially with the pain and the end of the 15-mile run the other day - a slower start will see you through in better shape!

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