Chester marathon 2012

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I think a new thread is in order on the above soon as enties open I will be sigining up had such a great race this time and hope to go better next year


  • I enjoyed it this year compo1 despite the time I got. Still not made my mind up about another Autumn marathon yet? Do you know when entries open?
  • Loved it.  I will definately be back next year image

  • I'll be back next year. I had a great day last Sunday.
  • Please make sure the date is different to Liverpool - I know it was their fault this time which is why i did not run theirs but their date for 2012 is out so it should be possible.
  • Sunday 7th for Chester

    Sunday 14th for Liverpool


  • The Double would be fine by me image
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    enties open in November all ready back running fast now next is Holmfirth 15 miler love hilly races knew there where hills on sunday on the race but that last one took me by suprise but glad it was there
  • I'll be there too !  (unfinished business on Sandy Lane!! image )

  • just unfinished business on Sandy Lane? my unfinished business starts prior to Farndon moves through Holt, Aldford ......etc etc!

     Will definitely be doing this next year all being well! 

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    hope to run the whole way next year
  • Im in for this again, might do the double with Liverpool. 
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    doing spen 20 miler in west Yorkshire on 11 march that is a killer of a course
  • Im a 20 miler am I?
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    its a race put on by spenborough ac
  • Hi everyone

    Hope the marathon went well for you, or if your thinking of running it, good luck

    I ran the filming which took place on the day for the 2011 MBNA Chester Marathon

    Here is a link to the teaser video

    If you like what you see, why not purchase the full DVD and you might just spot yourself if you took part.

    Follow the link below


    Max Friswell
    A Splash Of Technicolour Productions
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    soon as entires open for 2012 I am in
  • I did this run in 2011 and really enjoyed it, pity the Liverpool won't move back a bit to allow a sensible gap to do both, but no contest, Chester first choice, I might limp around Liverpool too if I really get going by Summer
  • now in training for the spen 20 miler on March 11th in West yorkshire a killer of a course but this year beat my PB by 11 mins getting 2h30 so hoping to beat that in 2012
  • This was my first marathon ever and really thought it was well organised, so deff going for a better time next year. Will have to toughen up the training!!image 
  • Not doing this one again this it was a bit rural . For this to take off it needs to be in the city for longer ,might get a few more spectators out . At my age I want to run as many different marathons as possible so next year it will be Manchester and Liverpool .Good luck to all who run it
  • blue steve

    thanks and good luck to what ever you do

    for me I loved it going into the countryside as I live in the countryside
  • Some of the villages were beautiful, shame there wasn't another one at about 20 miles for that little lift they give you. It was a long haul from the last village to Huntingdon and the town centre.

    Can't have everything though!
  • the last mile was great when all the supports where lined along some parts of route till the race course
  • I thought the support was amazing, yes there were a couple of stretches where it was open and empty but the villages and the finish were packed, and as far as I see no more and no less than any other. Every marathon will have sparse sections. 
  • My comment about needing an extra village at 20 miles was a little tongue in cheek rather than a serious suggestion for the town planners...;O)
  • Gary - With the speed of town planners around the north west, if they jumped to it now we wouldn't see it in our life time, so I suspect you're safe

  • Just to correct the casual comments from andyc209 and EG Graham - it is incorrect to state it was the 'fault' of Liverpool or indeed that we won't 'move back' for the convenience of the Chester event.

    The Liverpool Marathon was first suggested as far back as June 2006 and for a number of reasons it wasn't possible to deliver the event until 2011. The suggestion had always been (from me) that such an event would need to be in October.

    The ongoing discussion for a Liverpool Marathon had already started before a Chester Marathon was considered and when it happened it was in May 2010. The fact that Chester chose to relocate to October and Liverpool pressed ahead with their own event was nothing more than unintended consequence.

    Now if it was as easy as simply moving a date then either Chester or ourselves would do it. But it isn't.

    I had met with the Chester team recently and advised that the Liverpool event date is governed by a number of factors including Premiership football (Chester clearly doesn't have that particular problem) and the event date sits with a Premiership free weekend. So now you know why the Liverpool date is on 14th October next year.

    The events are significantly different in their appeal and I trust just like Liverpool both events will grow in future years. Not everyone wants to run TWO marathons over two weekends but at least the running community has a good choice in October.

    Wishing everyone all the very best in their marathon planning for next year.

    Alan Rothwell

    RunLiverpool Marathon

  • Alan, no one is being critical of you, they were just general comments, and it is a pity that we dont have two Marathons to run in the North West.

    I'm sure most runners would like to see at least three weeks in between for recovery, but if it can't happen and we have to choose we are all adult, calm down, calm down !!

  • EG - I've not taken the comments as criticism, merely advising on why the two dates are in such close proximity.
  • EG Graham wrote (see)

    Alan, no one is being critical of you, they were just general comments, and it is a pity that we dont have two Marathons to run in the North West.

    EG loads of choice

    Liverpool, Chester, Blackpool, Manchester, Lancaster, Preston.

    Take your pick.

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