Non-Running Running Partners

So I bid for a place in the London Marathon on a bit of whim - one of those 'oh that'll be fun and life affirming' moments.  Then I got a place.  And now suddenly I find myself at the gym, attempting to 'run' but actually walking and getting off when it all gets a bit hot and sweaty.

I need someone like me.  Who is trying to run, but is failling to enjoy it.  Who hopes to achieve something, anything, but is far too quick to sit in the sauna when out of breathe from running.

And I'm guessing I'm not alone.  There must be other (insane) folk out there who find themselves intimidated by the running clubs, and have to admit to others when told 'oh I bet you can run for hours' that actually, 2 minutes at 8km an hour sends you into a respiratory distress.

I would like someone in the east sussex area to share my experience (misery) with.  But don't feel like you can't advertise for your own non-running running partner here.  I refuse to accept I'm the only non-runner 'running' a marathon....if I can't find a physical running buddy, I'll take some e-buddies.  At this point......I need all the help I can get!

 p.s.  if you bold your location, people won't have to read through all the dribble (like you just did!) to get to what they want! image


  • Join a club - shop around until you find one that suits you. Not all clubs are for the elite; my club welcomes everyone regardless of speed

  • Hi Niks Kent!

    Congrats on securing a place in the VLM - I was unlucky this year image

    I've found jogging buddy pretty handy for finding people in my area to run with and under the profile description, there's a section for people to describe what their goals are and what sort of runner they are. Hope this helps!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Hi Niks Kent, I'm round in east Kent so bit too far away but agree with OOK about joining a club.  My club has recently introduced a run/walk group so caters for all image

    Good luck image

  • Yep agree with everyone else you need to join a club and they are not all elite outfits.  I have joined two in the last week or so, one being a Run England Group who cater for all, those who want to walk and run are fine and just as welcome image

    Keep looking you will find the right club that will help YOU

    Google Run England and see if you have a local one, there are loads about

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