protein in diet

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  • backs up the meat and 2 veg diet
  • indeed, over the months that i have been running i have learned one thing, for every "scientific sports study" showing one outcome theres another in opposition. I wonder how many of the quoted studies publisheed by running/ tri mags are actually based on empirical evidence and not based on a control group of a dozen.

    Also the fact that it takes more calories to digest protein than most carbs gives me the go ahead to eat my big ass steak more regular. As for the meat and 2 veg - the mags tell us we need to eat this and that but until i can run like roger banister i think i can do just fine eating like he did. (dont tell me he lived on high 5 )   image

  • I have been eating steak and spinach leaves for breakfast for a few weeks now - 'tis all good, until about 9:30am when I'm starving!
  • Golden. You should set yourself up with carby breakfast though . Porridge ftw
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    Always take protein supp in the AM to cover overnight atrophy and get a head start on daily intake.  Will then take more protein in the diet to help cut out any chances of potential binge-eating when on weight management (particleading to an event when I want to shed up to a kg). 
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