Running gear at Aldi today

Just a heads-up . Aldi are selling variety of running gear from today. I bought gloves, socks and a running top for £14.99 in total. The quality looks fine to me. The socks in particular look the same as some that have cost me £8.99.


  • Lidl are doing the same today - compression gear, exercise balls, socks, hats, gloves etc...
  • Cheers for heads up.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I bought a couple of pairs of socks. Don't know why though, the ones I already have are years old and show no signs of wear let alone wearing out.
  • Best buy at present are More Mile London socks - Start Fitness (who I believe are the distributor) are doing 4 pairs for £10 on their ebay shop, and maybe on their main website.

    Very good quality product and great customer service too.

  • The quality will be awful i'm sure!

  • The aldi (crane sports) kit has never let me down.
  • will wood 2 - the quality of what? - The More Mile socks or the Aldi/Lidl gear.

    As an avid user of all sort of gear (and MANY on here will vouch) the quality of both is excellent proving a decent pair of socks does not need to £15.99 and some decent wicking, properly made sportswear does not need to cost £40 for a T-Shirt (and Lidl offer a 3 year warranty on all of their stuff).

  • Went into Aldi today and got the last two pair of socks in my size. The socks are the best-I've had them before. The compression vests and pants look a bit gay though
  • Will I'm guessing you've not been around these forums very long ?
  • WRXMANIA;Seconded re what you said above.
  • Cheers. I think it's important we don't just buy cheap but well. In saying that a lot of the (far too many) clothes I have are branded but hunting sales, buying out of season etc is a good way of getting stuff at next to nothing.

    Yesterday I bought two Ron Hill t shirts and a high spec Ron Hill T for less than £20 all in!

  • WRX: Like I said, the crane sports clothing does the job perfectly well for me. I've had 'bigger named' ' sports branded clothing let me down far more.
  • ive still got my Aldi compression tops two years on and they are perfect for the cold winter mornings. Cant fault them really.
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