meniscus tear

Had an Arthrospoy about 10 years ago and had a bit of torn meniscus removed. I'm wondering if I've torn it again. If so, and I need another similar op, does the previous op have any significance to haveing another one?


  • I had an arthroscopy last year too.. Very scared about getting another injury.

    You should get yourself to the docs and ask to see a specialist about it.
  • I will. How long were the different stages of rehab afterwards? I've forgotten
  • Hi, I've just had my second bout of arthroscopy on the same troublesome knee, first was in 2005. I'm now ready to run on a treadmill after 6 weeks of physio exercises, I felt ready to go a couple of weeks ago but psychologically struggled to get out there!

    As Cookay says, get to the doctor, ask for an MRI straight away rather than potentially wasting time with a period of physio that may result in a referral for an MRI anyway.
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