Sunday 10K

Hi hello All,

im just about getting over a nasty stinking head cold that ive had for a week,im running in a 10k on sunday and its a flat course and a PB is in sight (i hope).BUT even though i have been running for two years nearly and my diets been healthy and im very fit im out on saturday night for a CURRY,has anybody ever done this before or does anybody think its bad,and my PB could go to pot?


  • Just go for it and you'll see whether curry and PBs mix. It's only a 10k after all.
  • My mum wanted to go for a curry on her birthday the night before I had a 10K during the Summer and I was petrified of how it might leave me feeling, I ran a PB in the next day's race. It might not be perfect preparation but it's not going to do you any serious harm.
  • I had a huge Indian meal the night before the BUPA Great Edinburgh Run a few weeks wife said "terrible idea" but I was absolutely fine - just made sure I was up early and visited the loo a few times image

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