Brass monkey half marathon



  • I remember the wind hitting and hardly stop hitting 80)
  • LOL some of the gusts made me nearlly trip over my own legs, no Gin involved Honest image
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I can't remember a windier race that that one today......

  • According to the Clubs website, 20 of our members ran it

    However, 2 of us ventured in the opposite direction, to Haworth, & onto the fells for the 'Stanbury Splash'

    It's possible we had more fun, if a lot wetter/muddier funimage
  • any missing results, email details (including your number if you can and your clocked time) to - you can also copy me in if you like (or pm me) and I'll look through the data.

    My site has an updated set of results which hasn't made it onto the SS web site yet so maybe you are now there. As you didn't enter as smiffie etc. it's a bit difficult checking ..... There seemed to be quite a few missing shoe tags by the end of the race today!

  • UKresults - I'm in the list on that link, with a slightly quicker time! Thanks for the link image
  • Hi Carrot

    Thanks - your message unfortunately alerted me to the fact that I had accidentally transposed some chip times for gun times, so the revised reults have now been updated (so you may have slowed down a bit!). Apologies!!

  • Some good photographs  here
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Hi all, I missed out on the entry for Jan 2013. If anybody drops out could you please message me as I would like to enter this race. Thanks.

  • I'm looking for a place too if anyone can't do it xx
  • HI, PLACE NEEDED  anybody wishing to sell there place for the brass monkey half

    please contact me on 07770683162         /forum/smilies/]

    many thanks


  • Still have places in the inskip half and its a better course.
  • Still looking for a brass monkey place please email me on

    Thank you x
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